Difference Between Education and Learning


Main Difference

The main difference between Education and Learning is that Education received from an institution, whereas Learning came from one’s own experience.

Education vs. Learning

Education is a procedure from which knowledge, values, and skills sent to society. Learning is something to know about new skills, knowledge, and values. Education is a communicative knowledge and behavior. Learning is a continuous and progressive procedure.

We get Education in a special duration of our life, while we always learn from our birth to death. Education is always on a special topic and subject. Learning is not restricted to a specified topic or subject. While getting an education, we have to face tests and exams. But Learning requires no test and exams.


Education is a surficial and shallow idea. Learning is a deep and thorough concept. Education is an ending process. Learning is an endless process. Education is a utilitarian concept of life. Learning is a metaphysical concept.

Education may have modernity in it. Learning has no modernity, rather it always simple. We may educate just human beings. Human, animals, plants, and even a machine can also learn.

Education is like the repetition of the same thing. Learning has novelty in it. Education is a single targeted concept. Learning is a multi-focused idea. Education is a traditional form of knowing. Learning is a free form of knowing. Education’s outcome is the disclosure of earning. Learning’s outcome is literacy.


Comparison Chart

Education is a classroom Learning.Learning belongs to one’s surroundings.
Extrinsic and passiveIntrinsic and active
Knowledge Gaining
From a teacher or a textbookFrom several sources
Education requires specific sources.Learning does not need sources.

What is Education?

We receive education at a point in life. Education has a specific line, target, or focus. Education is necessary for our survival, as we depend on it. Education is our basic right, and it is directed to the progression of our country.

Several students get education from a certified and trainer in a classroom. To get an education, we flow according to a curriculum or syllabus. If students are not interested in a topic, they have to learn it, to get good marks in exams.

It is possible that you are educated, but you are not a learner. You have learned English, but when you went to a college, you learn it more, to become an expert in it. Education may stop at the end of school. Education is the procedure of imparting or getting general knowledge.

It is the knowledge of a special subject for a specific profession. It is the gaining of knowledge of special behavior. For a special job, you must have a degree. Education is a time-consumption procedure. Education requires a specific environment.

What is Learning?

Learning is a keen desire to know something. It has no need of any appreciation. You may get learning knowingly and unknowingly. Learning is never just listening and receiving. It requires proper knowledge and understanding.

Learning occurs changing, and changes occur in learning. Learning is communication with strangers and outer. Learning will not be ended when school time ends. Learning is a more practical process than Education.

Learning offers more intellectuality as compared to Education. Learning is not a time-consumption procedure. You can learn when you are walking, talking, thinking, in travel, or doing something other.

Learning is free from the bondage of any environment. Learning boost up the level of thinking. It increases your perception level. Learning is more skillful in comparison to Education.

Key Differences

  1. Education is a formal gaining, whereas learning is an informal gaining.
  2. Education is an outer study or gaining; on the other hand, learning is the self-study or gaining.
  3. The education process has some rules; conversely, learning has not principles of it.
  4. In education, there must be a teacher; on the flip side, learning a teacher is not necessary.
  5. Education is an arranged and systematic process, whereas learning is one’s consciousness.
  6. Education is that people do for you, while learning is that you do for yourself.
  7. Education is a money expenditure, but learning costs no money.
  8. Our education requires other’s efforts; on the other hand, our learning requires our efforts.
  9. Education requires resources, while learning does is not bounded to any source.
  10. Education is a meter and measurement; on the flip side, learning is the finding of happiness and satisfaction.


Both Education and Learning have a standard impact on one’s mind and character building. In a sense, these terms serve as intellectuality to get useful knowledge.

Aimie Carlson

Aimie Carlson is an English language enthusiast who loves writing and has a master degree in English literature. Follow her on Twitter at @AimieCarlson