Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis


Main Difference

Cannabis is usually used as a drug with a colloquial title of Marijuana. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis and can be used for making number of products such as Hemp Seed Foods, Hemp Oil, Resin, Rope, Cloth, Paper, Fuel etc. Though Cannabis is also used for multiple purposes, it can’t be borrowed to produce such products as does Hemp. Cannabis is used mostly for Drug, medication, as intoxicating entity etc. The abundance of Fibre found in Hemp makes it flexible to be used for multiple manufacturing. The plant of Hemp is grown widely, bred typically for industrial uses as for fetching oil, topical ointments, fibre for construction, household stuff, clothing etc. Cannabis is mostly regarded for its psychoactive components and contains trichomes, having high amounts of tetra-hydrocannabinol. Cannabis is used in drinking liquids along with smoking entity for oral use. Its cultivation aims usually to make it to be used as a psychoactive drug and mostly used for its mental and physical effects ranging from heightened mood, relaxation as well as increase in hunger. As for human consumption, Hemp seeds are can be ground into a meal, sprouted, made into hemp milk, juice, team used in baking as well as can be eaten raw. On the whole, Hemp has multiple as well as relatively positive usage across the world due to its qualities; Cannabis is mostly used for treatment, specially of psychological issues, but its use can go negative since it has intoxicating potential.

Comparison Chart

Cannabis can directly be termed as Marijuana.Hemp hails as a type of Cannabis.
Cannabis is mostly used for medicationMultiple uses, good and bad.
Less productiveIt is much more productive
Illegal under U.S. federal lawLegal in some states.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a widely growing plant, replete with bunch of fibre. The quality of being pregnant with flexible plenty of fibre, Hemp can be used as nutritional item for food, can be used for making cloths, canvas, fabric, fibre board, thermal insulation, interior thermal insulation blocks in houses as well as in buildings, acoustic ceiling insulation, concrete block, plastic interior, sink basin, paper, jewellery, cordage, weed control, animal bedding, fuel and much more.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a variety of Hemp plant, but its usage varies from that of Hemp. It is annual, dioecious, flowering herb in which leaves are palmately compound or digitate, with serrate leaflets. Cannabis is mostly used in food and has an intoxicating and soothing impact for the nerve. the psychoactive properties of Cannabis have biphasic nature and it is borrowed to treat maladies or to improve symptoms as well as to lessen nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy. Patients having HIV/AIDS, are advised Cannabis which will give them appetite and treat chronic pain and muscle spasms. The excessive use of Cannabis can lead to risk addiction, Schizophrenia in young people etc.


Key Differences

  1. Hemp hails as a type of Cannabis; Cannabis can directly be termed as Marijuana
  2. The usage in Hemp is multiple; Cannabis is mostly used for medication
  3. Hemp is much more productive; Cannabis, though productive, its usage is limited
  4. Hemp has more positive and least negative impact; Cannabis can be destructive if taken without experts’ counsel


Drugs are a sensitive topic which has to be tread carefully and this article therefore has explained the difference between two terms in such a way that a better understanding can be developed. There are different names of the same thing or different things with same name, hopefully that confusion has been rectified.

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