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Apple Mac OS X vs. Microsoft Windows: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 15, 2023
Apple Mac OS X is Apple's proprietary operating system for Mac computers, while Microsoft Windows is Microsoft's OS primarily for PCs.

Key Differences

Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows are two dominant operating systems in the world of personal computing. Apple Mac OS X, often referred to simply as macOS, is designed specifically for Apple's Macintosh computers. Its architecture and user interface reflect Apple's design philosophy of creating an integrated, seamless experience.
On the other hand, Microsoft Windows has been developed as a versatile platform aimed at a broader range of devices, primarily personal computers (PCs). Microsoft Windows offers flexibility in hardware choices, as it's compatible with a multitude of device manufacturers. This distinction makes Microsoft Windows more ubiquitous in the business world, due to its adaptability.
Apple Mac OS X is known for its stability, stemming from its UNIX-based foundation. This stability, combined with Apple's strict hardware and software integration, often results in a smoother user experience. Microsoft Windows, with its broader hardware compatibility, sometimes faces challenges in stability, especially with driver compatibility across diverse hardware configurations.
The software ecosystem for Apple Mac OS X tends to focus on quality and integration, as seen in the App Store's curated selection. In contrast, Microsoft Windows boasts a vast software library, giving users a wide range of software options, though not always with the same level of integration or quality assurance as on macOS.
Lastly, the user interface of Apple Mac OS X emphasizes simplicity and intuitive design, making it particularly popular among creative professionals. Microsoft Windows, however, is recognized for its flexibility, allowing for greater customization and catering to a broader audience with varying preferences.

Comparison Chart


Developed by Apple Inc.
Developed by Microsoft Corp.

Target Hardware

Primarily Apple's Macintosh computers
Broad range of personal computers and devices

Underlying Foundation

NT Kernel

Software Ecosystem

Curated App Store, integrated experience
Vast software library, diverse compatibility

Typical User Base

Creative professionals, general consumers
Businesses, general consumers, gamers

Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows Definitions

Apple Mac OS X

OS offering deep integration between hardware and software.
I love the seamless experience between my devices on Apple Mac OS X.

Microsoft Windows

A versatile platform compatible with diverse hardware.
Microsoft Windows can run on an array of devices from different manufacturers.

Apple Mac OS X

Operating system with a curated software ecosystem.
The App Store on Apple Mac OS X provides a selection of quality applications.

Microsoft Windows

Operating system with a vast software library.
Users appreciate the wide range of applications available for Microsoft Windows.

Apple Mac OS X

Known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface.
New users often find Apple Mac OS X to be easy to navigate.

Microsoft Windows

Known for its customizable user interface.
She tweaked her desktop settings to personalize her Microsoft Windows experience.

Apple Mac OS X

A UNIX-based operating system developed by Apple.
Apple Mac OS X offers a stable and secure computing experience.

Microsoft Windows

The dominant OS in the business world.
The office relies on Microsoft Windows for daily operations.

Apple Mac OS X

Apple's proprietary operating system for Mac computers.
My MacBook runs smoothly on Apple Mac OS X.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft's operating system primarily for PCs.
Many businesses use Microsoft Windows for its flexibility.


Is Apple Mac OS X known for its software or hardware integration?

Apple Mac OS X is known for its deep integration between hardware and software.

Is Apple Mac OS X available for non-Apple computers?

No, Apple Mac OS X is designed specifically for Apple's Macintosh computers.

Which operating system offers more flexibility in hardware choices?

Microsoft Windows offers more flexibility as it's compatible with diverse hardware.

What is the foundation of Apple Mac OS X?

Apple Mac OS X is built on a UNIX-based foundation.

Does Microsoft Windows have a specific underlying foundation?

Yes, Microsoft Windows is built upon the NT Kernel.

Which operating system is typically associated with the business world?

Microsoft Windows is more ubiquitous in the business world.

Does Apple Mac OS X support touch screen functionality?

While the OS itself has some touch-based gestures (mainly for trackpads), Mac computers traditionally haven't been touch screen, unlike many Windows devices.

Which OS has a broader software availability?

Microsoft Windows boasts a vast software library, providing a broader range of software options.

How does the security of Apple Mac OS X compare to Microsoft Windows?

Both have their strengths, but Apple Mac OS X has historically seen fewer malware threats, largely due to its UNIX foundation.

Are updates for Apple Mac OS X free?

Yes, updates for Apple Mac OS X (now known as macOS) are typically free through the App Store.

Is it possible to run Apple Mac OS X on a PC?

While not officially supported by Apple, there are methods and communities dedicated to running macOS on non-Apple hardware, often referred to as "Hackintosh". However, it may not be legal or stable.

On what devices is Microsoft Windows primarily used?

Microsoft Windows is primarily used on personal computers and a range of other devices.

How does the user interface of Apple Mac OS X compare to Microsoft Windows?

Apple Mac OS X emphasizes simplicity and intuitive design, while Microsoft Windows offers more customization options.

Can I run Windows applications natively on Apple Mac OS X?

No, Windows applications cannot run natively on Apple Mac OS X, but you can use virtualization software or Boot Camp to run them.

Which OS is more widely used globally?

Microsoft Windows has a larger global market share compared to Apple Mac OS X.

What kind of software ecosystem does Apple Mac OS X have?

Apple Mac OS X has a curated software ecosystem with a focus on quality and integration.

Can I customize the look and feel of Apple Mac OS X as extensively as Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows generally offers more extensive customization options, but Apple Mac OS X does allow for some level of personalization.

Which operating system is better for gaming?

Microsoft Windows is generally preferred for gaming due to a wider selection of games and better hardware compatibility.

How do software prices compare between the two platforms?

Software prices can vary, but many developers offer cross-platform licenses. However, Apple's App Store often provides a curated selection, sometimes at a premium.

How often does Microsoft release a new version of Windows?

Historically, Microsoft released new versions every few years, but with Windows 10, they shifted to a "Windows as a Service" model with regular updates.
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