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Picture vs. Photo: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 26, 2023
A picture is a visual representation, while a photo is an image captured using a camera.

Key Differences

A picture refers to any visual representation or depiction, whether it's created using tools like paints, pencils, or digital software. A photo, on the other hand, specifically refers to an image taken with a camera, capturing a real-life scene or object.
The term picture encompasses a broader range of visuals, including drawings, illustrations, or even a mental image one might have. A photo is bound by the limitations of camera technology and the scene at the moment of capture.
When someone asks for a picture, they might be referring to any kind of visual image, including photos. However, when someone asks for a photo, they are exclusively asking for a photograph.
In digital contexts, a picture can mean any image file, whether it's a scanned painting or a digital photo. A photo, in these contexts, would strictly indicate an image taken by a digital camera or a scanned photograph.
A picture does not necessarily have to depict reality accurately. Artists can take creative liberties when creating a picture. A photo, however, while it can be edited, is rooted in the reality it captured.

Comparison Chart


A visual representation or depiction.
An image captured using a camera.


Can be created using various tools like paints, pencils, or digital software.
Taken with a camera.


Can be abstract, stylized, or realistic.
Rooted in the reality it captured.


Encompasses a broader range of visuals.
Specifically an image taken with a camera.

Digital Context

Refers to any image file.
Indicates an image taken by a digital camera or scanned.

Picture and Photo Definitions


A picture can refer to a mental image or concept.
I have a clear picture of what I want in my mind.


A photo is an image captured by a camera.
I took a photo of the mountain view.


A picture is an image displayed on a surface.
The picture on the wall is crooked.


A photo is a record of a moment or scene.
This old photo brings back so many memories.


A picture can be a movie or film.
Let's watch a picture at the theater tonight.


A photo can be a short form of the term "photograph".
Can you send me that photo?


A picture is a visual representation of something.
She drew a beautiful picture of a sunset.


A photo can be a visual proof or documentation.
He provided a photo as evidence of the incident.


A picture is a detailed description or impression.
Her story painted a vivid picture of her childhood.


A photo refers to a printed or digital photograph.
She showed me a photo from her wedding day.


A visual representation or image painted, drawn, photographed, or otherwise rendered on a flat surface.


A photograph.


Can a drawing be called a photo?

No, a drawing is a picture but not a photo.

Can a photo be abstract?

While rooted in reality, photos can be edited to appear abstract.

Can a photo be called a picture?

Yes, a photo can be considered a type of picture.

What's the difference between a digital photo and a printed photo?

One exists in digital format, while the other is a physical print.

Are all digital images pictures?

Yes, digital images are a type of picture.

Can a picture be auditory?

Typically, no. The term "picture" implies a visual representation.

Can pictures lie?

Pictures can be manipulated or taken out of context to misrepresent.

What is a picture?

A picture is a visual representation or depiction.

Why are movies sometimes called pictures?

The term refers to moving "pictures" or sequences of images displayed in rapid succession.

Can a screenshot be considered a photo?

It's more accurate to call it a picture, as it's not captured with a camera.

What is a mental picture?

It's an image or concept one visualizes in their mind.

How do I differentiate between a picture and photo in a gallery?

A photo captures real-life scenes, while pictures can also include illustrations, paintings, etc.

Are pictures always visual?

Generally, yes. They represent something visually.

What is a photo?

A photo is an image captured using a camera.

Is a photograph the same as a photo?

Yes, "photo" is often a short form for "photograph."

Can a photo be drawn?

Once drawn, it becomes a picture or illustration based on the photo.

Are all photos authentic?

No, photos can be edited or manipulated.

Are paintings considered photos?

No, paintings are considered pictures.

Can a picture capture emotions?

Yes, both photos and other types of pictures can evoke emotions.

Are all digital images photos?

No, only those captured with a camera are photos.
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