Difference Between Dedication and Commitment


Main Difference

The main difference between Dedication and Commitment is that Dedication is a strong feeling of passion and devotion for someone, whereas, Commitment is a promise or a kind of guarantee for something.

Dedication vs. Commitment

Dedication is a sensation of faithfulness. Commitment is a kind of promise to someone’s work. A dedicated person can have varying degrees of feelings for his duty or work. A committed person always has a fixed and high degree of feelings for his duty. Dedication does not mean a target is set, which has to be completed in any condition. Commitment procedure takes some of our time continuously because of an agreement. The dedication is the process of the feeling of support. Commitment is the process of bounding someone.


Comparison Chart

Dedication is an intense feeling of reluctance or attachment.Commitment is a feeling of loyalty, as well as an agreement or promise.
Dedication is a singled meaning word.Commitment is a word having a set of meanings.
Intensity Level
The feeling of average intensityFeeling of high intensity may refer to an obligation
Originated between 1350 – 1400Originated in the 1610s

What is Dedication?

Dedication is loyalty to someone or something. Dedication is a feeling or zeal which we need in our daily life. Anyone who dedicated to his work, duty, or job can earn success. An individual can dedicate to another one, or an individual can dedicate to a source, collection, or a team. This support or loyalty can push that individual up. This support encourages that individual to spend his energy and time on that particular cause. A dedicated person is not bound for his duty.


Dedication does not mean a target is set, which has to be completed in any condition. Dedication means to develop a passion for something or someone. Word dedication is a noun that implies a feeling of support. Dedicated people are flexible and inspiring. Dedication means to devote something to someone’s love, attention, time, or care. Dedication is also a way to say thanks to someone’s services or love.


  • The boss thanked his entire staff for their dedication to the completion of the new project.
  • The rescue teams have shown enormous dedication to save people in flood areas.
  • Ibtisam always shows dedication to his duty.
  • Ibrahim dedicated his latest book of English literature to his mother.

What is Commitment?

Commitment is a feeling of pledge or its kind an agreement. It usually evokes an absolute sense of focus or attention. A commitment is a promise or settlement for someone or something. If someone is committed to another individual, it means he is very keen and passionate about that person. If someone dedicated to his job or duty, it means he is highly sincere and has great attention for that job. Commitment evokes feelings of passion or dedication. A commitment to something requires your passion and intensive care. Commitment also has its meaning in relationships. When we say someone is committed to a girl or a boy, it means he or she is entirely taking up that person. It means that a committed person ought to do anything for him or her.

Commitment is a promise to do somewhat or to perform a duty. Commitment is dedicated to an organization, or a person, or a job that requires complete involvement and agreement for everything. Commitment is a willingness to do anything for his responsibility or duty. When someone is committed to his work, he is bound to do it in any condition. A commitment, in its simple meaning, is an obligation. It means a commitment to something has no relaxation. The commitment may refer to the rigidity or inelasticity.


  • It was the commitment of every player to win the last match of the series.
  • He could not attend the party due to his family commitments.
  • Work commitments restricted his time for recreation.
  • Her commitment to her job ruined his children’s life.

Key Differences

  1. Dedication is a feeling of gratitude, whereas commitment is a feeling of agreement.
  2. Dedication does not require complete attention; on the other hand, commitment requires complete attention and interest.
  3. Dedication is to give something for someone’s love or time; conversely, commitment is to provide everything for your job or relationship.
  4. Dedication is to make voluntary efforts; on the flip side, commitment is to do everything mandatory and obligatory.
  5. Dedication is not a widely used term in different aspects on the flip side; commitment is widely used in various aspects to give different meanings.
  6. Dedication introduced in 1350 – 1400, whereas commitment comes in the 1610s.


Dedication and Commitment both are English language words, and they commonly used. Usually, both of them give the same meanings, but they also have a few differences in their meaning and usage.

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