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Difference Between Smoothie and Milkshake


Main Difference

The main difference between the Smoothie and Milkshake is that Smoothie is made of yogurt, vegetables, and raw fruits, whereas Milkshake includes dairy ingredients with enough milk.

Smoothie vs. Milkshake

Smoothie is a kind of beverage that is made up of the raw or pureed (mashed or cooked fruit), vegetables, water or yogurt, and sometimes milk as well. Milkshake is that kind of beverage that is cold, sweet with dairy items (milk, ice cream & ice milk) included enough and more than enough fruits flavored syrups as well. The smoothie is of nutritional value concerning minerals and vitamins, while milkshake is less nutritious but has high protein and calcium content.


The smoothie is one of the beverages which is of less fat (5g) and calories content (ranges from 225), whereas milkshake contains high calories (more than 300) and fat content (about 11g). Smoothie can be taken or used as a meal replacement (provides all nutritional content). A milkshake cannot serve as a meal replacement. The smoothie is suggested for the lactose intolerants, while milkshake is not suitable for lactose intolerants.

Smoothie is a kind of healthy beverage which is commonly used after the workout as nutritional completion drink, whereas milkshake is a kind of healthy beverage as a fatty drink which cannot be used for diet purpose mainly.

Comparison Chart

Smoothie is the beverage made of yogurt, vegetable, chocolate, water, fruit, etc.Milkshake is the beverage made of dairy products (milk, ice cream, ice milk) with fruits, flavored syrup.
Main Ingredient
Yogurt, water or sometimes milkMilk
West Coast of United States in the 1930sIn Chicago with blender invention
Fat Content
Low fat (5g)High fat (up to 11g)
Nutritional Value
Ranges from or below 225More than 300
Rich Content
Rich in fat and sugarRich in carbohydrates
Kinds of Beverages
Strawberry, lemon smoothie, carrot apple, apricot almondMango milkshake, banana milkshake

What is Smoothie?

Smoothies initially were introduced as the fruit slush. It was first originated in the 1920s by Julius Freed, who was suffering from the stomach problem. After that, Steve Kuhnau, who was lactose intolerant (cannot intake milk), founded the first smoothie shop in 1973. Smoothie as a term was first used in the recipes and trademarks in the United States in mid of the 1980s. They serve as health-promoting beverages. Smoothies are getting more and more accessible from the 1990s and 2000s as being started in coffee shops as selling the drink.

This beverage adds antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fibers of fruit, helping the health management issues among peoples facing unbalanced health issues as they balanced the carbohydrates and protein of stomach as well. After the workout or exercise, smoothies are one of the sources for rebuilding the body.

Kinds of Smoothies are Vegetable smoothie, Tropical smoothie (of mangoes, lychee with milk), Protein smoothie, Fruit smoothie, Desert smoothie, Weight loss smoothie (Green smoothie), Energy boosting smoothie.

Recipes to Make a Smoothie

  • Raspberry and Orange Smoothie: Smoothies like the Raspberry-orange smoothie could be prepared by blending one cup of each of orange and raspberry with a half-cup (1/2) of the yogurt, one cup of ice and sugar.
  • Spa Cucumber Smoothie: Two cucumbers peeled and chopped. Blend with one lime, half cup each of ice and water, sugar.

What is Milkshake?

Milkshake term was first used in 1885 in the British newspaper in the form of drink with whiskey, but later it was made free from the alcohol and further flavored with the sweetening flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. Its invention is also directly related to the blenders and hand-shakers as well. It also has names like thick shake, frappe (a viscous chilled form), and a thick milkshake. In different regions of the world, the recipes are different as in few parts of England; milkshakes are without the ice-cream. A viscous or thick kind of milkshake called frappe selling in the US and Canada. Batido of Latin America origin is a milkshake containing fruits. The milkshake was known as Optifast in the year 2004.

100g of milkshake contains the 3-5g of protein and up to 27g of carbohydrates. Milkshake provides a high content of calcium as a mineral of about 130mg per 100g milkshake. It contains more dairy content than smoothie having high fat and sugar content.

Recipe to Make Milkshake

Add about 1/3 of a cup of milk. 1-1/2 cup of ice-cream or a scoops having syrups of different flavors as of chocolate, vanilla with sugar in a blender to make a shake. You can decorate with various toppings over it.

Kinds of Milkshake

  • Hand Blended Milkshake: Traditionally, hand-blended milkshakes are prepared from the ice-cream flavors and syrups.
  • Malt Milkshake: A malt (cereal grain) milkshake is prepared from malted milk.
  • Thick Milkshake: A milkshake of ice cream called a thick shake or thick milkshake.

Key Differences

  1. Smoothie is made mainly from the yogurt, vegetables, pureed fruits, whereas milkshake primarily is made of milk, ice-cream or ice milk.
  2. Smoothie is not always sweet; on the other hand, the milkshake is sweet, cold, and usually thick.
  3. Smoothie provides excellent nutritional value with various types, while milkshake provides a definite amount of calcium and high fats.
  4. Smoothies are of US origin in the use of the term; milkshakes are of British origin.
  5. Smoothies can serve for the lactose intolerant peoples while milkshake cannot be intake by lactose intolerants.
  6. Smoothies contain the low value of calories and fats; milkshake contains a high amount of calories and fats.
  7. Smoothies are smooth; on the other side, milkshakes are usually thick.
  8. Smoothies have the base made of fruits; milkshake has the base made of milk.
  9. Smoothies always used the fruits while milkshake may not use fruits.
  10. Smoothies can be a meal replacement; on the other hand, milkshakes are not mealed replacement.


Smoothie is a mixture of yogurt, water, fruits, and vegetables with low calories, whereas milkshake is a blend of milk, ice-cream with flavored syrups of sweet and cold nature with calcium.

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