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Difference Between Movie and Book


Main Difference

Books and Movies can be informative and entertaining simultaneously, depending on a person’s likes and tendency to find enjoyment either of the situations. Book is one of the oldest forms of conveying and sharing knowledge and information to the fellow human beings. Movie is more a modern means of providing information and knowledge. A book can be consisted of paper either made of wood or leather or skin of various animals. This means is also less expensive and can be stored for centuries. A movie, as the modern form used to promote knowledge and information, is much more expensive, in fact, the most expensive means in this regard. It is made by employing modern technologies and paper can only play primary role in making a movie. Getting or sharing information from a book takes considerable time with concentration to have precise understanding of the content. A book-reader plays an active role while enjoying the book. A movie contains more information and shares much more in less time and generally demands less focus from its audience. Book needs less facilities in order to share the stuff with its beholder as anyone, who knows how to read, can fetch the containing information and knowledge from a book easily without using any other tools other than eyes and mind. It can be utilised to receive information under any circumstances. Movie, on the other hand, demands its audience to hand first on some tools and devices then it allows its containing stuff to get displayed.

Comparison Chart

A form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movementA written work or composition that has been published.
New art formOldest form of arts
portray several things with a snap.disperses knowledge and information in chunks.
Easy to understandDifficult to understand

Definition of Book

Book is the oldest form of sharing information and promoting knowledge among the people. A famous proverb about the book – a book holds a house of gold – fairly suggests that a book is much more than what it usually be considered by the people. Mostly formed by paper, book is less expensive and a much easier way to getting knowledge and education. It is a basic tool for getting education. If there is no book, no concept of education whatsoever even in the modern era. Book doesn’t demand any other tool in order to offer its content to be understood.

Definition of Movie

Movies is a modern means to propagate information among the people. Mostly taken as medium of entertainment, this tool is also used to educate. Unlike book, movie can’t go alone to provide knowledge and information. It needs some certain tools like electricity, canvas, screen, and number of characters to perform different roles in it with their discretion. Movie provides maximum information and knowledge in the least time. This means of information demands less concentration from its audience.


Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Book is the oldest form for sharing information; Movie is a product of modern age
  2. A book can be consisted of papers, skins, fabric and leather etc.; Movie is an electronic-based means
  3. Book doesn’t ask its beholder to have enabled electricity in order to use it; Movie can’t go without electricity
  4. Book is cheap medium for getting information and knowledge; Movie is one of the most expensive medium
  5. Book disperses knowledge and information in chunks; Movie can portray several thing with a snap of finger tips
  6. Book asks its beholder to spend sizeable moments from life; Movie comprises only on few hours
  7. Book-reading requires focus and concentration; Movie needs least focus
  8. Book can be tough to understand; Movie takes you in much smoother way
  9. In order to get benefits from books, literacy is need; no literacy is required to enjoy and understand a movie

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Modes of entertainment are of different types and therefore it is utmost aim of a person to get to know what they are using and what are their benefits, but sometimes the two names for the same thing confuse people. This article has therefore given a clearer understanding to people about the same thing with two different names with the aim of helping.

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