Difference Between X-Ray and MRI


Main Difference

X-Ray and MRI are the techniques of images of the internal parts of the body for diagnosis of the diseases. In X-ray, small amount of radiations are passed through the body just for few minutes to take the image. In MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) detailed picture of the organs of body are obtained by combining strong magnetic field with advanced computer and radio waves. MRI is more versatile than X Rays. MRI process takes more time as compare to X-ray.

What is X-Ray?

X-rays are the imaging technique used to diagnose the disease in the human body. X rays are passed through the body for few minutes to produce the image of the dense part such as bones. X-rays are wildly used for the diagnose bone diseases, fractures, infections and tumors. The part of the body, whose X Rays are being taken is placed between the X-ray machine and photographic film. Radiations passing through the exposed part of the body reflects the internal structure of exposed part on the photographic film.


What is MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which uses strong magnet field to get the image of the internal structure of the body. It produces the precised and detailed high resolution image of the internal structure of the body. It is used to diagnose joint problems, torn ligaments and herniated discs.

Key Differences

  1. In X-Rays the body is exposed to dangerous ionizing radiation while MRI don’t emit ionizing radiations.
  2. MRI is preferable for soft tissues evaluation while X Rays are preferable for bones.
  3. X Rays exposure may cause birth defects or DNA alteration while MRI does not have biological hazards.
  4. MRI is costly than X Rays.
  5. Time taken for X-Rays imaging is just few seconds but MRI may take long time depending upon the part to be evaluated.
  6. MRI is more versatile than X Rays.
  7. X Rays provide more detail for bones as compare to MRI.
  8. MRI provide more detail of soft tissues but X Rays does not so.
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