Difference Between Doctor and Nurse


Main Difference

There are several reasons of why a doctor is different from a nurse. The main difference lies in the degree. A doctor has MD or undergraduate degree, Moreover, a doctor might be DO as well. DO stands for osteopathic medicine. On the contrary, nurse has an undergraduate nursing degree. A nurse could also have degree in another field and later on could take nursing training in a program of master’s degree. In case of medicine, there are no such twists and turns. You need a a degree of M.B.B.S to be called a doctor.

Who is Doctor?

A doctor is the one who could write prescriptions and give orders, he has the full command over his patient. He observes, examine and treat the patient, taking full responsibility of his patient. There are further post graduate degrees as well and a doctor could specialize in various fields lie orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, general surgery and much more. He could either become a surgeon or could do MD and practice medicine. In medicine, again there are various fields like chest medicine, abdominal medicine and many more. Doctors make more important decisions in a hospital, deciding about further management plans of a patients and follow-ups as well.


Who is Nurse?

Talking about a nurses, they could also have a master’s degree. Doctors sued to prescribe medications but now days trend is changing, even nurses are writing prescriptions for patients but these are well trained, advanced-practice nurses. Nurses are known to be limbs of a doctor in a hospital, doctors can’t really go on without them. They are a great helping hand. They have got sills. Injecting medication, catheter insertion, maintaining IV lines, taking vitals, maintaining input output charts, checking files of patients, keeping tabs on the follow up orders given by their doctor, they manage every thing with so much ease.

Key Differences

  1. Physical appearance of a doctor is different than a nurse. A doctor might wear scrubs, nurse does not.
  2. Doctors could write prescriptions, nurse could not.
  3. A nurse is suppose to keep tabs on follow up orders given buy doctor.
  4. A nurse is suppose to keep patient’s records in check and balance.
  5. Doctors do not measure vitals of patients, it is the job of a nurse to do it every single day.
  6. Doctors (surgeons) operate, a nurse does not.
  7. Doctors could make up a provisional diagnosis, a nurse does not.
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