Difference Between Mold and Mildew


Main Difference

Mold and mildew, both are a type of fungi which is grown on various surfaces. The main difference between mold and mildew lies in their appearance and on the types of surfaces over which they appear. Mold is usually black, grey or brown and is grown on various food material while mildew is powdery pattern over damp surfaces.

What is Mold?

Mold is usually grey, black, brown, blue, yellow or green in color. Its appearance is fuzzy and is usually grown on food material. The form of growth in the case of mold is quite different. It grows in the form of hyphae or multi-cellular filaments. Moreover, it includes all kinds of microscopic fungi. The exist on any organic matter like clothing, ceilings, paper, floors. Particularly those areas which have moisture management problems. It causes a great damage to the area it affects at home. That is why they can cause many health related problems as well, like respiratory problems, allergic issues, inflammation, mental status changes, fatigue, sinus, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, pain and various such conditions. However, some molds are also used to make food, antibiotics and various other medicines.


What is Mildews?

Mildew is usually powdery or or downy in nature. Their growth pattern is flat. Mildew appear as white in color and then is gradually changed to yellow, brown or black color. Downy mildew appears white in color at first and then is changed to brown color. Moreover, it causes damage to various crops and plants. Like mold, it also causes health related issues like sneezing, cough, pneumonia, allergic reactions, sore throat, headache and other respiratory problems. We can control mildew exposure by keeping the affected area free from moisture by using various mildew removers which are available in the market too. Infected plants could be removed to avoid exposure.


Key Differences

  1. Pattern of growth of mold is in the form of multi-cellular filaments or hyphae while mildew is grown in flat pattern.
  2. Mold is usually fuzzy while mildew is grown in powdery form.
  3. Mold particularly appear in areas having moist environment. Mildew tends to damage various plants or crops.
  4. Mold has got some beneficial uses as well, like it is used in making food products and various medicines. Whereas, mildew has no such beneficial use.
  5. Mold exposure could be avoided by checking humidity levels inside the house and to take measures to control it. While mildew exposure could also be prevented by using various mildew removals.

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