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Windbreaker vs. Raincoat: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 26, 2024
A windbreaker is a lightweight jacket designed to resist wind, while a raincoat is specifically made to be waterproof for protection against rain.

Key Differences

A windbreaker is a type of light outerwear designed primarily to provide protection against the wind. It's typically made from a thin, lightweight material like nylon or polyester. Raincoats, in contrast, are designed to provide protection against rain, featuring water-resistant or waterproof materials like rubberized fabric or coated nylon.
The primary purpose of a windbreaker is to shield the wearer from wind chill, often with a degree of water resistance. However, it is not fully waterproof. A raincoat, on the other hand, is specifically constructed to keep the wearer dry in wet conditions, often incorporating sealed seams to prevent water penetration.
Windbreakers often come in a variety of styles and may include features like a hood, zippered pockets, and elastic cuffs. They are ideal for mild weather conditions and outdoor activities. Raincoats are usually designed with a focus on functionality over style, featuring hoods and longer lengths to provide more comprehensive coverage in the rain.
In terms of breathability, windbreakers often offer better air circulation due to their lightweight fabric. This makes them more comfortable to wear in non-rainy, windy conditions. Raincoats, especially those made from heavier materials, can be less breathable, which might lead to discomfort in warmer or humid conditions.
Windbreakers are great for casual use, travel, and light outdoor activities, they may not provide sufficient protection in heavy rain. Raincoats are essential for wet weather but might be overkill in conditions that only involve wind without precipitation.

Comparison Chart

Primary Function

Protection against wind
Protection against rain


Lightweight fabrics like nylon or polyester
Water-resistant materials like rubberized fabric

Water Resistance

Typically water-resistant, not waterproof
Waterproof with sealed seams

Design Features

May include hoods, pockets, elastic cuffs
Often features hoods, longer lengths for coverage

Ideal Conditions for Use

Mild weather, windy conditions
Wet conditions, heavy rain

Windbreaker and Raincoat Definitions


Often made from synthetic materials like nylon.
Her brightly colored windbreaker was perfect for hiking.


A waterproof coat for protection against rain.
She put on her raincoat as it started pouring outside.


A lightweight jacket designed to resist wind.
He wore a windbreaker on his morning jog to stay warm.


Designed for functionality in wet conditions.
He wore his raincoat during the stormy fishing trip.


Typically features a zippered closure and a hood.
He zipped up his windbreaker as the wind picked up.


Made from materials like rubberized fabric.
His heavy raincoat kept him dry in the downpour.


Offers limited water resistance.
Her windbreaker kept her dry during the light drizzle.


Provides comprehensive coverage, including a hood.
The hood on her raincoat shielded her face from the rain.


Ideal for casual outdoor activities.
I always pack a windbreaker when I go camping.


Often features sealed seams for extra protection.
Her raincoat's sealed seams prevented any water from seeping in.


A light, wind-resistant outer jacket with close-fitting, often elasticized cuffs and waistband.


A waterproof or water-resistant coat.


A thin outer coat designed to resist wind chill and light rain.


A waterproof coat to be worn in the rain.


A kind of heavy jacket (`windcheater' is a British term)


A water-resistant coat


Are windbreakers waterproof?

They are water-resistant to some extent but not fully waterproof.

When should you wear a windbreaker?

In mild, windy conditions, or for light outdoor activities.

What is a raincoat?

A waterproof coat for protection against rain.

Can a raincoat be used in all types of rain?

Yes, especially those designed for heavy rain.

Are all raincoats heavy?

No, some are lightweight and designed for easy carrying.

Is a windbreaker suitable for winter?

It can be layered with other clothes but isn't ideal for cold winters.

Do windbreakers come with hoods?

Many designs include a hood for added protection.

Can a windbreaker be used for sports?

Yes, they are ideal for outdoor sports in windy conditions.

What is a windbreaker?

A lightweight jacket designed for wind protection.

What materials are raincoats made of?

Often rubberized fabric or other waterproof materials.

Are raincoats breathable?

Some are designed with breathable fabrics for comfort.

What's the difference in cost between windbreakers and raincoats?

Prices vary based on brand, material, and design.

What features to look for in a raincoat?

Waterproof material, hood, sealed seams, and comfortable fit.

Are windbreakers good for hiking?

Yes, they are ideal for windy and mild conditions.

Do windbreakers provide warmth?

They offer some warmth but are primarily for wind protection.

How do you clean a raincoat?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions, usually wipe or gentle wash.

How to choose the right windbreaker?

Consider the material, fit, and specific features like hoods or pockets.

Can a raincoat be compact and portable?

Many modern raincoats are designed to be easily packable.

Can a windbreaker be stylish?

Yes, they come in various styles and colors.

Can you wear a raincoat in snow?

Yes, if it's waterproof and provides sufficient warmth.
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