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Baby Pram vs. Stroller: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 25, 2023
A baby pram is designed for infants to lie flat, whereas a stroller is for sitting children, typically older infants and toddlers.

Key Differences

A baby pram is a wheeled vehicle designed specifically for newborns and young infants. These prams are intended to let the baby lie flat, which is essential for developing spines and respiratory systems. On the contrary, a stroller is more versatile and accommodates older infants and toddlers, typically allowing them to sit up and view their surroundings.
Baby prams often have a classic, old-fashioned look with large wheels and a deep bassinet or carrycot. This design is purposeful, ensuring the baby remains undisturbed while sleeping. Meanwhile, strollers, on the other hand, come in various designs and are equipped with features like adjustable seats, storage compartments, and often, the capability to fold for easy transport.
The choice between a baby pram and a stroller often depends on the age and needs of the child. While a baby pram is ideal for newborns, offering them a safe and snug environment, a stroller caters to children who've outgrown the pram stage and need a seat that allows more movement and interaction with their surroundings.
In many modern iterations, the lines between baby prams and strollers have blurred. Some models start as prams and can be converted into strollers as the child grows. This provides parents with a cost-effective solution that evolves with their child's changing needs.

Comparison Chart

Primary Use

For newborns and young infants.
For older infants and toddlers.

Position of the Child

Babies lie flat.
Children sit up.

Typical Design

Classic, with a deep bassinet or carrycot.
Versatile designs with adjustable seats.

Duration of Use

Typically used until the baby can sit up.
Can be used until the child outgrows it, usually around age 3 or 4.


Some modern prams can convert to strollers.
Some strollers can recline fully, simulating a pram for younger babies.

Baby Pram and Stroller Definitions

Baby Pram

Designed for infant's spine and respiratory health.
The orthopedic mattress in the baby pram ensures proper support.


Many strollers can be folded for easy transport.
After their trip, they folded the stroller and put it in the car trunk.

Baby Pram

Typically, prams are used for babies until they can sit up.
As the baby began to sit, they transitioned from a pram.


Strollers often feature adjustable seats and storage compartments.
She stored the diaper bag under the stroller during their trip to the zoo.

Baby Pram

Some prams can convert to strollers for extended use.
Their baby pram transformed into a stroller, saving them money.


Strollers provide mobility while ensuring child safety.
The stroller's five-point harness ensured their child was secure during the journey.

Baby Pram

Prams often come with a deep bassinet or carrycot.
The baby pram's carrycot provided a snug space for the infant.


Suitable for older infants and toddlers.
Their toddler loved the freedom the stroller provided, looking around curiously.

Baby Pram

A baby pram is a wheeled conveyance for newborns to lie flat in.
She bought a vintage baby pram for her newborn.


A stroller is a pushchair designed for sitting children.
They took a leisurely walk, pushing their daughter in the stroller.


One who strolls
Elderly strollers in the park.


Are all baby prams convertible to strollers?

No, only some modern prams offer this convertibility feature.

What's the primary distinction between a baby pram and a stroller?

A baby pram is for newborns to lie flat, while a stroller is for sitting children, typically older infants and toddlers.

Can a stroller be used for a newborn?

Only if the stroller reclines fully, simulating a pram, should it be used for a newborn.

Is a baby pram necessary if I already have a fully reclining stroller?

A fully reclining stroller can simulate a pram, so a separate pram might not be necessary.

How long can I use a stroller for my child?

Until they outgrow it, usually around age 3 or 4, depending on the stroller's weight limit.

Can I attach a car seat to my stroller?

Some strollers are compatible with car seats, often referred to as "travel systems."

Are prams and strollers suitable for the same age group?

No, prams are ideal for newborns and young infants, whereas strollers cater to older infants and toddlers.

Do all strollers come with storage compartments?

Most modern strollers have storage, but it varies by design and brand.

Why do prams have a deep bassinet or carrycot?

To provide a snug and safe environment for the infant to lie in.

Can both prams and strollers be taken on airplanes?

Most airlines allow compact, foldable strollers. It's best to check the airline's policy for prams.

Can I use a baby pram for my toddler?

Prams are designed for infants to lie flat, so they're not ideal for toddlers who prefer to sit up.

Do prams offer any health benefits for the baby?

Yes, lying flat is essential for a developing spine and respiratory system in newborns.

Can I jog with a regular stroller?

For jogging, specialized jogging strollers with better suspension and stability are recommended.

Do I need both a baby pram and a stroller?

It depends on individual needs; some parents prefer having both, while others choose convertible models.

Which is more expensive: a baby pram or a stroller?

Prices vary based on brand and features, but prams can be more expensive due to their specific design.

Are there safety standards for baby prams and strollers?

Yes, reputable manufacturers adhere to safety standards for both prams and strollers.

Do prams come with weather protection?

Many prams come with or offer accessories like rain covers or sun canopies.

Which is more portable: a baby pram or a stroller?

Typically, strollers are more portable as many can be folded compactly.

Are strollers suitable for all terrains?

Some strollers are designed for urban environments, while others, like all-terrain strollers, handle varied surfaces.

How do I clean and maintain my baby pram or stroller?

It's essential to regularly check for wear and clean according to the manufacturer's instructions, typically using mild soap and water.
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