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Pinterest vs. Instagram: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 25, 2023
Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform, while Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service.

Key Differences

Pinterest and Instagram are both popular social media platforms with a heavy emphasis on visuals. Pinterest is primarily designed for discovering and collecting ideas, typically organized into boards by users. It's a platform where users pin images or videos from the web, creating a visual bookmark for future reference. For instance, a user might have a board dedicated to home decor ideas or DIY crafts.
In contrast, Instagram is centered on photo and video sharing. It's a platform where users upload their personal images or videos, often capturing moments from their daily lives. While there's a discovery aspect with hashtags and the explore page, the primary focus is on sharing and engaging with one's followers. An Instagram user might share snapshots from their vacation, photos of their meals, or clips from events they attended.
Pinterest's user experience revolves around the search and discovery of content. It's often used for inspiration, planning, and project ideation. Users search for specific topics or browse categories, repinning content to their boards. On the other hand, Instagram's experience is centered on the feed, where users scroll through a continuous stream of content from accounts they follow, engaging through likes, comments, and shares.
Another notable difference lies in the intent of users. Pinterest users often come with a purpose, looking for ideas for specific projects or plans, making it a valuable platform for brands focusing on e-commerce. Instagram, while also having e-commerce integrations, is more about building brand identity and community through storytelling and engagement.

Comparison Chart

Primary Purpose

Visual discovery and bookmarking
Photo and video sharing

Content Organization

Organized into boards
Organized into a user feed

User Engagement

Repinning, saving to boards
Liking, commenting, and sharing

Main User Intent

Searching for ideas and inspiration
Sharing moments and building community

E-commerce Integration

Often used for product discovery and shopping inspiration
Used for brand building with some shopping features

Pinterest and Instagram Definitions


A platform for exploring interests through visuals.
Chefs use Pinterest to showcase their favorite recipes.


A community-driven platform for visual content.
Fitness enthusiasts connect and inspire each other on Instagram.


A tool for collecting and organizing visual inspirations.
Pinterest provided her a plethora of DIY craft ideas.


A tool for capturing and broadcasting moments.
They announced their engagement on Instagram.


A space for visual discovery and idea curation.
Designers often turn to Pinterest for color palette inspirations.


A digital space for storytelling through visuals.
Her Instagram story gave a sneak peek into her day.


A platform for discovering and saving visual ideas.
She used Pinterest to gather inspiration for her wedding.


An app for engaging with visual narratives.
He started a motivational series on his Instagram.


A digital bulletin board for bookmarking content.
His Pinterest board was filled with innovative tech gadgets.


A social platform for sharing photos and videos.
He gained a massive following on Instagram by posting travel photographs.


Can businesses use Pinterest for marketing?

Yes, businesses can use Pinterest for product discovery and promotion.

Can I share multiple photos in an Instagram post?

Yes, Instagram allows users to share carousel posts with multiple images or videos.

How do stories work on Instagram?

Instagram stories are short-lived visual content that disappears after 24 hours.

How does the algorithm work on Pinterest?

Pinterest's algorithm curates content based on user interests and engagement.

Is Instagram primarily for personal use?

While many use Instagram personally, it's also widely used by businesses and influencers.

Can I collaborate with others on a Pinterest board?

Yes, Pinterest offers collaborative boards where multiple users can pin.

Can I create polls on Instagram?

Yes, polls can be created in Instagram stories to engage with followers.

How do hashtags work on Instagram?

Hashtags on Instagram categorize content and make it discoverable in searches.

Do both Pinterest and Instagram support advertisements?

Yes, both platforms offer advertising options for businesses.

Can I shop products directly from Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest offers shopping pins linking directly to purchase sites.

Is Pinterest used for branding?

Yes, many brands use Pinterest to showcase products and build brand identity.

Can videos be shared on Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest supports both image and video pins.

Is Pinterest more popular for planning events?

Often, users turn to Pinterest for inspiration in event planning due to its idea-focused nature.

Is Pinterest primarily an image-sharing platform?

While it's heavily image-focused, Pinterest also supports videos and other visual content.

How do promoted pins on Pinterest differ from regular pins?

Promoted pins are paid advertisements and get prioritized visibility.

Can I interact with my followers on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram offers features like comments, direct messaging, and live videos for interaction.

Are Pinterest boards public?

By default, they are, but users can create private, secret boards.

How do I grow my following on Instagram?

Engaging content, consistent posting, and interaction with users can help grow a following.

Are filters a popular feature on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram is known for its variety of photo filters for enhancing images.

Does Instagram support long-form videos?

Yes, through IGTV, users can upload longer video content on Instagram.
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