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Economic Activities vs. Non-Economic Activities: What's the Difference?

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Economic activities generate income and involve the production, distribution, or consumption of goods and services. Non-economic activities are performed out of love, sympathy, or altruism without monetary gain.

Key Differences

Economic activities are actions undertaken for monetary gain or livelihood, involving the production, exchange, and consumption of goods and services. Non-economic activities, on the other hand, are actions performed out of love, care, or social obligation, without any financial motivation.
Economic activities contribute to the economy by creating value, generating income, and providing employment. Non-economic activities are driven by personal satisfaction, emotional fulfillment, or societal welfare, without contributing directly to the economy.
Economic activities are measured in financial terms and are important for the growth of a country’s economy. Non-economic activities are not measured in monetary terms and are often associated with personal or social values.
The success of economic activities is often gauged by profit or financial gain. In contrast, the success of non-economic activities is assessed by the degree of personal or communal satisfaction and well-being they provide.
Economic activities include jobs, businesses, and investments. Non-economic activities encompass volunteering, hobbies, and family care.

Comparison Chart


To earn income or profit.
To fulfill emotional, social, or moral needs.


Quantified in monetary terms.
Not measured in financial terms.


Contributes to economic growth.
Provides personal or societal fulfillment.


Running a business, employment.
Volunteering, caregiving.

Outcome Measurement

Assessed by financial gain or loss.
Assessed by personal satisfaction.

Economic Activities and Non-Economic Activities Definitions

Economic Activities

Economic activities are actions that involve the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
Farming is an economic activity that provides food for the community.

Non-Economic Activities

Non-economic activities are pursuits undertaken for emotional or psychological well-being.
Gardening is her non-economic activity for mental peace.

Economic Activities

Economic activities encompass all actions that contribute to the economy through job creation or business.
Manufacturing cars is an economic activity that employs thousands.

Non-Economic Activities

Non-economic activities are tasks done out of altruism, love, or social obligation.
Volunteering at the animal shelter is a fulfilling non-economic activity.

Economic Activities

Economic activities include all forms of work that result in the generation of revenue.
Freelancing as a graphic designer is his economic activity.

Non-Economic Activities

Non-economic activities include hobbies or actions done for leisure, not for income.
Playing the guitar is his non-economic activity for relaxation.

Economic Activities

Economic activities are endeavors undertaken to achieve financial growth or stability.
Investing in the stock market is an economic activity aimed at financial growth.

Non-Economic Activities

Non-economic activities are actions performed without any monetary reward, often for personal satisfaction.
Painting landscapes is her favorite non-economic activity.

Economic Activities

Economic activities are tasks performed for the purpose of earning income or profit.
She opened a bakery as her primary economic activity.

Non-Economic Activities

Non-economic activities involve caring for family or friends without financial compensation.
Taking care of her elderly parents is an important non-economic activity for her.


What are examples of economic activities?

Jobs, businesses, and investments are examples of economic activities.

How do economic activities contribute to society?

They contribute by creating jobs, wealth, and promoting economic growth.

Can non-economic activities indirectly benefit the economy?

Yes, through improved social welfare and community development.

Do non-economic activities have value?

Yes, they have social and personal value but are not measured financially.

Can a person engage in both economic and non-economic activities?

Yes, many people balance both types of activities in their lives.

Do economic activities always result in profit?

No, they can also result in losses.

Are religious activities considered economic activities?

Generally, they are non-economic activities.

Is education an economic activity?

It's primarily a non-economic activity, though it has long-term economic benefits.

Can a non-profit organization engage in economic activities?

Yes, if it generates revenue through its services or products.

Is child care an economic activity?

If done for payment, yes. Otherwise, it's a non-economic activity.

What are economic activities?

Economic activities are tasks aimed at generating income, involving production, trade, or services.

Can a hobby be considered an economic activity?

If it generates income, yes. Otherwise, it's a non-economic activity.

Is healthcare an economic activity?

Yes, as it involves services provided for payment.

What are non-economic activities?

Non-economic activities are actions done for personal satisfaction or social welfare, without financial gain.

Are household chores considered economic activities?

No, they are non-economic activities as they don't generate income.

Are all business ventures economic activities?

Yes, as they are undertaken for profit and economic growth.

Do economic activities always involve physical goods?

No, they can also involve services or intangible products.

Can a hobby turn into an economic activity?

Yes, if it starts generating income.

Is volunteering an economic activity?

No, it's a non-economic activity as it’s done without financial compensation.

Does the government participate in economic activities?

Yes, through public services and infrastructure development.
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