Difference Between Risk and Uncertainty


Main Difference

The main difference between Risk and Uncertainty is that Risk is the possibility of an upcoming conclusion, whereas Uncertainty has no opportunities for the forthcoming conclusion.

Risk vs. Uncertainty

Risk is a situation that is defining the chance of the future result, whereas uncertainty means something that is not sure. Risk is the prediction of the possibilities that are going to happen in the future, while the uncertainty is not predictable. Risks are manageable conditions, whereas uncertainty is an uncontrollable condition. Risks are such a situation that is measuring or computing by any form, while the uncertainty is such a situation that is not measuring or calculating by anyway. Risk is covering by taking the insurance policies, whereas, in the uncertainty, there is no chance of making the insurance policies.


The possibility of getting or dropping something commendable is identifying as the risk, while the uncertainty suggests a position where the future actions are not identifying. Risk can transfer to another chance, whereas uncertainty does not move into another uncertainty. Risk is the impartial method, while the uncertainty is the particular method. In risk decisions that are taking under the condition of the risk is less important than the uncertainty, whereas in the uncertainty decisions that are making under the state of the uncertainty is more important than the risk.

The chances of the consequences are recognizing, the chances of the values are not understanding; so the risk is the practical term. And uncertainty is coming from emotions. Risk is existing when upcoming proceedings arise with assessable possibility, while uncertainty is existing when the probability of the pending proceedings is indeterminate or countless.


Comparison Chart

Risk is the chance of future profit and lossUncertainty is something that is not definite
It can be measuringIt cannot be measuring
The result is recognizingThe result is not recognizing
It is controllableIt is uncontrollable
AssignedNot assigned
Covering Insurance

What is Risk?

Risk is a kind of condition that is defining the probability of profit and loss of the future, and risk is the result of an action that is going to take or not in the future. Risk means danger or threat that individuals feel before starting any work. If any organization wants to continue in the long run, it has to take calculated risks where the possibility of loss is relatively less, and opportunities of achievements are more significant. Risks are the convenient situation, and it is a situation that is calculating by any system, Risk has a volume to transfer into another chance,

A risk is an unintentional affair that is affecting any development purposes. The risk is progressive if it is marking positively to the project, and it is destructive if it is marking negatively on the project. The response of policies of risk is distinct for negatives and positives. The strategy of real risk is to maximize the chance or effect, and the approach of adverse risk is to minimize the impact or probability; the insurance companies issue some policies to bear the risk.

In monetary vocabulary, the meaning of risk is not much different, and risk contains the chance of losing the part of the investment. Though the higher the risk is, the higher is the expectancy of earnings, the risk is an accurate method, and two significant elements of risk are naming, the systematic risk that defines market risk, inflation risk, interest risk, etc. other is an unsystematic risk that represents business risk and financial risk.

What is Uncertainty?

The Uncertainty is the kind of the condition that is defining, that there are no possibilities of the expected outcomes, the uncertainty means something that is not assuring for the future, the uncertainty means have some hesitation or doubt about the positive thing. The uncertainty is the main character in every business that is not avoiding, and the persons who are running the company have no idea about what is going to happen in the future, and the outcome is not identifying.

Uncertainty refers to a position where the frequent substitutes are causing a particular outcome, but the possibility of the issue is not definite. The uncertainty is not predictable, and as well as it is an uncontrollable condition, the uncertainty is a situation that is not calculating by any system, the insurance companies do not issue any policy to bear the uncertainty, and it is not transferable into another uncertainty. It is an independent method.

The uncertainty is an ultimate shortage of certainty, and this is happening because of the unsatisfactory information or the awareness about the current situation. That’s why it is very tough to describe or guess the ultimate conclusion or dealings. And the uncertainty cannot be measured in the computable terms as well. Therefore, the possibilities are not applying to the prospective results, and there is no chance of the expansion of the uncertainty as well, and in this case, there is no probability is assigning,

Key Differences

  1. The risk is defining loss and profit of the future, whereas uncertainty does not define future possibilities.
  2. It is possible to measure the risk; on the other hand, it is not possible to estimate uncertainty.
  3. The outcomes are familiar in risk; conversely, the consequences are unfamiliar in uncertainty.
  4. The risk is controllable; on the flip side, the uncertainty is uncontrollable.
  5. There are some chances of minimization of risk, whereas there is no chance of maximization of uncertainty.
  6. Possibilities are assigning in case of risk; on the other hand, there are no possibilities are assigning in case of uncertainty.
  7. Risk covers insurance policies; conversely, uncertainty does not include insurance policies.
  8. Risk is an objective method; on the flip side, uncertainty is a subjective method.


Risk and uncertainty both are diverse expressions; handling the risks is very easy because evolving a reaction strategy is creating an experience; however, treating the uncertainty is very difficult because another material is not existing. Though, to complete any mission productively, it is necessary to be very careful, positive, and flexible to achieve risks and uncertainty.