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Full Bed vs. Double Bed: What's the Difference?

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A full bed and a double bed are terms that refer to the same bed size, typically measuring 54" x 75".

Key Differences

A full bed is commonly understood to be a mattress that measures approximately 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. A double bed is essentially the same size as a full bed, and the terms are often used interchangeably.
Historically, the term "double bed" was more prevalent, implying that it was double the width of a twin bed. Today, the term "full bed" is more frequently used, though it signifies the same dimensions as the double bed.
When shopping for bed linens or frames, you might find both terms used by manufacturers and retailers. Whether labeled as a full bed or a double bed, they will fit the same sized mattress and offer similar sleeping space.
For single sleepers, a full bed or double bed offers ample space. However, for couples, it might be a bit cozy since each person gets only 27 inches of space, which is less than a twin bed per person.
Both the full bed and the double bed are smaller than a queen-size bed, which provides more width for sleepers. Regardless of the terminology, the space offered by a full or double bed remains the same.

Comparison Chart


Refers to a bed measuring 54" x 75".
Same as a full bed, measures 54" x 75".


More commonly used term today.
Historically more prevalent term.

Sleeping Space

Offers 27" of width per person if two people share.
Same as a full bed, 27" per person for two.

Linens & Frames

Linens and frames labeled "full" fit this size.
Linens and frames labeled "double" fit this size.

Comparison to Queen

Smaller than a queen bed.
Identical in size to a full bed, thus smaller than a queen.

Full Bed and Double Bed Definitions

Full Bed

A bed size measuring approximately 54" x 75".
She bought a new full bed for her apartment.

Double Bed

Historically implies double the width of a twin.
They upgraded from a twin to a double bed for more space.

Full Bed

Suitable for single sleepers or cozy couples.
The full bed seemed a bit tight for the couple.

Double Bed

Provides the same sleeping area as a full bed.
The double bed comfortably fits two children.

Full Bed

Middle ground between twin and queen sizes.
A full bed offers more space than a twin but less than a queen.

Double Bed

Same size as a full bed in modern terminology.
He wanted a double bed, which was the same as asking for a full size.

Full Bed

A term often used interchangeably with double bed.
She wasn't sure if she should get a full bed or a double, not realizing they were the same.

Double Bed

A term used for a bed size measuring 54" x 75".
The guest room has a double bed.

Full Bed

Commonly found in hotel rooms for two.
Their hotel room had one full bed for them to share.

Double Bed

Often found in older references or some international contexts.
The hotel in Europe advertised rooms with double beds.


Can I use the same sheets for both a full bed and a double bed?

Yes, since they are the same size, the sheets are interchangeable.

Are a full bed and double bed the same?

Yes, they refer to the same bed size, measuring 54" x 75".

Which is larger: a queen bed or a double bed?

A queen bed is larger than a double or full bed.

How does the weight capacity compare between a full bed and a twin bed?

A full/double bed typically has a higher weight capacity than a twin due to its larger size.

Why might hotels use double beds instead of queen beds?

Space constraints or older design standards might lead to this choice.

Is it easier to move a full bed compared to a queen?

Generally, yes, because a full/double bed is smaller and lighter.

Are there different comfort levels available for full and double beds?

Yes, comfort levels like firm, plush, or medium are available for any bed size, including full/double.

Do all mattress brands offer both full and double bed options?

While the size is standard, branding may vary. Some might list it as full, double, or both.

Can I use a double bed frame for a full mattress?

Yes, since they are the same size, the frame and mattress are interchangeable.

Is there a noticeable difference in comfort between a full and double bed?

No, they are the same size and any comfort difference would come from the mattress type, not the size.

Are full and double beds popular for children's rooms?

Yes, they are often chosen for older children or teenagers for the added space compared to a twin bed.

Why are there two terms for the same bed size?

Historically, "double bed" was more prevalent, but "full bed" has become more common in modern times.

Is a full bed or double bed suitable for two adults?

It can be cozy for two adults, offering less space per person than a twin bed.

Is there any difference in price between a full bed and a double bed?

No, since they are the same size, the price typically reflects the material and brand, not the terminology.

What's the next size up from a full or double bed?

The next size up is typically the queen bed.

Is a full bed the same as a full XL bed?

No, a full XL is longer than a standard full or double bed.

Why might someone choose a full bed over a queen?

Space constraints or budget might lead someone to choose a full bed.

Can two people comfortably sleep on a double bed?

It depends on the individuals, but it might be tight for some couples.

How did the term "double bed" originate?

It historically implied being double the width of a twin bed.

Are there variations in full or double bed sizes internationally?

Dimensions may slightly vary based on the country and manufacturer.
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