Difference Between Chamilia Bracelet and Pandora Bracelet

Main Difference

Chamilia and Pandora are basically the names of two brands associated with beads and custom jewellery making. Both companies are very well known and competitor in the market regarding their products. Both Chamilia and Pandora beads are very popular among the beads lovers. The main difference between these two beads is their design. Chamilia beads are often based on themes. On the other hand, Pandora has sophisticated and feminine designs.

What is Chamilia Bracelet?

The company who makes Chamilia beads was established in the 2000’s. Chamilia is not the original bead company. Trollbeads is the original company, having been founded in 1976. Chamilia beads are available in silver, gold, or mixed beads. Chamilia beads are made with good quality and are interchangeable. Chamilia beads are often inserted into a sterling silver metal chain to make a bracelet and other forms of jewellery. Chamilia beads come in themes like martini glasses, shells, and other similar objects. The themes of the beads vary from each other. Chamilia beads are smaller and lighter in weight. Chamilia beads are also affordable and feature simple designs. The range of Chamilia beads is estimated about 500 styles of beads. Many bead enthusiasts are very fond of the Chamilia beads and their company’s excellent customer service. The company offers a free replacement if a bead is broken or damaged.

What is Pandora Bracelet?

Pandora beads are another popular brand of beads. Pandora was founded in the 1990’s. Pandora beads are often priced higher and look more feminine as compared to other types of beads. Moreover, they are also larger and heavier in size as compared to Chamilia beads. The Pandora’s bead design is often more sophisticated. The company’s another practice is the retiring or stopping the production of certain kinds of beads. This practice makes the released beads more valuable, and it creates hype for the next batch of bead designs. Currently the range of Pandora bead designs is approximately 300. The company who makes Pandora beads was formed in the 1980’s. Some beads lovers are not happy with the company since the company tries to have a monopoly on bead retailers. Pandora beads are a little bit more expensive and have more (14K gold) beads in the $200 range. Pandora has a reputation for being slightly more upscale partly because they have done aggressive marketing and product placement in magazines and with celebrities.

Key Differences

  1. Chamilia beads are smaller and lighter in weight whereas Pandora beads are larger and heavier in size.
  2. Chamilia has a range of more than 500 designs whereas Pandora only has approximately 300 designs.
  3. Chamilia beads are often based on designs whereas Pandora beads have feminine and sophisticated designs.
  4. Chamilia beads are slightly cheap whereas Pandora beads are bit expensive in price.
  5. Chamilia has an excellent customer service reputation offering free replacement service for any kind of broken or damaged bead. Pandora creates a monopoly in the market and often stops its products in the market.
  6. Chamilia’s locks can be placed anywhere on the bracelet. Pandora’s clips need to be set on little joints that already exist in the bracelet.
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