Difference Between Fruit and Seed


Main Difference

The main difference between Fruit and Seed is that the Fruit is developed from the ovary after the fertilization, whereas Seed developed from the ovule.

Fruit vs. Seed

After the process of fertilization, the ovary converted into a fruit; on the other hand, the ovule converted into a Seed. The fruit is formed by the angiosperms, while the seed formed from both angiosperms and gymnosperms. Fruit contains seeds in it, but the seeds do not contain fruits in it.

The fruit has the outer layer, which called the exocarp, whereas the seed has the outer layer, which is called a testa. Fruit structure is different from the formation of seed. The fruit is helpful in the seed dispersion, whereas seed helps reproduce the angiosperms and gymnosperm plants.


The fruit is the final product of the reproduction of plants; on the other side, the seed is the basic product need for the reproduction process. Fruits ripened when they fully developed, but the seed not ripened. The utilization of fruits is different from the utilization of seeds. Fruits are eaten when they are fresh, and many tasty things are made from it while the seeds used for making flour and oils.

Comparison Chart

Fruits are formed by the ovary of the angiosperms and after the fertilization process.The seed formed after the fertilization of an ovule, and it can form from both angiosperms and gymnosperms.
Developed from ovaryDeveloped from ovule
Seed dispersionReproduction
Outer Layer
Final productBasic product
Used when freshUsed to make oils, flour
Ripening Process
Fruits are ripenedNo ripening process
Attractive and sweetSmall
According to structure, taste, and seedsAccording to the morphology of the embryo
Important Element
Mango, Berries, Dry fruits and OrangeLegumes and Nuts

What is Fruit?

Fruits are widely used all over the world. Fruits are sweet. There are various kinds of fruits. There are small and some big size fruits. There are various colors of fruits. Different areas of the world produce different kinds of fruits. And every area is famous for the best fruit they produce. Fruits developed from the ovary of the angiosperms.

The fruits produced after the fertilization process. Fruits play a very important role in the dispersion of the seed because the fruits have an attractive color that attracts the insects towards plant and help in seed dispersion. The seed dispersion is needed to start the reproduction of the plant.

The eatable part of the fruit is called the pericarp, and it consists of three layers exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp. Exocarp is the outer layer, and mesocarp is the middle layer, and endocarp is the inner layer in the fruits. Fruits ripened when they fully developed. And they are classified based on structure, taste, and the number of seeds they contain. Some fruits contain only one seed like mango, and the others contain a lot of seeds, such as watermelon. And some specially produced plants do not contain seeds at all.


  • True Fruits: Ovary and Ovules produce this.
  • False Fruits: Ovary and other parts of flowers.
  • Simple Fruits: Single ovary.
  • Aggregate Fruits: Many ovaries.
  • Multiple Fruits: Produces multiple flowers and their ovaries.
  • Fleshy Fruits: Juicy fruits.
  • Dry Fruits: Dry grapes, dry dates, and dry plums.

What is Seed?

A seed is developed by the ovule and both angiosperms and gymnosperms from the seed. Seed plays a very important role in the reproduction of the plant. The seed contains an embryo that then reproduced to form fruits. Seeds are not ripened. Seeds dispersed in different ways for the reproduction of plants.

The angiosperms from the seeds which are enclosed, and they produced in the fruits. And the gymnosperms form the naked seeds, and they don’t have a body that can enclose it. The seed contains a seed coat, and the seed coat has two parts, the inner seed coat is tegmen, and the outer seed coat is testa.

The germination of the seed helps the embryo to develop. A seed is classified into different kinds based on the embryo’s morphology. Seeds are used to make oils, flour, and starch. The developed seeds are used in salads. There are two types of seed. The first type is endospermic seeds, and the second type is non-endospermic seeds.

Key Differences

  1. Fruits are produced from the ovary, whereas seeds produced from ovules.
  2. Fruits are important for seed dispersion; on the other hand, seeds are important for the reproduction of the plant.
  3. Fruits are classified based on structure taste and seeds. Conversely, the seeds are classified based on their embryo.
  4. Fruits are ripened; on the flip side, seeds are not ripened.
  5. The outer layer of fruit is exocarp, whereas the outer layer of seed is testa.
  6. Fruits are attractive and sweet, while the seeds are small and not sweet.
  7. Fruits have an important element, which is a seed, but the seed has an important element known as an embryo.
  8. Apple, mango, orange, dry fruits are an example of fruits, whereas nuts, and legumes are an example of seeds.


The fruit and seeds are different things, fruit needs seed for its reproduction, and the seed has an embryo which developed into a fruit.

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