Difference Between Creativity and Intelligence


Main Difference

The main difference between Creativity and Intelligence is that Creativity is the ability to create new concepts, whereas Intelligence is the ability to utilize knowledge.

Creativity vs. Intelligence

Creativity refers to active imaginations and talent. Intelligence refers to their abilities. Creativity usually used with innovations, expertise, ideas, and concepts, etc. Intelligence used with an aspect of thinking, logic, and knowledge, etc. However, creativity means to create something or to perceive something. Intelligence means to acquire knowledge about something and to utilize it.

Creativity is to apply your intelligence to find a solution to a problem. Intelligence is to understand knowledge and information to find a solution to a problem. It is possible that the origin of word creativity has been lost, or it also seems that this word is from the new linguistic advanced English language. Word intelligence derived from the Latin word “intelligere or intelligentia.”


There is no test or method to measure creativity. However, Intelligence measured by the IQ test. IQ test gives us result in quantitative form or digital form. It also said that creativity is directly from God. Intelligence is a gift that is provided by God. Intelligence never gives progress without creativity, but a person may exist in this world full of competition with creativity.

Creative minds could create by using intelligent minds by using creative thoughts according to their boundaries. Creativity is the only one; it has no different types of verities. Intelligence divided into different categories, e.g., business intelligence, music intelligence, sales intelligence, defense intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, etc.


Comparison Chart

Perceive problemHave the knowledge to handle a problem
Latin wordAdvanced English linguistic
To create something newTo exploit knowledge
Scope With
Talent, imaginations, concepts, ideas, etcLogic, experience, and rational thinking

What is Creativity?

Word creativity means the capability to create such things that not exist already. Creativity thus enriched with inventiveness and coil round strong imagination. In other words, creativity is the potential to pop up with new ideas and new concepts in aspect to the previously existing ones thought. According to the Oxford dictionary, term creativity defines as “To use imaginations and motivational ideas to create or invent something new known as creativity.” A creative mind has the power to create new ideas, stories, fantasies, or things. Nevertheless, creativity is not just a talent that every person possesses. Creativity is the capacity to attain the world and its elements narratively to invent the undiscovered things and to provoke the solution of a problem.

In other quarters creativity is said to be a composite of two different processes, i.e., imaginations, thinking in a story form, and then its implementation. Hence, creativity is something more than intelligence and other frameworks related to already existing ideas and concepts — for instance, insights related to science fiction and other modern technology to design robots. A creative person has to break all existing boundaries regarding ideas and concepts to make a connection between story and imagination with reality. However, in simple words, term creativity means “to being innovative” that need your intelligence and wisdom and inspiration. It is all about to be curios.

What is Intelligence?

According to the Oxford dictionary, term intelligence defines as “capability to understand and acquire knowledge and other skills. Albert Einstein said that “knowledge is not a true sign of intelligence; the true sign of intelligence is imagination.” He also highlights that “creative thinking is a basic part of intelligence.” However, general intelligence is the capability or potential of a person’s intelligence that can be polished or improved with education, knowledge, maturity, sense of humor, rational, or other illogical thoughts.

Similarly, the rate of intelligence is different from individual to individual accordingly. Therefore, the measure of IQ test of a person’s intelligence varies from one to another person. Besides all these, from a psychological point of view, human intelligence can also be defined as “intelligence is a mental quality which consists of the capabilities of a person to learn from experiences and conditions and to adopt new situations and to handle the problem, its concepts and abstract. In other words, intelligence is the usage of knowledge to manipulate the environment. Generally, intelligence can also define as “cognitive problem-solving skills.” Intelligence is a mental capability that involves perceiving relationships, reasoning, calculating and learning, etc.

According to Robert Sternberg’s triarchic theory, mainly, there are three types of intelligence, i.e., creative intelligence, analytical intelligence, and practical intelligence. Genetically, intelligence influenced by more than one gene, specifically about 500 genes. Different researches claim that intelligence has the power to juggle memories or multiple thoughts at a single time. Alexander Wissner Gross also defines intelligence according to him, “intelligence is a force that acts to maximize the action with some strength and diversity of some possible assessable future in some time horizons.”

Key Differences

  1. Creativity does exist without creativity, whereas intelligence doesn’t exist with creativity.
  2. Creativity has no worth if intelligent doesn’t perceive or understand it; on the other hand, intelligence has its worth.
  3. Creativity is only one, conversely, intelligence that has different types and categories.
  4. Creativity could be attained by hard-working, on the flip side; Intelligence is God gifted.
  5. Creativity is a form of intelligence, while intelligence plays a role in creative thinking.


Creativity is the quality of creating everything, and intelligence is the quality of being well informed about everything.

Aimie Carlson

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