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Imitation Jewellery vs. Artificial Jewellery

The main difference between imitation jewellery and artificial jewellery is that imitation jewellery is a replica of original gold jewellery and artificial jewellery is fake jewellery .

Key Differences

Imitation jewellery is mainly used for traditional events, whereas artificial jewellery is used for daily usage.
Imitation jewellery is good in quality conversely artificial jewellery is not good in quality.
Imitation jewellery is available at normal rates; on the other hand, artificial jewellery is cheaper as compared to imitation jewellery rates.

Comparison Chart


Less expensive

Quality of Metals

Less good

Quantity of Metals


Used For

Occasional or traditional wear
Daily or everyday wear

Terms As

Copy or replica
Fake or duplicate
Samantha Walker
Jul 13, 2019

Imitation Jewellery vs. Artificial Jewellery

However, these two words, imitation and artificial, are the same things, but there is a slight difference between them. Word imitation refers to the copy or duplicates the original. Word artificial refers to fake or unreal. Imitation jewellery is better in quality. Artificial jewellery is low in quality as compared to the imitation jewellery. Although metals used in both types of jwellery is inexpensive. But the quantity of used metals in imitation jewellery is higher, and the quantity of used metals in artificial jewellery is lower. In imitation jewellery copy of precious stones are mostly used. In artificial jewellery, mirror beads, crystal beads, etc. are used instead of diamonds. You can wear imitation jewellery on traditional occasions or wedding parties. You can wear artificial jewellery in your daily routine.

What is Imitation Jewellery?

Imitation word is derived from the word “Imitate,” which means “to copy.” So imitation jewellery is a copy of the original jewellery. Imitation jewellery is made up of inexpensive metals and stones. But real and fine jewellery is made up of expensive items like gold, nickel, brass, steel or silver plated steel, diamonds and gemstones like rhinestone and Lucite and other precious metals. Imitation jewellery is alternatively cheaper than real gold and diamond jewellery. For making imitation jewellery manufacturer may use glass beads, plastic beads instead of diamonds and colored stones, colored plastic beads are used instead of ruby, emerald, and other precious expensive stones. Although sometimes gems that are used in making imitation jewellery mimic the color of original gems but in reality it has no relation with the original gems or stones and is all illusion. Imitation jewelry is also frequently designated in history like the Art Deco period (1920s-1930s), Retro period (1935-1950), Art Modern period (1945-1960), etc. Nowadays imitation jewellery is in trend and far more popular than real genuine or expensive jewellery in terms of usage. Real or expensive jewellery is regarded for investment and savings purposes. However, imitation jewellery is used for different occasions or regular use. Many imitation jewelers exporters are available online from where you can easily buy best imitation jewellery for regular wear. Imitation jewellery rather has a sense of simulated (fake) jewellery seeks an assortment of different traditional or occasional event. Normally imitation jewellery is constructed with plated metal. There is only a thin coat of metal which is less expensive metal while brass is more often used for this purpose.

What is Artificial Jewellery?

Artificial jewellery used for different functions likes to wear on formal occasions or for everyday wear. The words jewellery habitually can put a smile on the faces of many people. It is not wrong if saying that diamonds are best friends of a girl and are believed that then jewellery is a dream of every girl and woman. However, jewellery is affiliated directly to diamonds, pearls, precious stones or gemstones, gold, silver, and platinum although jewellery is not limited to these. Items like beads, shells or sometimes flowers are also included in jewelllery. Artificial jewellery designs or styles and makes vary depending on trends ore fashion and also on culture. Normally ornamental jewellery designs are always long-lived or in trend in all cultures. Simple jewellery that is the culture of European culture and also known in all over the world include rings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and brooches. Although other cultures include toe rings, nose rings, hairpins, and even genital jewellery, artificial Jewellery is normally used for many other reasons including watches, as a marker of social statuses like wedding rings and mangalsutra, or affiliated to many ethical or religious groups, e.g., cross tribal beads amulets or lucky charm for protection and art exhibition. Artificial jewellery is rather not a new invention, but it was also in trend in prehistoric times. But the term artificial jewellery recently comes into use in the early 20th century. However artificial jewellery was being made in prehistoric times by local tribes and groups, the official term “Artificial jewellery” is only used recently.

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