Difference Between Teacher and Instructor


Main Difference

The main difference between Teacher and Instructor is that the Teacher educates the students and provides knowledge beyond the scope, whereas the Instructor teaches a student by remaining limited to the scope of the subject.

Teacher vs. Instructor

The teacher is a trainer or educator. The instructor is a coach. The teacher teaches the students as well as provides spiritual knowledge. The instructor only teaches the subject of relevant skills. The teacher stays for long term studies that illustrate the theoretical part of education. The instructor deals with practical skills and appointed for a short duration.

The teacher grooms a student, whereas the instructor does not. The teacher is a mentor to students. The instructor instructs the students as well as adults. A teacher can be an instructor, but the instructor cannot be a teacher. Teachers fulfill multiple tasks like education, evaluation, and monitoring. The instructor just provides training.


The teacher is a permeant employee, whereas the instructor is a temporary employee. The teacher has limited skills, and the instructor has a variety of skills.

Comparison Chart

A teacher is a person who educates people and provides knowledge.An instructor is a person who gives instructions on how to complete a task.
Deals With
The most theoretical part of a fieldThe practical part of the field
What to do?How to do?
Educator or trainerCoach
Grooming of studentsTell about the subject
Many duties and responsibilitiesSelected for special tasks
StudentsStudents and adults
Long term stayShort term stay
Can be instructorCannot be a teacher
Teaching, learning, monitoring, evaluationHow to reach a standard of a skill
Appointed By
Management of schoolOrganizers of training activities
Limited tacticsA variety of skills

What is a Teacher?

A teacher is a person who teaches his students in the classroom. The purpose of the teacher is to educate children. There are many kinds of teachers, depending upon the students. Some teachers teach children of primary school; they are primary school teachers. Some are middle school and high school, teachers. Some teachers teach college and university students; they are professors. Teachers define the key and path to success—the success of a person depends on his teacher.

The teaching methods vary with every teacher somehow depends upon the region. Some teachers use blackboards or whiteboards. Some use digital media, while others sit between students to guide them. Teachers assist students in their homework and projects. Teachers must be aware of the latest technology like computers. The computer is essential in making tests, assignments, and reports of the students. A teacher is a person who not only teaches today’s knowledge, but he is a person who develops spirituality.

History has an assortment of best teachers like sir Isaac newton, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, John Adams. Some of them were scientists, others were best teachers, and made great achievements in the field of education, that they become an epic hero for the students. Savitribai Phule was the first female mentor in India. She was a social worker and reformer who build around 18 schools for the education of women.

What is an Instructor?

The instructor is also a teacher but mostly handles the practical work. An instructor is a person who is specialized in his discipline. He teaches students and helps them to achieve their tasks. The instructor is not a permanent person. He comes on a contract, teaches students for a particular time, then leaves. Instruction means giving orders and force pupils to implement them. An instructor is more towards formal behavior. An instructor is a coach that develops a specific skill in the students.

An instructor instructs the players and trainees, organize training sessions. An instructor educates how to accomplish a task. He provides the guidelines to do a specific work. An instructor is like a vocation type, comes for a short time, and develop skill among students. An instructor is a person who will show you how to do the work. He will deliver the required criteria for action and direct the students to work. The instructor has more communication among students that they can easily ask about the confusing things.

There are many types of instructors. A language instructor will teach the basics of a language. The driving instructor will explain how to drive a car. The swimming trainer will train the people for swimming. The gym instructor will dictate the exercises and will assist you in this aspect. The primary purpose of an instructor is to develop a skill in students that they can compete with others.

Key Differences

  1. A teacher teaches people about a subject, whereas an instructor is a person who instructs about any task.
  2. The teacher teaches about the theoretical part of education, while the instructor guides the practical skills.
  3. The teacher tells what to do; conversely, the instructor shows how to do.
  4. The teacher can be an educator or trainer; on the flip side, the instructor is always a coach.
  5. The teacher not only teaches but also grooms the students; on the other hand, the instructor only educates his subject.
  6. The teacher fulfills many responsibilities, while an instructor has an assigned task to accomplish.
  7. The teacher educates the students; conversely, the instructor educates both students and adults.
  8. The teacher stays for the long-term; on the other hand, the instructor is appointed for the short term.
  9. The teacher can be an instructor, whereas an instructor cannot be a teacher.
  10. The teacher is mandated to teach, evaluate, and analyze the position of a student; on the flip side, the instructor is appointed to develop a competent skill in students.
  11. The management of the school hires the teacher; conversely, the instructor is appointed by organizers of the training activities.
  12. The teacher is permeant, whereas the instructor is provisional.
  13. The teacher has limited tactics of education; on the other hand, the instructor has many skills.


The teacher and instructor are both persons of the education department. A teacher teaches the students and makes them the right person in society. An instructor educates the students and develops a competent skill in them.

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