Difference Between Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration


Main Difference

The most essential between photosynthesis and cellular respiration is that by the strategy of photosynthesis vitality is saved whereas vitality launched in cellular respiration.

Comparison Chart

PhotosynthesisCellular Respiration
A scientific course of that explains the conversion of sunshine vitality into chemical vitality by vegetation to supply mealsA scientific course of that describes the conversion of glucose and oxygen into water and carbon dioxide by the residing organisms.
Stores EnergyEnergy Release
Water and Carbon DioxideOxygen and Glucose
Oxygen and GlucoseWater and Carbon Dioxide
Energy Sources
LightChemical Bonds
Carbohydrate Molecules
Building UpBreak Down
Chemical Equation
6CO2 + 12H2O + gentle –> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H206O2 + C6H12O6 –> 6CO2 +6H2O + ATP
Occurs by which organisms?
Occurs in algae, vegetation and some micro organismOccurs in all residing organisms each vegetation or animals


A scientific course of that explains how the vegetation and completely different organisms convert gentle or photo voltaic vitality into chemical vitality that is shortly utilized by these organisms to fuel their actions. The chemical vitality formed all through photosynthesis course of is then saved in carbohydrate molecules that is then synthesized from water and carbon dioxide. Oxygen is the water product or output that is launched in lots of the photosynthesis processes. Photosynthesis course of normally occurs in algae, vegetation and some micro organism. These organisms are moreover generally known as as photoautotrophs. According to biologists, photosynthesis is responsible for producing and sustaining oxygen content material materials of the Earth’s ambiance. Moreover, photosynthesis will also be responsible for supplying lots of the vitality and pure compounds obligatory for all occasions on Earth. Different species perform the photosynthesis course of in various strategies. However, the tactic of photosynthesis on a regular basis begins with the absorption of vitality by proteins consisting of chlorophyll pigments. The frequent occasion of photosynthesis are leaves that rework water, carbon dioxide, and completely different minerals into glucose and oxygen. It takes place throughout the chloroplasts of cells. This complete course of presents vitality to all kind of residing organism, and with out it, there may be no thought of life on earth.


Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration is a chemical course of by which the adenosine triphosphate and nutritional vitamins are remodeled into the biochemical vitality. In the highest, it moreover releases the waste product throughout the type of water and carbon dioxide. The catabolic response is the primary response involved throughout the cellular respiration course of that really breaks down the larger one molecules into the small molecules by releasing vitality throughout the course of as a result of the stronger bonds change extreme vitality bonds. It is alleged to be the first course of by which a cell of residing organisms emits chemical vitality to fuel cellular train. Cellular respiration simply is not a easy course of that happens in few simple steps. The complete response takes place in steps of biochemical steps, most of which are redox reactions themselves. Cellular respiration is completely completely different from the photosynthesis on many grounds by which the important thing is that it don’t require the need of daylight the least bit and is on a regular basis occurring in all residing organisms each animals or vegetation. The complete strategy of cellular respiration takes occurs throughout the mitochondria of cells. Contrasting to photosynthesis that requires the need of vitality to supply meals, cellular respiration breakdown the meals to launch vitality. Plants are capable of performing every photosynthesis and cellular respiration whereas animals are capable of performing cellular respiration solely.

Key Differences

  1. In photosynthesis, vitality is provided by photons whereas in cellular respiration, vitality in provided by the catabolic processes.
  2. Photosynthesis used two electron transport chains whereas cellular respiration makes use of 1 electron transport chain.
  3. Photosynthesis contains the manufacturing of NADPH whereas cellular respiration contains the manufacturing of every FADH and NADH.
  4. Photosynthesis occurs throughout the presence of sunshine whereas cellular respiration is a gradual train that likes to happen frequently.
  5. The inputs throughout the photosynthesis are water and carbon dioxide whereas inputs throughout the case of cellular respiration are oxygen and glucose.
  6. The outputs of the photosynthesis are oxygen and glucose and water and carbon dioxide throughout the case of cellular respiration.
  7. In photosynthesis, the provision of vitality whereas in cellular respiration, chemical bonds are the provision of vitality.
  8. Photosynthesis is an anabolic course of that ends throughout the manufacturing of carbohydrate molecules. Cellular respiration, then once more, is a catabolic course of that ends throughout the breakdown of carbohydrate
  9. Photosynthesis happens solely in these cells containing chlorophyll whereas cellular respiration happens in all cells and it is unbiased of chlorophyll.
  10. Photosynthesis ends within the obtain of dry mass whereas cellular respiration ends in lack of dry mass.
  11. During photosynthesis course of, oxygen is launched and carbon dioxide whereas in cellular respiration, carbon dioxide is launched, and oxygen is absorbed.
  12. In photosynthesis, the response solely takes place throughout the presence of chlorophyll whereas cellular respiration is unbiased of the catalyst for respiration response.
  13. Photosynthesis generates extreme electron potential vitality from gentle photons whereas cellular respiration generates extreme electron potential vitality from breaking bonds.
  14. Photosynthesis converts the sunshine vitality into potential vitality whereas cellular respiration converts the potential vitality into kinetic vitality.
  15. During photosynthesis course of, vitality is saved inside the kind of chemical vitality or glucose whereas in cellular respiration; vitality is launched inside the kind of ATP.
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