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Thai Food vs. Chinese Food

The main difference between Thai food and Chinese food is that Thai food is normally a combination of flavors that would often be spicy and Chinese food is typically not spicy.

Key Differences

Thai food is a lighter diet conversely Chinese food is heavier diet.
Thai food represents the culture and style of Thailand, whereas Chinese food shows the culture and style of China.
Thai food has a range of curries on the flip side Chinese food has a range of soups.
Janet White
Jul 14, 2019
Thai food used fish oil mainly; on the other hand, Chinese food generally used soy sauce and soy paste.
Thai food is flavorful because of the usage of different spices, while Chinese food flavors are less.
Janet White
Jul 14, 2019

Comparison Chart


Typically spicy
Less spicy

Cooks With

Less amount of oil
Lots of oil


Fresh ingredients
Preserved ingredients


Fish sauce, peanut sauce, and curry
Rice, noodles, soybeans, and vegetables
Janet White
Jul 14, 2019


Phat Thai Kung, Khao man kai, etc
Nematalosa, Pan-fried water chestnut cake, etc
Harlon Moss
Jul 14, 2019

Thai Food vs. Chinese Food

Thai food and Chinese are both from Asia, but they have significant differences in influence, ingredients, taste, flavor, and as well as presentation. Thai food is healthier as compared to Chinese food because spicy peanut sauce is healthier and lighter choice than heavy Chinese sauces. Chinese food is less healthy. In Thai food, a small amount of oil and fresh ingredients like onion, basil, leaves, mint, chili, fish sauces, etc. are added. In Chinese food preserved ingredients like pasta, macaroni, noodles, rice, etc. are used. Thai food reflects the cooking style of Thailand. Chinese food reflects the cooking method of Chinese people. There are four regional cuisines of Thailand. There are 8 Chinese cuisines not regional but also very well known across the US. Thai food is famous for its ingredient, i.e., Nam pla. Chinese food is famous for its spicy chicken and pork dishes. Thai food is sweet most of the time. Chinese food is not sweet most of the time. Thai food relies on shrimp paste and a lot of more fermented animal parts. Chinese food relies on vinegar and flavored oil. In Thai food, veggies are often served fresh. In Chinese food, veggies are often served preserved. In Thai Cuisine, Seafood is mostly used. In Chinese cuisine, pork is mainly used, but in Muslim Chinese (Hui) limb is used instead of pork. Thai cuisine uses a fork and spoon. Chinese cuisine uses chopsticks. Thai uses white pepper, and Chinese uses black pepper.

What is Thai Food?

Thai food is a well balanced healthy diet. Thai dishes are prepared in less oil, having strong aromatic components and spices. They are normally a combination of five different tastes sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. Thai dishes are cook with fresh ingredients such as basil leaves, chili paste, dry chili, mint leaves, lemongrass, onion, curry, vegetables, rice, fish sauce and different kind of sauces. A standard Thai meal is a single dish or also serves with rice and several other dishes. It is also conventional for standard restaurants to serve Thai dishes that are more in number than the number of guests. Thai soups like tom yum rely much less on sodium than eggs and much more healthy spices like lemongrass and cilantro. Thai cuisine is known as the national cuisine of Thailand. It is famous worldwide because of the spiciness in Thai dishes. Mostly Thai dishes are curry-based dishes. Thai dishes are served with different sauces or condiments. Fish sauce is a vital ingredient of Thai cuisine and imparts a unique character to Thai food. Thai food is healthier food because all ingredients are fresh. Thai restaurants emphasize cooking lightly prepared food, which is a good healthy diet with strong aromatic components or flavors. In Thai kitchens, it is utmost important to balance the taste of the dishes or even a single meal. Thai food is eaten with the help of fork and spoon. Common spices in Thai food make it spicy. Thailand’s popular dishes contain ingredients like ginger, garlic, chili peppers, and peppercorn that make Thai’s dishes spicy.

What is Chinese Food?

Chinese food is less healthy, often cooked with a lot of oil and used preserved ingredients. Chinese food developed steadily from one era to the next as it was impacted by different cultures forms imperial expansion or trade with neighboring regions. 8 Chinese cuisines are well known all over the world. Chinese food is less spicy than Thai food. Chinese people love fried food, which is unhealthy and also make Chinese food an unhealthy option. The main food that is including in Chinese cuisine is soybeans, rice, noodles, pasta, meat, vegetables, seasonings, and sauces. Spices are not important in Chinese food as in Thai food. In Chinese food, a lot of preserved ingredients are used mainly. Each Chinese food has its name just like every other language but known as a cuisine in the whole world. In Chinese food “Peking duck” is the main dish of China. Chinese cooking food reflects the traditional cooking method of Chinese people. The style of serving and taste differ according to class, culture, region, and ethical background. As well as in Chinese food chef pays extra attention to food presentation just like it is considered a form of art and a lot of work is done by the chef in food presentation for their customers. Meat, noodles, and rice are stapled ingredients of Chinese food and serve as a main source of carbohydrates. Chinese dishes are named as beef noodle soup, orange chicken, egg flower soup, etc. One of the remarkable qualities of Chinese cuisine is that dairy products are rarely used in Chinese dishes. Chinese used plenty of meat. According to research; it is noted that in past 30years, the demand for meat in China has nearly quadrupled.

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