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Ganache vs. Truffle

The main difference between Ganache and Truffle is that Ganache is soft cream chocolate used as filling of truffles, whereas the Truffle is a chocolate candy used as a sweet dish.

Key Differences

Ganache preparation depends upon the desired purpose, and the amount of ingredients varies with each recipe; on the flip side, the ratio of chocolate and cream is consistent in truffles.
Ganache is soft and sometimes becomes hard; on the other hand, truffles are solid.
Ganache is a chocolate cream; on the other hand, the truffle is chocolate candy.
Ganache is made of heavy cream and chocolate, that fills the center of truffles; on the flip side, truffle contains less cream and chocolate.
Janet White
Oct 01, 2020
Ganache has no definite shape; conversely, truffles are curved, oval, or round.
Ganache is made up of chocolate and cream sometimes; butter is also its part, whereas truffle is composed of cocoa powder, ganache chocolate filling, coconut oil, and nuts.

Ganache is used as a glaze on cakes, center filling of truffles and pastries, whereas truffle is a dessert.

Comparison Chart


Ganache is soft chocolate cream.
Truffle is chocolate candy.


Cream and chocolate
Cocoa powder, chocolate, cream


Different ratio of ingredients
Two parts of chocolate, and 1-part cream

Centre Filling

Heavy cream and chocolate
Less cream ganache centers
Aimie Carlson
Oct 01, 2020


Semi-soft to hard
Solid form
Janet White
Oct 01, 2020


No definite shape
Spherical, conical, or curved


Icing, glaze, center filling of truffles

Ganache and Truffle Definitions


A rich icing made of chocolate and cream heated and stirred together, used also as a filling, as for cakes or pastry.


Any of various edible, fleshy, irregularly rounded ascomycetous fungi, chiefly of the genus Tuber, that grow underground on or near the roots of trees and are valued as a delicacy.


A rich sauce, made of chocolate and cream, used also as the filling of truffles, and as a glaze.


Any of various round candies made of chocolate, butter or cream, sugar, and various flavorings, often coated with cocoa powder.


(historical) A kind of surcoat with short cap sleeves.


Any of various edible fungi, of the genus Tuber, that grow in the soil in southern Europe; the earthnut.


(by analogy) chocolate truffle


Any one of several kinds of roundish, subterranean fungi, usually of a blackish color. The French truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and the English truffle (Tuber æstivum) are much esteemed as articles of food.


Any of various highly prized edible subterranean fungi of the genus Tuber; grow naturally in southwestern Europe


Edible subterranean fungus of the genus Tuber


Creamy chocolate candy

Ganache vs. Truffle

Ganache is creamy chocolate, whereas truffle is chocolate candy. The combination of cream and chocolate with the addition of butter and corn syrup produces ganache; on the other hand, truffles prepare with various ingredients like chocolate, cream, cocoa powder, nuts, and butter.

In ganache, the portions of cream and chocolate vary. However, truffles apply two pieces of chocolate and one portion of cream. Ganache is soft, while truffles are hard. Ganache has no definite shape; on the other hand, truffles are round, curved, and oval. Ganache is applicable in icing, glazing, and center filling. People serve truffles as sweet food.

What is Ganache?

Ganache is a kind of chocolate composed of chocolate and cream. Ganache can be a sauce, glaze, icing of filling of truffles and pastries. Ganache prepares by heating cream and chocolate. The cream is heated first, and chocolate is poured on it later. The mixture becomes smooth by stirring or mixing. The soft structure and glazy appearance of ganache are due to butter. Corn syrup is an ingredient that gives a shiny appearance and creates a sweet flavor. The corn syrup also prevents the crystallization of the ganache.

The variation of cream and chocolate portions depends upon the kind of chocolate, the purpose of ganache, and the temperature of serving. It manages the consistency of the required criteria. The ganache used for filling cakes and chocolate truffles consists of two portions of chocolate and one portion of cream. The volume of ganache is increased by whipping and used as a glaze on the cakes. It becomes thick after cooling. After cooling, the ganache divides into slices. Ganache is whipped hard to make a thick cream.

Chocolate is a plant-based food, made with cocoa. It supplies magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, copper, sodium, iron, and zinc, which maintains the normal functioning of the body. It is a good source of vitamin B, A, and E. the nutrient density changes according to its liquor. Dark chocolate is the most healthy chocolate. Chocolate supplies good calories, and polyphenol in it prevents cardiovascular diseases. Chocolate also plays boosting role for the vision. In women, chocolate consumption reduces strokes.

What is Truffle?

Truffle is a sweet chocolate dish. It prepares with a filling of chocolate ganache coated with chocolate, nuts, or cocoa powder. It is a pastry that originated in France. The word truffle derived from an edible mushroom. The products of chocolate promote fitness and health. It has a high concentration of antioxidants that relives oxidative stress of the body.

Research suggests that consuming truffles reduces heart problems. The chocolate products deal with insulin and blood sugar levels and regulate them. Another evidence indicates that this dessert helps in making smiley faces. Chocolate shields the skin from damaging rays of the sun. Some scientists reviewed that eating chocolate by children cures diarrhea and keeps safety.


  • The Swiss Truffle: These truffles are perishable, made with melted chocolate. The chocolate is added to boiling milk cream or butter. These truffles expire soon after their production.
  • The French Truffle: These truffles prepare with fresh chocolate and cream. After it, these are rolled with nuts and cocoa powder. They have a short shelf life.
  • The European Truffles: Their composition includes syrup, cocoa powder, fats, milk powder, and oil that prepares an emulsion.
  • The American Truffles: These truffles prepare with milk and dark chocolate. In rare cases, coconut oil also finds its use in a recipe. It has a slight oval shape. This truffle originated in the 1980s.

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