Difference Between Product and Brand


Main Difference

The main difference between Product and Brand is that Product is a thing or an item ready for sale in the market, and Brand differentiates a product from other products.

Product vs. Brand

A product is somewhat that is ready in a factory whereas a brand is somewhat a customer buys that. A competitor can copy a product while a brand is unique. Products equal purposes or functions, and brands equal feelings or emotions. A product is in our thoughts only when we see it, or use it. But a brand subsists in our minds as a set of ideas and suggestions. A product ready or made by a firm and can be bought by a consumer in exchange for money while brands built over consumer visions, expectations, and skills. Example Toyota‘s Product is Cars and its brand is Toyota and the definite brand name related to each car model, e.g. Toyota Corolla. Products Can become outdated but brands can be everlasting. When you introduce or launch a new product, it’s easy to manufacture that product rapidly meaningful and beneficial to buyers because it assists a definite function for them. Though, a brand is meaningless until buyers have a chance to get to know and experience it, build faith with it, and have confidence in it. It can be observed and feel some of the products, on the other end, it is hard to observe and touch a brand because it expressed in the minds of the buyer and can only be described. A product carries out a specific and a definite role, on the other hand, a brand has the objective of value addition or increasing the psychological insight of a consumer.


Comparison Chart

A product is an element or thing which prepared for sale in the marketplace.A brand is something which separates a product from additional products in the marketplace.
Produced By
What is it?
A product is what you require?A brand is what you wish?
A product may be substantial or unsubstantial.A brand is unsubstantial.
A product can easily copy.A brand has a famed identity, which cannot copy.
Time Frame
A product can be obsolete or outdated after some time.The brand ruins always.
What do they do?
A product accomplishes the functions.A brand gives importance.
Can it be Alternate?

What is Product?

A product is a thing, merchandise, service, opinion or plan that fulfills consumers need and obtained in return of cash or some other value unit. A product can categorize as tangible or intangible. A tangible or substantial product is a physical object that can be perceived by touches like a building, means of transportation, appliance, or clothing. An intangible or unsubstantial product is a product that can only be considered indirectly such as an insurance policy. Services can approximately categorize under intangible products which can be stable. The establishments or organizations that manufacture, look at a product mostly as a demonstration of assets used to produce it. And the organizations that are marketing-oriented look a product from the objective consumer’s perception as a bundle of benefits by benefits. Products often mentioned to as merchandise, and in manufacturing, products are bought as raw materials and then sold as finished goods. So we can say that a product hence is a pack of physical, chemical and intangible or nonphysical attributes that have the prospective to satisfy present and the potential buyer needs.

What is Brand?

A brand is a way in which a business, association, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. An operative brand policy gives you the main edge in progressively competitive marketplaces. A brand is an emotive and physical relationship you have with your customers. Brands used in corporate, marketing, and publicity. It also contains the outlooks that consumers acquire when they use your products and facilities. Customers, not corporations build brands. It doesn’t matter whatever you consider your brand promises. The only thing that matters is how customers take in your brand. You need to work to improve customer visions that exactly reflect your brand or your brand condemned to narrow growth prospective. The brand characterized by the intangible features as well as tangible features such as your brand symbol or logo, packaging, messaging, and so on. All of these features must work together to steadily interconnect your brand promise, shape brand visions, meet brand prospects, and express your brand persona. If one feature is crooked, your whole brand can agonize and suffer. Brand impartiality is the goodwill you form up that makes people do business with you rather than your opponent.

Key Differences

  1. The product is a thing or an item or service created and offered by the concern for sale in the marketplace. A brand is a thing or an entity like the logo, figure or name used by the businesses, to make their products distinguishable among other products in the marketplace.
  2. Companies make products. On the other end, Brand made by us.
  3. The product is tangible or intangible. Conversely, a brand is intangible.
  4. A product can be your requirement, but the brand is something further than that. For example, you require to wear clothes and footwear, but you want to wear outfits of the brand Gucci and footwear of Nike.
  5. Other products can substitute or replace products because it becomes outdated over time. On the other hand, brands are forever.
  6. Replication or copy a product is easy, but it’s difficult or says impossible to duplicate a brand.
  7. The product accomplishes its common purposes, but a brand offers importance to the clients or customers.


Therefore, the brand is a broader term than a product. The title or name of a product between people is just because of the brand. The important dissimilarity among product and brand is that a product is a single thing, but there can be several products under a particular or single brand.

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