Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom


Main Difference

Knowledge basically stands for knowing or understanding something not only about some specific thing or theme but as a whole. Wisdom, on the other hand, means to make the acquired knowledge a part of your life, meaning to apply that knowledge upon yourself. Knowledge means having awareness of facts, figures of something certain things and the truth and reality of things in the universe. Wisdom is the ability to use the gained knowledge and experience wisely and rationally to get prosperous. Knowledge is something that can be known or information. Wisdom stands for potential and capability of determining what is wise against what is irrational and now appropriate. Wisdom is a saying of an intellectual, a philosophy or other such advices which are deliberated and can be taken as a way of life. Knowledge can be accumulated through learning, education, science, reflection, reasoned and logical thought. Knowledge is something that everyone can obtain by simple efforts. Wisdom, on the other hand, is something entirely different from that of knowledge. Wisdom cannot be obtained in the similar way as adopted for knowledge but rather it is fetched by self intuition, through personal experiences, consideration, deliberation, concentration etc. Wisdom actually defines and refines a personality and leads towards an exquisite character. In other words, Knowledge means to gather qualification and different certifications related to conptemporay subjects. Wisdom is something about using that knowledge to shine during the journey of life and find the purpose of life. Knowledge can be of anything, meaning the awareness of something either it is right or wrong. Wisdom actually helps to determine right out of wrong and to finding the right path for life.

Comparison Chart

Knowledge simply stands for collecting information regarding certain things existed in the world.The ability to make correct and accurate decisions is called Wisdom.
Can be obtained by studying, reading and seeking truths.Cannot be obtained by gathering knowledge.
Knowledge is learning.Wisdom is intuition.
Stands for knowing the truths of something.To utilize the knowledge rationally.

What is Knowledge?

‘Knowledge is power’, the famous and prolific maxim reminds us one of the greatest in the world of English prose writer Francis Bacon. In fact, it is Knowledge that gives a person power and potential to rise and shine in life with glory and successfully. Knowledge simply stands for collecting information regarding certain things existed in the world. A person can acquire as much knowledge as he/or she can and it is about accumulating bunch of information in the brain. In other words, knowing about facts, figures and realities of things is called Knowledge.

What is Wisdom

The ability to make correct and accurate decisions is called Wisdom. In other words, discretion and the ability to move discreetly is termed as Wisdom. Unlike, Knowledge, Wisdom is something which cannot be acquired through collection information and facts of something. It is rather a state of mind, meaning the ability to perceive things accurately and to seek the hidden truths disguised inside the apparent knowledge of something. Wisdom is acquired though deliberation, consideration, focusing intensively on the things around the world and learning how to utilize the obtained knowledge. A famous proverb says that it is wisdom that teaches us how and when to speak and what.


Key Differences

  1. Knowledge means information; Wisdom is the next level of getting information.
  2. Knowledge can be obtained by studying, reading and seeking truths; Wisdom cannot be obtained by gathering knowledge.
  3. Knowledge stands for knowing the truths of something; Wisdom is to utilize the knowledge rationally.
  4. Everyone who can gain knowledge; Wisdom needs intense efforts to think beyond the circles of knowledge.
  5. Knowledge is learning; Wisdom is intuition.
  6. Knowledge reflects a person’s collection of truths; Wisdom defines a person’s character.
  7. Knowledge gives you information; Wisdom refines the personality.


Most people confuse knowledge and wisdom with each other but in reality they are very different from each other and that is what has been explained in this article so that people can get a detailed explanation of both the terms and understand the differences between them. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in achieving that target.

Aimie Carlson

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