Difference Between Democrat and Republican


Main Difference

There are two main parties in the United States which have been ruling the country for a long time, and they include Republican Party and the Democratic party. Both have some radical stances but can easily be differentiated with the help of two things. The first one is the name, a Democrat is a person who belongs to the Democratic party while a Republican is the one who belongs to the Republican party. Donkey is the symbol of any Democrat while Elephant is the symbol of any Republican.

Comparison Chart

The people who belong to the Democratic Party.The people who belong to the Republican Party.
45 million35 million
Current Leader
Hilary ClintonDonald Trump
Main States
California, New York, and Massachusetts.Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma
Support amendment in current gun control laws.Do not want any change in the second amendment and individual rights.


Democrats are the people who belong to the Democratic Party, which is one of the two largest parties that contest the elections within the United States. It is considered the oldest active party in the world and has been active in the politics for a very long time since its inception in the year 1824. They have views which for them are the main thing which binds the group together. A strong stance on the military is one factor from which you can tell if a person is a Democrat. They are of the view that the increase in military facilities and income should be gradual and that American armies should not be spending their resources fighting in other countries. They are also of the view that abortion should be allowed and support the bill that concludes that abortion is the right of every individual. They also have the opinion that a person should be taxed according to their income. If someone is earning more, it means they should be paying more tax. It should be the wealthy people who should be paying the tax for public programs. They also believe that pay structure should be reviewed and the average worker should get the more benefits. There are some states in which Democrats have the stronghold, and these include California, New York, Massachusetts and some other parts. They follow the main color which is blue and have the symbol of Donkey as the main one for the political party. Obama was the latest president belonging from the Democrats, and currently, they lost the elections in which Hilary Clinton was the candidate.



Republicans are the followers of the Republican party which is one of the two strongest parties in the United States but is the new one since it was founded in 1854. Although it is known as the Grand Old Party, it was actually founded by workers who wanted to fight for their rights and modernists who wanted to get rid of the universal laws which were oppressing the freedom of speech. It was the party which presided the American Civil War and has been divided over several issues at the back end of last century. They have a firm position on the military as well and are of the view that the spending should be increased even further so that America can attack the countries which are creating unrest in the world. They also have strong views on the biggest American social issue which is gun control, and are of the opinion that people should be allowed to carry weapons in public places for their safety and the second amendment should be respected. They are of the view that abortion should not be the right of individuals and that a state policy should be developed to bring unanimity across the country over this issue. They are of the view that taxes should be the same for everyone and that if you put higher taxes on the wealthy, it will create classes among the society. They favor a small government in which few people should work as a team while the current president of the United States is a Republican as Donald Trump recently won the elections.

Key Differences

  1. Any person who belongs to the Democratic Party is known as a Democrat while someone who belongs to the Republican party is known as a Republican.
  2. The favorite color of any Democrat will be Blue while the favorite color of any Republican will be Red.
  3. The primary symbol for a Democrat is a Donkey while the central Symbol for any Republican is an Elephant.
  4. Democrats are of the view that gun control laws should be changed while Republicans are of the view that no changes should be brought to the second amendment.
  5. Democrats are of the view that military spending should be decreased while Republicans are of the view that military spending should be increased.
  6. Current party head of Democrats is Hilary Clinton while the current party leader of Republicans is Donald Trump who is also the President.
  7. There are 45 million Democrats in the United States while the total members of Republicans are 35 million.
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