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Difference Between Cider and Juice


Main Difference

Cider is a sort of alcoholic beverage derived from fermented juice of apples. Juice is a liquid squeezed from various fruits and even vegetables. In order to understand what really cider and juice are, we will illustrate Apple Cider, as it can be made into both, and Apple Juice. Any variety of apple’s juice can be used to convert it into cider. Juice of any piece of the fruit can simply be squeezed and is ready to intake after one simple method. The making of cider takes multiple procedure as it needs fermentation, which carries out at a temperature of 4-26 Celsius. The life of Cider is much longer than the simple juice though the life of juice can also be prolonged by adding preservatives. Cider is much more expensive liquid than juice. Cider can be used in various dishes and desserts. Juice is rarely used other than having it plainly. Cider is mostly featured with carbonate and is usually considered a carbonated-drink. The making and fermentation of cider needs number of other edible items such as sugar. Juice is mostly served plainly. Cider requires a sort of cooking in order to get shaped, Juice is prepared merely by squeezing and cold pressing without application of heat or solvents. Cider is mostly prepared in mills and factories. Juice can be squeezed at home as well on smaller level. Both these substances are great source of Vitamin C and are very low in saturated fat and sodium.

Comparison Chart

Cider is a form of converting fruits into liquid to be used for multiple purposes.When any fruit is squeezed or pressed, it gets into the form which is called Juice afterwards.
A fermented form of juice.First form we get after squeezing fruit.
Needs a certain process after squeezing the fruits.Much easier and simpler.
Needs additional ingredients.Does not need additional ingredients.

Definition of Cider

Cider is a form of converting fruits into liquid to be used for multiple purposes. It is made by the maceration and pressing of fruits, mostly apples. It can further be fermented to make hard cider. This form is not clarified, meaning Cider still contains its starches and pectin, which give it a thicker, tan, cloudy shape. Cider may or may not be pasteurized. Cider can only be made in some mill or juice extracting factories. It requires heat and a certain procedure in order to get in final shape. There are some other ingredients which are added into Cider.

Definition of Juice

When any fruit is squeezed or pressed, it gets into the form which is called Juice afterwards. It is made by systematically squeezing or macerating fruit without the use of heat or solvents. Unlike, cider, juice is not fermented as there is no need of such thing. Juice is mostly used as a raw drink and it is not usually used as additional ingredient for other dishes or desserts. Other ingredients are not needed to enjoy juice.


Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Cider is a fermented form of juice; Juice is the first form we get after squeezing fruit
  2. Cider needs to be made in mills or factories; Juice can be had at home on a smaller level
  3. Making of cider needs a certain process after squeezing the fruits; Juice-making is much easier and simpler
  4. Cider needs additional ingredients; Juice can be used plainly
  5. Cider requires further cooking after having juice; Juice doesn’t need any cooking
  6. Cider can be stored for much longer time; the life of juice is limited


Even from the names it is obvious that there is no relation between the two terms that are being discussed. Vastly different from each other, they are actually a comparison between them. With any luck, you will be able to understand the difference between them as soon as you read the definitions.

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