Ego vs. Self Respect

Main Difference

The main difference between Ego and Self Respect is that Ego relates to the value and importance that a person perceives of himself, whereas the Self Respect relates to the valuation and regard that a person has for himself, this provides the personal positiveness and creates confidence about him.

Ego vs. Self Respect — Is There a Difference?

Difference Between Ego and Self Respect

Ego vs. Self Respect

Ego means that you just admire and respect yourself; on the other side, self respect means that you esteem yourself.

Ego vs. Self Respect

Ego means that you only respect yourself, while self respect is the guts to admit the mistakes that you commit, and then you make efforts.

Ego vs. Self Respect

A man with ego will spoil himself in wicked acts; on the other hand, a man with self respect will not look at all spoil in wicked acts as it will harm his self respect.

Ego vs. Self Respect

In the case of an ego, you compare and compete with other people. On the other hand, in self respect, you by no means, evaluate, and compete physically with others. You fight simply with oneself since of the struggle to become a healthier individual.

Ego vs. Self Respect

Ego is a secondary which makes you greedy, primary to the infinite requirements. These requirements abstain from feeling pleasure in the current instant. On the other hand, self respect is an asset that makes you feel content and blessed. Your contentment proportion is always of high significance.

Ego vs. Self Respect

Ego has a negative and adverse effect on human personality; on the other side, self respect has a positive and pleasant effect on the individual's personality.



The self, especially with a sense of self-importance.


The most central part of the mind, which mediates with one's surroundings.


an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others


your consciousness of your own identity


(psychoanalysis) the conscious mind

Comparison Chart

Ego Self Respect
Ego might be referred to as an individual's pride and importance. Self respect relates to the view that a person attains s for himself.
In this case, the focus is on how imperative or important the person feels. In this case, the focus is on the view that the person or individual has for himself.
Ego might have a harmful effect on personality. Self respect might have an optimistic effect on personality.
Ego might make the individual insecure, jealous, plus arrogant. Self respect provides the person a self-assurance.
The ego is determined by a fundamental emotion of self-doubt and insecurity. Self respect is determined by the manner of self-confidence and self-worth.
Leads To
Ego takes us to anger, argument, and eventually to hurt and pain. Self respect takes us to peace and stability.

Ego vs. Self Respect

Ego might often be damaging or harmful and also prevent the individual from developing in many aspects. Self respect provides intimate confidence, positiveness, and sureness to an individual.

The ego is a negative feeling. It is a feeling evolved when you deliberately compare yourself with others. On the other hand, self-respect is a positive feeling.

Ego is a feeling of winning pride in who you are and what you are and in case of ego. .On the other hand, self respect is an elevated state you attain when you admit yourself apart from power money, appearance, position. In Ego, you contrast manually with people weaker or smaller than you in conditions of power, money, appearance, authority, everything. In self respect, you act to undergo, more significant, superior, and dominant as compared to others, you value yourself and the people whoever you think supreme to you; you value everyone as well as yourself, irrespective of their money, power, power, fame, recognition, anything.

In the case of ego, there is me, me, and just me. You consider just regarding your interest, yet if it is at the rate of suffering others. While in case of self respect there is we, we, and later than you speak concerning the benefit of everybody; you are always mindful of right and wrong, and you on no account harm or hurt anyone calculatedly.

Ego intends to maintain the self-dignity, yet if its consequences in the entire separation of the person from the earth, the ego is self-oriented; self-centered individuals frequently lack compassion and might not stand in others’ shoes. On the other hand, self respect is an equilibrium between what others feel’ and ‘what I feel.’

What is Ego?

The thought of ego is used broadly in the range of psychology. Though, We can describe ego in a subsequent manner. Ego can be stated as a person’s self-pride and importance. It might generate a negative intellect of character and self in the person. For instance, an individual who constantly feels that he is not brilliant will build up a self-image or ego that heightened this idea. In a similar method, a human being, who creates an icon of himself as enormously brilliant, will build up an ego that bolsters the thought of being brilliant.

The ego develops an outline of the dominance of personality. It is our conception of the characteristics of our personality, talents, attitudes, etc. The key issue in the self-building is that it habitually discards others as lesser to the personality and assumes the self as higher to others. This might not only be destructive for the personality, but it might also work as a fence beside improvement.

Therefore, it is essential to deal with individuals’ ego accordingly, and the individual might also preserve a positive association with other people as a person unlocks to their thoughts without forming an arrogant manner towards them. It is very tricky to stay up with a community that sets the ego as a primary concern and priority. Egoists hardly ever confess their mistakes. It does not allow us to be determined, at a similar time maintains to conserve and protect the confidence. Individuals who are connected with them often have a sympathetic and equally rewarding affiliation.

What is Self Respect?

Self respect relates to the value that a person attains for himself. It is essential that each person has admiration or esteem for himself. Concerning individuals’ self-denotes that the human being admires himself for who he is. This is the reason it might also seem to be of acceptance for personality. For instance, if an individual has no admiration and respect for himself, he will be keen to do everything. At the same time, he will be in a defenseless location where others would be capable of taking benefit from him. Whether an individual is instinctive, rich, poor, white, black, or even belong to an exacting caste system, religion, or, all populace have self-esteem.

In history, mainly in countries with firm class systems, those who were from lower or middle castes were not appreciated. They were frequently measured as the lowly in the culture and were tormented or torched, ridiculed, exploited by others. In such a perspective, maintaining individuals’ self respect might be very tricky and difficult, since the refusal that the person receives from the external begins to be reflected starting within itself, building the human being loses his self respect.

Self respect must not be puzzled with emotion, arrogant while it related to standing individuals’ positions when individuals abused. When we are self guaranteed and convinced against a distinct belief, it is self-respect.


To sum up, ego leads us to anger and finally to hurt and pain. On the other hand, self respect leads us to peace, stability, and self-confidence.