Village Life vs. City Life

Main Difference

The main difference between Village Life and City Life is that Village Life is natural, but people lack basic facilities, whereas City Life is modern, where people are entertained with every basic facility which they need.

Village Life vs. City Life — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Village Life and City Life

Village Life vs. City Life

Village life depicts the life of people in rural areas, whereas city life refers to the living of people in cities.

Village Life vs. City Life

Village life lacks basic amenities of education and roads, while city life has all facilities of learning and transportation.

Village Life vs. City Life

In village life, people do not have access to basic facilities as there is only a dispensary or compounded; on the flip side, in city life, there are many hospitals in cities that provide 24 hours services.

Village Life vs. City Life

Village life is simple; conversely, city life is of a high standard.

Village Life vs. City Life

In village life, people have basic moral values; on the flip side, in city life, people lack basic ethics.

Village Life vs. City Life

People of village life eat fresh food, while people of city life, lack fresh food and mostly eat junk food.


Village Life vs. City Life

In village life, people suffer less from infections, whereas, in city life, people suffer more.

Village Life vs. City Life

In village life, the environment is pleasant, while cities have a noisy, hazardous atmosphere in city life.

Village Life vs. City Life

The natural beauty of the universe arises in village life, such as view of the sunrise, sunset, and green fields; conversely, there are human-made recreational places in city life.

Village Life vs. City Life

Village people follow their family’s old traditions in village life; on the flip side, city people feel free from customs and traditions in city life.

Comparison Chart

Village LifeCity Life
It refers to the living of people in villages is the village lifeIt refers to the living of people in cities in city life
Education and Transport
Fewer amenitiesBetter amenities
Medical Facilities
A dispensaryA lot of hospitals
Life Standard
Moral Values
Fresh and simpleJunk food
Less prevalentMore prevalent
Fresh and cleanPolluted and noisy
Natural beautyMan-made
Mythical bounded to old customsModern and broad-minded

Village Life vs. City Life

Village life is pleasant and charming. City life is boring and trendy. The basic facilities are fewer in village life. City life has all the basic facilities. In village life, there is a lack of medical facilities in villages as there is only one dispensary or a compounder. In city life, there are many hospitals in cities and provide ambulance services. There are no proper roads and transportation systems in village life. There are big flat roads and bridges in the city life.

The sources of communication reach less in village life, whereas these sources originate in the city life. The village life is simple and outdated, lacking many amenities. People, in city life, live a luxurious life. In village life, people cultivate their food and eat fresh food items. In city life, people prefer prepared or frozen food. The chances of infection are less in village life, while greater in city life. The atmosphere of village life is natural and peaceful. People in city life are suffering from a noisy environment.

In village life, people inhale clean air. People in city life inhale smoke air. The people in the village life believe in sharing sorrows and happiness of others, and the whole village is a symbol of family. In people of city life are selfish, do not care for others.

What is Village Life?

In the village life, the sun rises at dawn, the rays of the sun fall on the ground, the dewdrops look like beads in sunlight. This view is awesome, and it depicts nature beauty. It can only happen in villages where we can see the sunrise and natural beauty. Villages are beautiful as they present a pleasant atmosphere. People who live here are simple and usually not richer. The occupation of most of the people is agriculture.

They cultivate crops, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. The food is fresh, and nutritious mostly consists of wheat bread, milk, yogurt, and butter. The people eat healthy food; hence they are strong and sturdy. Villages lack proper amenities of education, hospitals, communication sources, roads, and transport vehicles. Villages do not have a proper sewerage system. People suffer a lot from these deficiencies. Therefore, they move towards cities for a better lifestyle.

In village life, people believe in myths and follow the sayings of their forefathers. They stick to their culture and custom till death. They can die for their culture but cannot change their traditions. Rich people help those who cannot afford their families. They possess the deep feelings of love and sharing for others. Their hearts are purely filled with humanity. They spend a simple life with simple clothes and simple food.

What is City Life?

An atmosphere full of traffic noise, polluted air, tall buildings, narrow streets, and a human-made environment all this depicts city life. This is the negative side of city life. If we look at the positive side, we can get many more. Cities are fascinating from their lights. The big hospitals, bridges, roads, educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, vehicles, proper communication systems, food streets, and shopping malls are all man inventions that help ordinary people to live a high standard life. The workload plus lack of fresh air irritates the person.

The crowding of people is greater; the prevalence of viral infections is greater. City people lack pure feelings; in short, they can be called selfish. Routine work has bored their lives. They do not have time to look over others. Then, people came to parks, playgrounds to refresh themselves. Greenery soothes the man’s mind and soul. But there are many risks of increasing urbanization. The burning of diesel or petrol produces many harmful pollutants that go in clean air and cause many respiratory diseases. The migration of people to cities has used the land for colonies, and agricultural land decreases with the passage of time.


Village life is simple, fresh, and natural. All people live like a family with bounded facilities. City life is trendy, boring, and somewhat luxurious. People are even not aware of their neighbors.