Difference Between Asteroid and Meteoroid

Main Difference

In general terms, asteroids and meteoroids are often confused with each other. As both are rocky substances most of the times but sometimes they are also composed of the metallic substances. However meteoroids revolve and move around in our solar system, they could be said as the type of asteroid but they are mostly very small in the size as compared to asteroids. Usually meteoroids and asteroids both orbit around the sun, but sometimes meteoroids move in the space as well, when the meteoroids breaks up and splits up and passes near to earth it is called meteor.

What is Asteroid?

Many researches and discoveries have been going on to the study of the asteroids. Hundreds thousands asteroids have been discovered so far, and who knows thousands are yet to be discovered. Asteroids are very small in size when we talk about seeing them from the surface of Earth. Most of the asteroids fall in the range of the one kilometer diameter whereas some are even greater than that. They could be sometimes referred as the small and minor planets rotating around the sun, the large and massive asteroids which revolve around the sun are sometimes referred as the planetoids. But it has been reported that only a single asteroid could be seen to the normal and the naked eye. Almost all the asteroids have volatile surface.

What is Meteoroid?

Meteoroids are also the rocky objects which orbit around the sun. They are very less in diameter as compared to the asteroids. Meteoroids which are usually smaller have constituents of the nickel and irons.

Key Differences

  1. Asteroids are rocky or metallic objects whereas a meteoric is also the rocky object ranging from a speck of dust to a boulder floating in the solar system
  2. These are considered minor planets or planet oils whereas meteorites are considered remains of comets or Asteroids.
  3. Asteroids can be vary largely from 1 km to even 1000 km whereas meteoroids are small in size as compared to Meteoroids, they are less than 1 km
  4. Asteroids revolve mainly in between Mars and Jupiter but present in other areas also whereas Meteoroids can be anywhere in the solar system.

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