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Speed Post vs. Registered Post: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 7, 2023
Speed post refers to a postal service that prioritizes swift delivery, while registered post emphasizes secure and trackable delivery, often at a slower pace.

Key Differences

Speed post is a service provided by postal companies that prioritizes the rapid delivery of parcels and letters, ensuring they reach their destination as quickly as possible. In contrast, registered post doesn’t primarily focus on the speed of delivery, but rather emphasizes the secure and monitored transit of the sent items, safeguarding them until they reach their recipient.
The speed post service often comes with a slightly higher price tag due to its expedited nature, ensuring parcels are moved through the postal system at an accelerated rate. Conversely, registered post might be slightly less expensive compared to speed post, as its specialty lies in providing a secure and tracked delivery method rather than hastened delivery.
Customers typically opt for speed post when the primary concern is minimizing the delivery time, ensuring that their packages reach their destination as promptly as possible. On the other hand, when sending important documents or valuables, individuals might choose registered post due to the additional security and the ability to track the item through the postal system, despite it not being the fastest option.
When using speed post, the sender might receive regular updates about the parcel's whereabouts and estimated delivery time due to the urgency of the service. Registered post, while also providing tracking capabilities, may not offer as frequent updates or detailed estimations on delivery times due to its non-prioritized transit time.
It is crucial to note that while speed post and registered post serve under the umbrella of postal services, they cater to slightly different needs and priorities of senders: speed and efficiency versus security and traceability, respectively, allowing customers to select a service that most aptly suits their requirements.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Rapid Delivery
Secure and Tracked Delivery


Typically Higher
May be Lower

Tracking and Updates

Frequent and Detailed
Available, Possibly Less Detailed

Ideal Use Case

Time-sensitive Items
Valuable or Important Items

Delivery Time

Standard to Slow

Speed Post and Registered Post Definitions

Speed Post

Speed post is a postal service prioritizing expedited delivery of parcels.
She used speed post to send her gift, ensuring it would arrive promptly.

Registered Post

Registered post offers a secure method for sending items with tracking available.
His passport was sent via registered post to ensure its safe arrival.

Speed Post

Speed post services might offer varied delivery time options for enhanced flexibility.
The seller offered different speed post options to cater to varied customer needs.

Registered Post

Registered post is ideal for sending valuable or irreplaceable items.
Antique jewelry was shipped using registered post due to its value.

Speed Post

Speed post is suitable for time-sensitive documents or parcels.
The legal documents were sent via speed post to meet the court’s timeline.

Registered Post

Registered post is often chosen for the added security it offers despite not being the fastest.
While not urgent, the contract was sent via registered post for added security.

Speed Post

Speed post often involves premium pricing due to its swift delivery feature.
His company chose speed post despite the cost to meet the client's deadline.

Registered Post

Registered post provides a receipt upon sending and a delivery confirmation.
She appreciated registered post for the proof of delivery it provided.

Speed Post

Speed post provides detailed tracking to monitor the parcel's transit.
Through speed post, they could track the shipment every step of the way.

Registered Post

Registered post may offer insurance options for the items sent.
The artwork, sent via registered post, was insured for its full value.


Can speed post parcels be tracked during transit?

Yes, speed post offers detailed tracking to monitor the parcel’s journey.

Is registered post suitable for sending valuable items?

Yes, registered post provides a secure and traceable sending option, ideal for valuable items.

How does registered post differ from speed post?

Registered post emphasizes secure, trackable delivery with less focus on speed compared to speed post.

Does speed post guarantee a delivery date?

Speed post often provides an estimated delivery date but may not guarantee it due to potential logistical variables.

How does pricing for speed post compare to regular post?

Speed post typically costs more than regular post due to its expedited delivery feature.

Can items sent via speed post be returned to the sender if undeliverable?

Yes, undeliverable speed post items are usually returned to the sender.

How are registered post items safeguarded during transit?

Registered post items are securely handled and tracked to safeguard them until delivery.

Does registered post provide proof of delivery?

Yes, registered post typically provides proof of delivery, ensuring the sender that the item has been received.

How is the cost of registered post calculated?

Registered post pricing may consider item weight, size, destination, and additional services like insurance.

Is a signature required for receiving registered post items?

Typically yes, registered post often requires a recipient signature upon delivery.

Can registered post be used for international delivery?

Yes, registered post services are commonly available for international parcel delivery.

What is speed post?

Speed post is a postal service that ensures quick and timely delivery of parcels and letters.

Is insurance available for items sent via registered post?

Often yes, registered post may offer insurance options for the parcels sent.

Are there size and weight limitations for speed post parcels?

Yes, speed post services typically have stipulated size and weight limitations for parcels.

Can international parcels be sent via speed post?

Yes, speed post services are often available for both domestic and international parcels.

Can all item types be sent via registered post?

While registered post is versatile, some restrictions may apply based on the item type and the destination.

What happens if a speed post item is damaged during transit?

Speed post services might offer compensation or resolution in cases of transit damage, depending on the terms of service.

What steps are taken if registered post items are lost in transit?

Lost registered post items usually trigger an investigation, and compensation might be provided depending on insurance and postal policies.

Is speed post available for all destination locations?

Speed post availability might depend on the destination, with remote locations potentially having limited services.

Does speed post offer bulk shipping options?

Yes, speed post often provides solutions for bulk shipping, catering to business needs.
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