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Pinterest vs. Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are basically the visual social photo-sharing sites where everyone can upload pictures for others to see. The main difference between Instagram and Pinterest is to apply filters on photos. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas while Instagram focuses on sharing more of your personal photos. The clients ask the marketers which of these two networks is more efficient for their projects and this dilemma created a lot of buzz and unfortunately, there is no precise answer.

Key Differences

50 percent of the Instagram users usually are outside of the United States, producing for an additional global market. This network is also very popular with the entire youthful herd. Two-thirds are in the age range of 18 to 34 and recognition falls a bit with older part of this market.
Pinterest users usually skew a little bit older, although the core demographic continues to be 18-34 year old, which represents 56 percent users. In comparison with Pinterest, people are more evenly manifested upon Instagram.
The significant variation involving Instagram and Pinterest is the utilization and potential audience. Pinterest end users are mainly females. In reality, women account of about 75% of Pinterest end users and are about five times as likely to use the electronic scrap booking tool as men, the most important gender variation of any social network.
Pinterest is an on-line bulletin board that lets users curate and also talk about interesting graphics, videos and data graphics. While things are shared, they are termed as "pins" and they are placed on thematic board which user produce. On the other hand, Instagram is mobile photo sharing app that lets users share their own photographs with friends.
Harlon Moss
Sep 24, 2015
Pinterest is best used for; showing brand products, increasing referral traffic, increasing conversions & transitions and increasing brand exposure to new users. Instagram is best used for showing brand personality, engaging with existing community, increasing brand awareness and showing behind the scenes content.
Janet White
Sep 24, 2015

What is Instagram?

Within just a few decades, Instagram has grown by a great app with a devoted following, to one of the fastest developing Myspace in the world. Instagram is popular because every time you open it, you will see new photos and videos among your circles and more of the new and creative moments of other people around the globe. Instagram probably reflect the personal use. There are also proprietary proper rights throughout content material on Instagram. Instagram won’t assert just about any title proper rights within the textual content, graphics, photographs, video clip, or maybe any other resources which consumers post on or through the Instagram services. Instagram is better pertaining to revealing behind-the-scenes images, showcasing new items and also appears to be, photo styling, celebrity endorsements, showing office culture, and also competitions, lovely images are the focuses having hashtags, short descriptions, and mention as support gives which exclusive think, forms brand consciousness and also consumer-brand relationships great for behind-the-scenes images fans can’t discover elsewhere.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest was the first social network that threatened the supremacy of the couple “Facebook-Twitter”. It’s practically impossible to determine which features determined the Pinterest success, but surely, it comes with many innovative ideas. Pinterest has one of the unique majority audiences in the social media world: adult women of all ages. Pinterest is best for awareness, sales, and building brand relationships, revealing new collection, curating seasonal looks, inspiring customers and sharing. With Pinterest, a user’s intent is primarily focused on the discovery and curtain of other users’ content. Similar to a search engine, users can use Pinterest to search for specific content or products. They can then create visually appealing boards by pinning and grouping the content they discover. On Pinterest, every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site. Therefore, one of the common goals for businesses is generating website traffic and using Pinterest for SEO purposes. Pinterest is also a proven sales generator for retail businesses.

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