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Ganache vs. Truffle: What's the Difference?

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Ganache is a creamy chocolate mixture, while truffle is a chocolate confection often filled with ganache.

Key Differences

Ganache and truffle, though both linked to the world of chocolates, serve distinct roles. Ganache is a mixture primarily of chocolate and cream, creating a smooth, velvety texture. It can be used in various ways, such as a glaze for cakes, filling for pastries, or base for truffles. On the other hand, a truffle is a type of chocolate confection, typically spherical, which can be filled with various ingredients, including ganache.
While both ganache and truffle contribute significantly to gourmet chocolate experiences, their composition and application set them apart. Ganache, with its luxurious consistency, is derived from melting chocolate into hot cream, sometimes with added butter or flavorings. Truffle, however, is the finished product, a treat made from chocolate that can have an array of fillings, with ganache being one of the most popular.
The origins of the two also offer an interesting contrast. Ganache, with its French origins, translates to "jowl" or "throat," possibly referencing its rich, flowing texture. Truffles get their name due to their resemblance to the prized underground fungi, known for their distinctive flavor and high value.
Another point of distinction is their versatility. Ganache, with its adaptable consistency, can be used for frosting, pouring, or whipping. It can even be adjusted in its chocolate-to-cream ratio to achieve desired thickness. Truffles, however, primarily serve as standalone confections, although their fillings and coatings can vary widely, from nuts and caramel to different types of chocolate.
While ganache often acts as a component in various desserts, a truffle is generally enjoyed by itself, showcasing the intricacies of its flavors and fillings. Ganache can be a part of many recipes, while a truffle's allure lies in its individual taste and presentation.

Comparison Chart


Creamy chocolate mixture
Chocolate confection

Primary Ingredients

Chocolate and cream
Chocolate with various fillings (including ganache)


Filling, glaze, or base
Standalone confection


Named for its resemblance to underground fungi

Consistency & Texture

Smooth and velvety
Can vary based on filling and outer coating

Ganache and Truffle Definitions


Used in desserts as filling.
The pastries were filled with rich ganache.


A spherical chocolate treat.
She gifted him a box of luxurious truffles for his birthday.


A chocolate-cream blend.
She topped the cake with a glossy ganache.


Often coated in cocoa or nuts.
The truffle was rolled in crushed almonds for added texture.


Melting chocolate in hot cream.
Making ganache involves combining melted chocolate and hot cream.


Can contain various fillings.
The caramel-filled truffle was his favorite.


Can be flavored or infused.
The orange-infused ganache was a hit at the party.


Ganache is a common filling.
The silky ganache inside the truffle melted in her mouth.


Smooth and velvety in texture.
The ganache flowed smoothly over the brownies.


Named for its fungi resemblance.
The chocolate truffle, much like its namesake, is a delicacy.


A rich icing made of chocolate and cream heated and stirred together, used also as a filling, as for cakes or pastry.


Any of various edible, fleshy, irregularly rounded ascomycetous fungi, chiefly of the genus Tuber, that grow underground on or near the roots of trees and are valued as a delicacy.


A rich sauce, made of chocolate and cream, used also as the filling of truffles, and as a glaze.


(historical) A kind of surcoat with short cap sleeves.


Why is it called a "truffle"?

A chocolate truffle is named for its resemblance to the prized underground fungi, truffles.

Can you flavor ganache?

Yes, ganache can be flavored or infused with various ingredients.

What is ganache primarily made of?

Ganache is primarily made of chocolate and cream.

Can ganache be used as a standalone dessert?

While ganache can be enjoyed alone, it's often used as a component in desserts.

How can you modify the consistency of ganache?

Adjusting the chocolate-to-cream ratio can modify ganache's consistency.

Are truffles always spherical?

While traditionally spherical, truffles can come in various shapes.

How are truffles different from pralines?

While truffles are often soft-centered, pralines have a harder, crystallized sugar center.

Are truffles and the fungi with the same name related?

No, chocolate truffles are named for their resemblance to the fungi, but they're unrelated.

Is ganache only made with dark chocolate?

No, ganache can be made with dark, milk, or white chocolate.

Are truffles always filled with ganache?

No, truffles can have various fillings, though ganache is a popular choice.

Is ganache used in truffle making?

Yes, ganache is often used as a filling in truffles.

Can you whip ganache?

Yes, ganache can be whipped to create a fluffier texture.

Are truffles a type of bonbon?

Yes, truffles are a type of bonbon, which is a broad term for filled chocolates.

How is the texture of a truffle?

A truffle's texture can vary, but it's often soft inside with a firmer exterior.

Can truffles be coated with white chocolate?

Yes, truffles can be coated with white, milk, or dark chocolate.

What makes ganache glossy?

The combination of chocolate and cream gives ganache its glossy appearance.

How do you store ganache?

Ganache should be stored in a cool place and can be refrigerated if not used immediately.

Can you add alcohol to ganache?

Yes, liqueurs or other alcohols can be added to ganache for flavor.

Is ganache vegan?

Traditional ganache isn't vegan, but it can be made vegan using plant-based cream and chocolate.

What are truffle shells?

Truffle shells are hollow chocolate spheres, ready to be filled, often with ganache.
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