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Risk vs. Uncertainty: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 25, 2023
Risk involves known probabilities of outcomes; uncertainty denotes unknown probabilities or outcomes.

Key Differences

Risk refers to situations where outcomes, even if unpredictable, have quantifiable probabilities attached to them. Uncertainty, on the other hand, alludes to scenarios where it's impossible to determine the likelihood or even anticipate the potential outcomes.
In the realm of investments, risk allows an investor to measure the potential gains or losses, thereby making informed decisions. Uncertainty is more challenging for decision-making, as one cannot predict or gauge the possible results or the chances of them occurring.
The concept of risk often requires a calculated approach, relying on data, past experiences, or statistical models to assign probabilities. Uncertainty lacks this framework, leaving individuals or businesses to base decisions on intuition, guesswork, or subjective judgment.
While risk can sometimes be managed, reduced, or even insured against, uncertainty presents a more complex challenge. Managing uncertainty often requires flexibility, adaptability, and preparedness for unforeseen events.

Comparison Chart


Quantifiable probabilities of outcomes.
Unknown or unquantifiable outcomes or probabilities.


Informed by data, models, or past experiences.
Often based on intuition or subjective judgment.


Can be managed, reduced, or insured against.
Requires flexibility and adaptability.

Associated with

Predictable outcomes based on historical data.
Unpredictable outcomes without historical data.


Stock market investments, gambling.
Future market trends, unforeseen natural disasters.

Risk and Uncertainty Definitions


The probability of an adverse event happening.
Driving fast increases the risk of accidents.


Something that is unknown or doubtful.
The team faced many uncertainties in the project's early stages.


Exposure to harm or loss.
She took a huge risk starting her business.


The state of being unsure or having doubt.
The uncertainty of the situation made him anxious.


The degree of probability of a negative event.
The project carries high financial risk.


The quality of being ambiguous or unpredictable.
The uncertainty of the weather forecast meant they stayed indoors.


A person or thing causing potential danger.
He's considered a security risk.


A situation lacking clarity or definiteness.
Economic uncertainty led to decreased consumer spending.


The stakes in a venture.
They discussed the risks and rewards of the decision.


A lack of confidence or sureness.
His uncertainty was evident in his hesitant speech.


The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger.


The condition of being uncertain; doubt.


Is uncertainty always negative?

No, uncertainty can lead to unexpected positive outcomes as well.

Why is understanding risk important in investments?

Understanding risk helps investors make informed decisions and anticipate potential returns.

Which is more challenging: managing risk or uncertainty?

While both have challenges, managing uncertainty is often harder due to its unpredictable nature.

Can we predict uncertainty?

By definition, uncertainty is unpredictable and lacks quantifiable probabilities.

Can risk lead to opportunities?

Yes, taking calculated risks can lead to new opportunities and rewards.

Is it better to avoid risks altogether?

Avoiding all risks can limit opportunities; it's essential to manage and take calculated risks.

How does uncertainty impact decision-making?

Uncertainty can make decision-making challenging due to the lack of clear or predictable outcomes.

Can uncertainty be quantified?

Uncertainty lacks quantifiable probabilities and is often based on unknown outcomes.

Can uncertainty be reduced?

While it's challenging to reduce uncertainty, gathering more information can provide better clarity.

Is risk always associated with negative outcomes?

No, risk denotes a probability, which could lead to positive, negative, or neutral outcomes.

How can one differentiate between risk and uncertainty?

Risk has quantifiable probabilities, while uncertainty pertains to unknown outcomes or probabilities.

Are all uncertainties risky?

Not all uncertainties carry risk, but they introduce unpredictability.

Is insurance a way to manage risk?

Yes, insurance is a tool to transfer or mitigate certain financial risks.

Is there always a risk in decision-making?

Most decisions carry some level of risk, but the degree varies based on information and context.

Can risk be eliminated entirely?

No, but risk can be managed or reduced through various strategies.

Why do businesses face uncertainty?

External factors, evolving markets, and unforeseen events contribute to business uncertainty.

How can one cope with uncertainty?

Flexibility, adaptability, and preparedness can help manage uncertainty.

Does taking more risks equate to higher rewards?

Not always; while higher risks can yield higher rewards, they can also result in significant losses.

Can data and research reduce risk and uncertainty?

Data can help reduce and manage risk, but it may not always diminish uncertainty.

Is taking a risk always bad?

Not necessarily; risks can lead to significant rewards if managed well.
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