Difference Between Affect and Effect

Main Difference

The difference between Affect and effect is that Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change. Effect is usually a noun, an effect is the result of a change. In a short, affect is a verb and effect is a noun.

Affect vs. Effect

These two monophones in English Grammar confuse the learners frequently. Although the difference seems minor, it causes the meaning of the sentence a lot. In order to get clear sense of both of these words and to learn who and where to use which word accurately and sensibly, we have explained the thing in thorough detail here. First of all, ‘Affect’ is basically a Verb – the action word -, while ‘Effect’ on the other hand, words as a ‘Noun’ – name of something -. To be more precise and vivid, we need some illustrations for better sense of these words. ‘The heavy rain affect the normal schedule of the town’, ‘The effect of heavy rain does not allow to carrying out routine work’. However, Affect can also be used as a Noun to describe facial expression, for example, ‘She heard the horrific news with no affect’. In other words, as a noun ‘Affect’ is used to display emotions or feelings. Likewise, ‘Effect’ can also be used as a Verb in one situation where you want to detail about something which was caused. ‘The new government policy effects entire the legislation system of the country.’

Comparison Chart

‘Affect’ tells the reason‘Effect’ describes the result of the reason
‘Affect’ is a verb‘Effect’ works as a Noun
Can also be used as a Noun to describe facial expression or emotion of someone.Can also be used as a Verb to describe something which caused a change.

What is Affect?

‘Affect’ is an English Language word and mostly works as a Verb, meaning to show some action. It is an action word and frequently used to tell that what causes. For example, ‘last night’s horrible train accident affects a number of people as well as the transport system of the town’. Although Affect is a Verb, it can also be used as a Noun to describe facial expressions e.g. ‘The manager refuses the employee’s urge without any visible affect’.

What is Effect?

The word ‘Effect’ is basically a Noun and describes the result of something most of the times in a sentence or in a paragraph. For example, ‘The effect of the last night’s lethal tragedy was obvious everywhere in the town’. Although the word ‘Effect’ is a Noun, it also works as Verb but occasionally. For example, in a situation where a detail is needed to be described relating to a result e.g. ‘The new rules in the university effects the education system as well as student’s liberty.

Key Differences

  1. ‘Affect’ is a verb in the English Language; ‘Effect’ works as a Noun and serves to describe a result.
  2. ‘Affect’ tells the reason, while ‘Effect’ describes the result of the reason.
  3. Both these words are considered monophones in the English Language.
  4. ‘Affect’ can also be used as a Noun to describe facial expression or emotion of some one.
  5. ‘Effect’ can also be used as a Verb to describe something which caused a change.
  6. Example of ‘Affect’ is ‘Prime Minister’s fiery speech against the rival country affects great provocation among the entire nation.’
  7. Example of ‘Effect’ is ‘The effect of Prime Minister’s bold speech was quite patent among the people of the country.’

Comparison Video

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Affect and Effect are two terms which are most commonly used in English language but always creates some confusion among people who do not know much about them or have mistyped them. This article will have helped people in getting to know the main points on how they differ so they can use it properly next time.

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