Difference Between Herpes and Ingrown Hair


Main Difference

The main difference between herpes and ingrown hair is that herpes don’t have a hair or dark shadow seen in the blister while ingrown hair has.

Comparison Chart

HerpesIngrown Hair
A group of viral diseases caused by herpes viruses, affecting the skin or the nervous system.A condition where hair curls back grow sideways into the skin.
Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2) viruses.It causes because of skin inflammation, and it occurs when the hair starts to grow from the skin.
An oral antiviral medication is a cure for genital herpes.Use moisturizer before shaving
Dangerous Level
HighRelatively Low
Sexual Relationship
Should avoidCan have


Herpes is ordinarily brought about by Herpes Simplex Type 1 or Herpes Simplex Type 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) infections. These infections are usually spread from individual-to-individual through sex, oral sex or different sorts of liquid transfer. When you have herpes, the infection can stay in you sensory system for quite a long time without really showing up. Since both of the HSV infections are to a significant degree regular, it is suspected that up to half of the number of inhabitants in the United States has herpes. While a significant number of these people may never have physical side effects, other tainted people may create immediate side effects. If you do have herpes, you might be given an oral antiviral treatment. By taking a day by day dosage of this solution, you can keep yourself from spreading herpes and decline the length of an episode. To forestall herpes, you ought to practice safe sex utilizing a condom or practice sexual restraint. In case you have herpes, dependably make a point to tell your accomplice before you engage in sexual relations and play it safe to keep it from spreading.


Ingrown Hair

Practically everybody will have an ingrown hair sooner or later in their life. It is brought about when the skin gets to be excited, and a hair develops from the influenced territory. Rather than breaking the surface, the hair stays under the skin, and a red knock starts to shape. These regularly mend decently fast and are more normal among individuals with wavy hair or African-Americans. An ingrown hair happens in the wake of shaving too every now and again or too nearly to the skin. When you have an ingrown hair, you ought to utilize a lotion before shaving. You ought to also shave toward hair development since this will keep ingrown hairs from framing. In a perfect world, you ought to abstain from shaving over and over again because this causes the skin to wind up chafed and expands the odds of an ingrown hair creating. You can have a go at utilizing laser hair evacuation and maintaining a strategic distance from tight garments to keep the skin from getting to be aggravated.

Key Differences

  1. It takes some time to identify herpes because it starts growing in phases and moreover is entirely different from ingrown hair that is also hard to trace out till proper grow of hair.
  2. Ingrown hair looks like overlying scaly skin, whereas, herpes sore is yellow, and cloudy in color but looks very bright than ingrown hair.
  3. Herpes lesion contains a central depression denoted as publication while this is lacking in the ingrown hair.
  4. If talk about the treatment then it is herpes that needs more care and treatment than ingrown hair. Herpes also lasts long than ingrown hair.
  5. Usually, a herpes lesion will return every month or two since these occur in phases. However, in the case of ingrown hair, the bump will fade away permanently once it has permanently healed.
  6. Normally herpes is smaller as compared to the ingrown hair.
  7. A herpes lesion has a dimple in the middle and an ingrown hair has not.
  8. An ingrown hair appears like a pimple and often covered in dead skin as compared to herpes.
  9. People who have ingrown hair issue can have sex, but those having herpes issue should avoid contact if they have symptoms.
  10. The patients of herpes are more than the patient of ingrown hair.
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