Difference Between Passion and Compassion


Main Difference

The main difference between Passion and Compassion is that Passion is a strong feeling of hate or love, whereas Compassion is a feeling of sympathy for others.

Passion vs. Compassion

Passion is any powerful feeling of love or hate; on the other hand, compassion is related to the sensation of sympathy.

Passion is strongly related to the inner feelings of someone for someone special; on the flip side, compassion is defined as the sensation of empathy for others.

Passion gives us happiness and joy; on the contrary, compassion gives others happiness and comfort.

Comparison Chart

Passion is the intense or compelling emotion of love or hate.Compassion is a feeling of sorrow and kindness for others.
It is an internal feeling.It is an external feeling.
Intensity Level
The intensity of feeling is high in it.The intensity of feeling is comparatively low in it.
Main Focus
Self-centeredConcern on others
Old French(1100-1200)Old French(1300-1400)

What is Passion?

The term passion has a unique and different set of meanings. Passion can also cause a dreamy sensation for somebody. It can give meaning to excitement and zeal. Passion is also referred to as the sturdy sentiment of eagerness or interest in doing something. It can also be relatable to sexual feelings for someone.

The first meaning of passion is enthusiasm or excitement, and the second meaning of passion is deep romantic or sexual feeling. Passion refers to the wants and desires of an individual for his sake. Passion fulfills someone’s wishes and satisfies someone’s feelings.

A Passionate person does what he likes or wants — being passionate somehow relatable to selfishness. As it only means to provide oneself with what he longs for. Sometimes, being passionate cannot be beneficial to others. A passionate person sees nothing except for his happiness.


Passion is an internal feeling, which means it is self-centered. Passion is sometimes taken as an option for selfishness. Passion provokes an individual to quench his thirst, fulfill his wishes and wants. These desires and wishes are usually those which individual wants for himself.

Usually, passion is referred to as the feeling of love for each other. Two passionate persons in a relationship do everything for each other, either it is positive or negative. That’s why passion sometimes could be dangerous or can exceed limits.


  • Dancing is her passion.
  • His sister has a passion for singing.
  • She spoke with passion and enthusiasm.
  • He was the only student with a passion for learning.
  • I have a passion for reading.
  • Aslam’s eyes are scorching with passion.

What is Compassion?

Compassion is defined as the sentiment of kindness or pity. Compassion is a feeling of care or concern for others. Compassion is a feeling of pity for those who are suffering or going through bad times. Compassion is a kind of feeling which concerns to help others.

Compassion arouses someone to help others who are sick, hungry, or in trouble. There are different situations that activate compassion in people. These situations can be of violence, death, disease, unhappiness, or poverty.

When you see any person suffering from these kinds of situations, you automatically switch to help them. A compassionate person can never be dangerous as compared to a passionate person. Compassion is somewhat the emotions of empathy, which only means to inferior the bad luck or suffering of a person.

A person can be enthusiastic towards the object of compassion but somehow is different from that of passion. An external trigger is required for a person to be compassionate. Because the feeling of compassion only comes when we see someone in distress or situation of helplessness.


  • The queen showed compassion for the deprived girl.
  • Akran is a compassionate person for all poor people.
  • This rich man has no compassionate feelings for poor people.
  • The victims of war deserve our compassion and understanding.

Key Differences

  1. Passion is a feeling, whereas compassion is a concern for others.
  2. Passion provokes us to make ourselves happy; on the other hand, compassion provokes us to make others happy.
  3. Passion forces us to fulfill our desires and wishes; conversely, compassion is a feeling which we have for others.
  4. Passion is a feeling of excitement and eagerness; on the flip side, compassion is a feeling of helplessness and feebleness.
  5. Passion is an internal feeling which is self- centered, whereas compassion is external.
  6. Passion originates from within an individual; on the other hand, compassion comes from the outside.
  7. Passion has a commitment that is constant; conversely, compassion does not have any commitment.
  8. Passion related to internal feelings as it satisfies one’s yearnings and desires; on the flip side, compassion related to external feelings as it helps others.


Passion and Compassion both are the kinds of spirits. They may have some similarities, but they also got huge differences in their level of intensity and satisfaction.

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