Difference Between Baby Pram and Stroller


Main Difference

The main difference between baby pram and stroller is that pram is mainly for sleeping just like a cradle and stroller is for sitting.

Baby Pram vs. Stroller

Baby Pram and Stroller, are wheeled gadgets which are used to carry babies. A baby pram is like a carrycot in which babies can lie. A stroller is like a chair in which babies can sit properly. Strollers are wheeled gadgets, which are used to carries babies outside while walking or roaming. A pram is a short form of British word “perambulator,” is also known as the baby carriage. The stroller is also known as “buggy” in British. It is also known as pushchair in some regions. A pram is invented to carry new-born babies and younger babies. A stroller is perfect for older babies. Prams are sizeable and weighty and are not a good choice to carry a baby when you are going to the shops or once carrying them within the car. Strollers are light-weight, easy to carry, and most models of strollers are collapsible. Also, prams’ carriages are high, and the strollers’ seats ride low to the bottom. Prams cannot be folded up when needed. The stroller can be easily folded. In terms of easy mobility, prams are difficult to move because they are heavy and bulky. Strollers are and so are easily moveable and easy to carry.


Comparison Chart

Baby PramStroller
Pram designed in such a way baby can sleep or lie in it.Designed for a baby can sit upright.
Heavy and voluminousRelatively Lightweight
Used to Carry
Newborn babiesOlder babies
Less reliableMore reliable, easy to carry
Harness and safety belts are absentHarness and safety belts are present

What is Baby Pram?

Pram is a short form of British word perambulator, is also known as the “baby carriage.” Prams are best suited for newborn babies or infants. Either there is no harness or safety arrangement in baby prams. Baby needs to be in a lying position all the time. However, prams have carriages with the soft flat bottom, which allows you to place your babies to sleep well in lying position while you walk them around with you. They also have a large sunshade, mostly half covering the baby carriage; permit to save the newborn from the sun and dust. They even have wheels that allow you to push the baby carriage gently. Pram is designed such that a baby can easily sleep or lie in it. Generally, a pram is weighty and hardy in structure, weigh up to a 16kg, huge massive and that is the weight before your baby is in it. You may need a sturdy pram if you live in a countryside area. Although, be careful in preferring a heavy pram because it may be difficult for you to handle. A pram takes up a lot of space and normally is quite large. Prams are normally suitable for newborns and aren’t designed for older children. They’re not always as flexible as other travel systems which adapt your baby’s age and growth. Proms are made for your baby to lie completely flat because it is important for newborns to lie flat to help their growth and development.


What is Stroller?

The stroller is also known as “buggy” in British. It is also known as pushchair in some regions. Strollers are baby carriages mainly used by parents everywhere. They are wheeled gadgets, which are used to carries babies outside while walking or roaming. These are extremely popular among parents, as they allow parents to be free and walks easily, especially for mothers. Strollers are made and designed in such a way that a baby can sit easily. The seats have safety system consisting of a harness, life belt, and crotch strap that secures the baby in sitting position. The seat of stroller carriage is low from the ground. They even have canopy or cover for a defense that protect the infants from weather, dust, sun, and that they even have wheels that create transporting extremely convenient. It can also be used for a person who can not walk by himself. But typically and commonly, it is used for a baby. Unnecessary to say, a stroller is reliable for infants who just begun to sit. It comes with a canopy or a hood to protect the little one from the weather. It also has wheels which make transporting very convenient. Mostly, parents use the terms prams and strollers interchangeably. With the variety of carriages available in the markets, it is important to know the difference between the two modes of baby transport. Strollers are used to hold infants and toddlers once walking around the park or strolling in the mall.

Key Differences

  1. Prams are not suitable for bringing around because they are voluminous and heavy conversely strollers are lightweight and easy to carry.
  2. Pram is used to carry newborn babies until they can sit up while strollers are used to carry toddlers or infants who are already able to sit up.
  3. Pram is looked like a basket on wheels on the other hand stroller is look like a chair on wheels.
  4. Pram is known as baby carriage on the flip side stroller is known as pushchair or buggy.
  5. Prams and strollers are used interchangeably, but pram is a less good choice for child transport when going to the mall or when carrying the baby in the car whereas stroller is more convenient.


It is concluded that prom is suitable for newborn babies, and the stroller is designed for older babies.

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