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SunPower vs. Sunnova: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 26, 2024
SunPower is a solar energy company known for high-efficiency solar panels, while Sunnova is a provider of residential solar and energy storage services.

Key Differences

SunPower specializes in manufacturing high-quality solar panels, emphasizing efficiency and durability. Sunnova, on the other hand, focuses on providing residential solar services, including leasing and maintenance.
SunPower is renowned for its advanced technology in solar panels and is a leader in the solar industry. Sunnova, while also in the solar industry, primarily offers solar service plans, battery storage, and system maintenance.
SunPower's offerings center around its solar panels and solar solutions for homes, businesses, and power plants. Conversely, Sunnova's business model revolves around solar service agreements and solar + battery storage solutions for homeowners.
SunPower caters to a broad market including residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects. Sunnova's target market is more focused, aiming predominantly at residential customers seeking solar financing and service options.
SunPower has a long history in solar technology innovation and panel manufacturing. Sunnova, established later, has carved a niche in residential solar services, emphasizing flexible financing and service contracts.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Manufacturing high-efficiency solar panels
Providing residential solar and energy storage services

Key Products

Solar panels, complete solar solutions
Solar service plans, battery storage

Target Market

Residential, commercial, utility-scale
Primarily residential

Service Model

Product sales and solar solutions
Leasing, maintenance, and service agreements

Company Heritage

Long-standing innovation in solar technology
More recent focus on residential solar services

SunPower and Sunnova Definitions


Synonymous with solar energy excellence.
Their commitment to sustainability is truly SunPower.


A symbol of solar energy accessibility.
Sunnova has made solar power accessible to more households.


A term representing superior solar technology.
Opting for SunPower means choosing cutting-edge solar tech.


A provider of residential solar and energy storage services.
Sunnova offers comprehensive solar solutions for homeowners.


A symbol of renewable energy innovation.
SunPower has revolutionized the way we harness solar energy.


A name associated with solar service and financing.
With Sunnova, solar installation becomes financially accessible.


A brand of high-efficiency solar panels.
The SunPower panels are known for their exceptional performance.


A benchmark in solar service agreements.
Sunnova's service agreements are tailored to homeowner needs.


A benchmark in the solar industry.
Many companies aspire to reach SunPower's level of expertise.


Representative of residential solar energy management.
Sunnova's expertise in managing solar systems is commendable.


What services does Sunnova offer?

Sunnova offers residential solar and energy storage services.

Does Sunnova provide solar panel manufacturing?

No, Sunnova focuses on solar services and energy storage, not manufacturing.

How does SunPower's technology stand out?

SunPower's technology is renowned for its high efficiency and durability.

Can SunPower systems be used in homes?

Yes, SunPower offers solar solutions for residential use.

What is SunPower?

SunPower is a company known for its high-efficiency solar panels.

Are SunPower panels more expensive?

SunPower panels are often priced higher due to their superior efficiency.

Does Sunnova offer commercial solar solutions?

Sunnova primarily focuses on residential solar solutions.

Is SunPower involved in solar projects at scale?

Yes, SunPower engages in residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects.

Do SunPower panels come with a warranty?

Yes, SunPower panels typically include a comprehensive warranty.

Does Sunnova offer solar financing?

Yes, Sunnova offers various financing options for solar installations.

Is Sunnova a newer company compared to SunPower?

Yes, Sunnova was established more recently than SunPower.

Is SunPower a global company?

Yes, SunPower operates in multiple countries worldwide.

Does Sunnova operate outside residential services?

Sunnova's primary focus is on residential solar solutions.

What type of maintenance does Sunnova offer?

Sunnova provides comprehensive maintenance as part of its service plans.

What is SunPower's approach to sustainability?

SunPower is committed to sustainable practices in solar technology.

How long has SunPower been in the solar industry?

SunPower has been a leader in solar technology for several decades.

Can Sunnova's services include battery storage?

Yes, Sunnova offers solar plus battery storage solutions.

How does SunPower contribute to energy efficiency?

SunPower's panels are designed for maximum energy efficiency.

What makes Sunnova's service plans unique?

Sunnova's service plans are tailored for homeowner flexibility and support.

Can Sunnova help reduce electricity bills?

Yes, Sunnova's solar solutions can lead to reduced electricity costs.
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