Difference Between Constitutional Government and Non-Constitutional Government


Main Difference

There are many forms of the system which are there in countries of the world to run their system according to their traditions and ways. The way a political structure is divided depends on the ongoing situation in the country, and there can be no same ways since everyone has their own requirements, people and the location based on which a form of government can be decided. Two types of political systems that help in differentiating in a simple way are the Constitutional and Non-Constitutional form of government. Both of them are very different in every way such as the running of the country, how decisions are made for the benefit of people. These differences will be discussed in this paragraph. Usually, a constitutional government is the one which is considered the best type of government to run the daily businesses while the non-constitutional government is said to be catastrophic for the people and the economy of a country. In a constitutional system, people are the ones who select their leaders which they consider to be good and make them their leaders. In a non-constitutional government, people do not have the right to choose who their leader becomes and do not have the decision power to shape the future of their country. Another difference between these two forms is that in a not- constitutional type there are more chances that people will rise up against the ruler. While in constitutional government, since people have the persons of their choice they accept the responsibility if something goes wrong so there are fewer chances of people rising. Another good feature of a constitutional form is that people say what they want without any fear, while freedom of speech is not possible in a not- constitutional form. To summarize, it can be said that a constitutional government is the one in which people run the state for the people while Non-constitutional is the rule of an individual without the consent of the citizens. There are some factors which can help create the opposite sides of both these types such as ignorance by leaders which include dictators, monarchs, and other types while this is also a possibility in an elected government. Therefore, it can be said that both have their advantages and disadvantages. The main differences and detailed explanation of both these types are given in the paragraphs below.

Comparison Chart

Constitutional GovernmentNon-Constitutional
Definitionone in which the people have the choice of making their future in which a leader chooses itself without the permission of people.
FormsIt is another name for a democratic government.include dictators, military coups, and even monarchs.
Constituentthere are MPs and a President or a Prime Ministerleader will be an army chief, dictator or monarch.
PublicPeople tend to participate towards the development of their countryProne to become alien to whatever is happening in their country

What is Constitutional Government?

A constitutional government can be termed as one in which the people have the choice of making their future better. It is another name for a democratic government. It can also be defined as government of the people, by the people and for the people. The modern form of this democratic system is based on the rule of representation. The people of a particular area get to elect their members during the elections. The individuals who are chosen become part of the parliament and attend the sessions to act on behalf other citizens. If the person who has voted for a person are not happy with their representatives, they may not vote for them again in the next elections. It also has some other features, there is no possibility of unrest being created by the people because actually, they are the ones who have selected the people to make different policies. There is a limit on how many times a person can be elected as the leader.


What is Non-Constitutional Government?

A non-constitutional form is the one in which a leader chooses itself without the permission of people. In this, include dictators, military coups, and even monarchs. In some cases, it is considered the best while in most cases it is considered the worst form of government because people do not get to select the members of their choice and whatever decisions are taken by the leaders are always seen with a critical eye. People can gain personal benefits in this form of governments because there is no one to keep a check on how things are working. There are certain advantages too, for example when an unrest takes place a constitutional government might not be able to take strict actions against people because they may have a political affiliation or tend to think they owe people something. But in this case, the leader can take severe actions. The main disadvantage is the chances of a revolution are relatively less as compared to other forms.

Key Differences

  1. A constitutional government is the rule of people who are selected by other people while Non- constitutional government is the rule of one person which is not selected in a democratic way.
  2. The best example of a constitutional government is in which there are MPs and a President or a Prime Minister while the example of Non-constitutional government leader will be an army chief, dictator or monarch.
  3. There is fewer chances of any sort of revolution occurring when there is a constitutional government while chances are more of unrest in during a Non-constitutional government is
  4. People tend to participate towards the development of their country in a constitutional government while they are prone to become alien to whatever is happening in their country during a Non-constitutional government.
  5. Most of the times army is involved when a Non-constitutional government is formed while the military is kept away from politics in a constitutional government.
  6. A constitutional government makes sure no one person can rule for a long time but in a Non- constitutional government, people can rule for decades.
  7. The constitutional government holds everyone accountable for their actions while there is no such case in a Non-constitutional government where there are no checks and balances.


There are different forms of government and each one of them has its pros and cons. This article looks at the specification of the two main types Constitutional and Non Constitutional and gives a clear understanding of them. Hopefully it will help people in getting a better understanding and clearing the confusions that may arise while researching about them.

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