Interstate vs. Intrastate

Main Difference

The main difference between Interstate and Intrastate is that interstate is trade, traffic, or transportation involving the crossing of a state boundary whereas, Intrastate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation involving the crossing within a single state.

Interstate vs. Intrastate — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Interstate and Intrastate

Interstate vs. Intrastate

In interstate activities, agents authorized from all other states, which is being the part of that particular activity, whereas, in intrastate activities, agents must be well aware of the laws and rules of that specific state.

Interstate vs. Intrastate

Interstate business projects demand and provide a more significant number of customers and a broad region; on the other side, intrastate business projects only function as the occupant of that specific state.

Interstate vs. Intrastate

Intrastate is trade, traffic, or transportation involving the crossing of a state boundary; on the contrary, intrastate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation involving the crossing within a single state.

Interstate vs. Intrastate

Interstate phonetically represented as "ɪn tərˌsteɪt;" contrarily, intrastate phonically represented as "ɪn trəˈsteɪt."

Interstate vs. Intrastate

Interstate crosses state’s boundary lines contrary intrastate do not cross state boundary lines.

Interstate vs. Intrastate

Interstate agents follow the rules of other states; on the flip side, intrastate agents only follow the rules of their state.



Of, or relating to two or more states.


Within a sovereign state or country.

Intrastate war is now the dominant form of military conflict in international politics.


Crossing states (usually provincial state, but also e.g. multinational sense).

The truck driver drove interstate to unload.


(US) Within a state.

This isn't an interstate highway so it must be only an intrastate road.


(US) A freeway that is part of the Interstate Highway System.


(US) A highway completely within a state (not an interstate).



involving and relating to the mutual relations of states especially of the US;

Interstate Highway Commissioninterstate highwaysInterstate Commerce Commissioninterstate commerce


relating to or existing within the boundaries of a state;

intrastate as well as interstate commerce

Comparison Chart

Business conduct outside state boundariesBusiness conduct within state boundaries
A larger number of customersPertains number of customers
More than two statesSingle state

Interstate vs. Intrastate

Interstate business considered a business which used to conduct between different states. The example of the interstate taken as a company in a state which is used to provides a service or commodity for someone who is being the part of another state. In this one state is named as state A, while the other is named as state B. Intrastate business is considered as a business that used to conduct business within a specific state structure.

Interstate commerce is related to the federal system for the sake of operating dominance rules and safety regulations. It is because of the fulfillment of the state’s local necessitates. For this purpose, the vehicle should appropriately register for IRP and IFTA. Intrastate commerce is related to the borders of the state and conducted within them. It states and applies the law. Interstate is customarily used to mention that activities which occur among two or more states, across the boundary levels. Intrastate customarily used to refer to those activities which purely occur inside a state boundary and don’t have connections with other states.

Interstate activities usually occur in countries like the USA, because in the USA there are various states, so it became easy to trade there. Intrastate usually occurs as highways that are entirely confined to those areas which are within state boundaries. Interstate pertains to a meshwork of freeways or highways that uses to cross state lines. Intrastate refers to the work of the motor carriers used to trade, commerce, or transportation process within their home state. Interstate contains ten letters with a prefix -inter. Intrastate also has ten letters but with a different prefix -intra.

What is Interstate?

Interstate is a type of trade from someplace in a state to somewhere else in that same state which starts and ends outside the US state. Interstate is used to connect two or more states. Usually, it used in the process of transportation and different business activities. There are some rules following the system of interstate transportation. Here the driver must be well conscious of the provisions of that state in which he/she wants to enter, and he/she must be aware even before touching the boundary line. The other rule is that the vehicle which wants to trade must get approval not only from its state but also from the other involved state.

Interstate is the combination of two words which are inter + state, here the inter used as a prefix, which is taken as a loanword from Latin, and it came under the meaning of “among,” “together,” “between,” and “mutually.” Interstate is taken as a noun. It is also taken as an adjective. As a noun, it is such a highway that is performing the duty for more than two states. On the other side, while it is working as an adjective, it is taken as a way that used to connect or to touch different states.

While concerning any mishap or accidents, here the victims are not observed, but the state laws, but the laws are from the Department of Transportation. Interstate, in case of business activities, follows another type of regulation. A business investor has it extend over more than its states. They provide the services not only for their customers who are living in their state but also to those living outside their state boundaries. Those interstate companies need a valid certificate related to their authority system, which involves different tax systems.


  • They are working previously for interstate Engineering in Calgary.
  • The speed limit of interstate is 65 m.p.h.
  • Interstate 9 bypasses the town to the south.

What is Intrastate?

Intrastate phonically represented as ˌɪn trəˈsteɪt. It is taken as an adjective. It is the combination of two words, which are -intra + state in which -intra works as a prefix, which means ‘inside.’ Intrastate is usually happening inside the state boundaries. Mostly intrastate is mixed-up with other terms as interstate and interstate because these terms look much alike. Intrastate doesn’t use to crabbed the borderlines that means it occurs inside the boundary.

Intrastate activities don’t need any other state to move as it starts and finishes within an identical state. With regarding rules and regulations, intrastate transportation usually obeys the law system of the state. While relating to business projects in intrastate, customers and dealers belong to the same state. In the case of interstate projects, we don’t notice any foreign involvement. In an account of any discrepancy, regional laws apply. Intrastate usually mixed up with the word interstate.


  • He focuses on intrastate relations and neglects relations related to other states.
  • The difference between interstate and intrastate action is not direct.
  • The state’s ordinance applies only to intrastate commerce.

Interstate and Intrastate are two different terms that almost look alike but having high contrast in their meaning, function, and usage.