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Bold in Cricket vs. Clean Bold in Cricket: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 26, 2024
Being 'bold' in cricket means the ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails, while 'clean bold' refers to the ball hitting the stumps directly without any deflections.

Key Differences

In cricket, a batsman is said to be 'bold' when the bowled ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails, regardless of whether it touches the bat, pads, or any other part of the batsman's gear first. Conversely, a batsman is 'clean bold' when the ball hits the stumps directly without any deflections.
'Bold' encompasses situations where the ball may have ricocheted from the batsman's equipment, such as pads or bat, before hitting the stumps. 'Clean bold', however, implies a direct hit on the stumps by the ball, showcasing the bowler's accuracy and the batsman's misjudgment.
The term 'bold' is a broader term in cricket, covering any instance of stumps being hit and bails dislodged by the ball. 'Clean bold' is a subset of being bold, signifying a more straightforward and unobstructed dismissal.
Being 'bold' can sometimes result from a batsman's unlucky deflection, while being 'clean bold' often indicates a more comprehensive defeat of the batsman by the bowler.
Both 'bold' and 'clean bold' are critical and celebrated aspects of a bowler's arsenal in cricket, with 'clean bold' often seen as a more dramatic and skillful achievement.

Comparison Chart

Ball Contact

Hits stumps after deflection or directly
Hits stumps directly without deflection


Can involve batsman’s gear
No contact with batsman’s gear

Type of Dismissal

General term for stumps hit by ball
Specific type of direct hit on stumps


Can indicate luck or skill
Often indicates bowler’s skill

Perceived Skill Level

Varied, depending on the situation
Considered a more skillful dismissal

Bold in Cricket and Clean Bold in Cricket Definitions

Bold in Cricket

Dismissal where the ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails.
The batsman was bold when the ball clipped his pads and hit the stumps.

Clean Bold in Cricket

A direct hit on the stumps by the bowled ball, without any contact with the batsman's gear.
: He was clean bold with a ball that went straight through his defense.

Bold in Cricket

A form of dismissal in cricket, regardless of how the ball reaches the stumps.
Despite a good start, he ended up being bold.

Clean Bold in Cricket

A dismissal showcasing the bowler's accuracy and the batsman's misjudgment.
The opening batsman was clean bold in the first over.

Bold in Cricket

Occurs when a bowled ball leads to the batsman's dismissal by hitting the stumps.
He was bold trying to play an aggressive shot.

Clean Bold in Cricket

Indicates the bowler's skill in beating the batsman without deflection.
The bowler clean bold him with a perfect yorker.

Bold in Cricket

One of the common ways a batsman is dismissed in cricket.
In his last game, he was bold while attempting a sweep shot.

Clean Bold in Cricket

Often considered a dramatic and skillful way to get a batsman out.
The crowd erupted as the star batsman was clean bold.

Bold in Cricket

Can result from the ball deflecting off the batsman’s gear.
The ball deflected off his bat and he was bold.

Clean Bold in Cricket

Dismissal where the ball hits the stumps directly.
The batsman was clean bold by a fast inswinging delivery.


Can a batsman be 'bold' off a deflected ball?

Yes, if the ball deflects from any part of the batsman's body or gear and hits the stumps.

Is 'clean bold' considered a skillful dismissal?

Yes, it's often viewed as a skillful achievement by the bowler.

Is a 'bold' dismissal common in cricket?

Yes, it's one of the more common forms of dismissal in cricket.

Can a spinner achieve a 'clean bold' dismissal?

Yes, spinners can clean bold batsmen, often with deceptive spin.

What part of the bowler’s skill does 'clean bold' highlight?

It highlights the bowler’s accuracy and ability to deceive the batsman.

What does it mean to be 'bold' in cricket?

It means the batsman is out because the ball hit the stumps and dislodged the bails.

How do spectators generally react to a 'clean bold' dismissal?

A 'clean bold' dismissal is often met with excitement and applause for the bowler.

Does 'clean bold' require the bails to be dislodged?

Yes, like any bold dismissal, the bails must be dislodged from the stumps.

How is 'clean bold' different from 'bold'?

'Clean bold' specifically refers to the ball hitting the stumps directly without deflections.

Does 'bold' always involve the ball touching the batsman’s gear?

Not always; 'bold' can also occur if the ball directly hits the stumps.

What does 'clean bold' say about a bowler's pace or spin?

It can indicate either a high pace that overpowers the batsman or deceptive spin.

What does 'clean bold' indicate about the batsman?

It often indicates the batsman's misjudgment or failure to intercept the ball.

How does a 'bold' dismissal affect a batsman’s confidence?

It can be demoralizing, especially if it results from a poor shot or misjudgment.

What training do bowlers undergo to achieve 'clean bold' dismissals?

Bowlers practice accuracy, speed, and deception to master the art of 'clean bold' dismissals.

In what situations is a 'bold' dismissal most likely?

When the batsman misjudges a delivery or gets an inside edge onto the stumps.

What type of bowler often gets 'bold' dismissals?

Both fast bowlers and spinners can achieve 'bold' dismissals with varied tactics.

Is 'clean bold' a common way to dismiss top batsmen?

It can be, especially if the bowler delivers a particularly good ball.

How do commentators typically describe a 'clean bold' dismissal?

It's often described as a spectacular or brilliant bowling achievement.

Can 'bold' happen in all forms of cricket?

Yes, 'bold' dismissals occur in all formats, from Test matches to T20s.

Are 'bold' dismissals reviewed in cricket?

They can be reviewed if there is uncertainty about whether the ball hit the stumps.
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