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Difference Between Chamilia Bracelet and Pandora Bracelet


Main Difference

The main difference between the Chamilia Bracelet and the Pandora Bracelet is that the Chamilia Bracelet is having theme-based beads, whereas the Pandora Bracelet has sophisticated and feminine designs.

Chamilia Bracelet vs. Pandora Bracelet

Chamilia is one of the most popular charm bracelet brands having theme-based beads; these bracelets are known as Chamilia bracelets. Pandora is another famous brand name for charm bracelets with beads having sophisticated and feminine designs; these types of bracelets are known as Pandora bracelets. Chamilia bracelets were introduced in the year 2002, and the Chamilia company has a higher range of bead products; it has about 500 types of beads. Pandora bracelets came earlier than chamilia bracelets in the markets, and the broad product range of the company Pandora is lesser, with approximately 300 designs.


The locks of Chamilia bracelets are placed anywhere on it. Pandora bracelet’s clamps are fixed on the joints with the same size that already exists in the bracelet. Chamilia bracelets are more affordable at less expensive rates. Pandora bracelets are expensive than chamilia bracelets. The beads of Chamilia bracelets are present in silver, gold, or other materials such as glass, enamel, etc. The beads of Pandora bracelets are created from metals like silver, gold, and other raw materials such as Sterling silver, enamel, and Murano glass, etc.

Chamilia bracelets are smaller in size with lighter weight as compared to Pandora bracelets. Pandora bracelets are comparatively more substantial and larger. Chamilia bracelets are more common among adults and youngsters. Pandora bracelets have more sophisticated designs. Chamilia is a newer brand, whereas Pandora company for making beads and charm products is older than chamilia.


Comparison Chart

Chamilia BraceletPandora Bracelet
A popular charm bracelet brand having the theme-based beadsA famous brand name for charm bracelets with sophisticated styled beads
Number of Designs
500 designs300 designs
Price Range
Less expensiveMore Expensive
Size and Weight
Small in size, lightweightHeavy, large in size
Locks/Clips Placement
Locks are placed anywhere on the braceletLocks are fixed on the little joints already present in the bracelet
Kind of Beads
Theme basedSophisticated and feminine
Brand Origin

What is Chamilia Bracelet?

Chamilia Bracelet is a perfect gift to give on someone’s birthday, anniversary, and other such occasions. Women of any age love to have it and wear it. Chamilia is a popular brand name for beads and custom jewelry making. Some people value beads a lot and consider them commemorating certain happenings in their lives. So the beads enthusiasts prefer wearing chamilia bracelets that are known to be the charm bracelets. Chamilia beads are available in different metals like silver, gold, or mixed. The beads are embellished with other materials such as glass, enamel, etc.

Chamilia bracelets have trinkets and pendants that reflect a person’s grand and kept personalities. These bracelets are not so old. They were introduced in the market in 2002, but they become trendy due to their originality and uniqueness. The interesting thing about chamilia bracelets are, they are hand-crafted with sharp details. The bracelets are also playful as they are sometimes created personalized, or sometimes they have any character carved on it.

Chamilia brand once created Disney lines of bracelets. It included Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Nemo, Micky, and Mini Mouse. These Disney bracelets were mainly created for kids who love to explore their creativeness with accessories.
Chamilia beads have excellent quality. These beads are themes based, and the themes include martini glasses, shells, and different other objects. The beads are introduced into a silver, gold, or metal chain to make a bracelet and various other forms of jewelry. Chamilia bracelets look very appealing, and people of all ages love to wear them. Chamilia company offers excellent customer service. It offers a free replacement in case any bead is broken or damaged.

What is Pandora Bracelet?

Pandora bracelets are on in the market for the distribution of their wonderfully crafted charm bracelets. Pandora bracelets are made from Sterling silver, gold, enamel, and Murano glass. The most prominent feature of pandora bracelets is their clasp that comes in two types, which are the lobster clasp and the snap clasp. The lobster clasp is the traditional one, but it is less preferred by the customers. While the snap clasp is preferred among the consumers for having the bead-like shape that makes it difficult to be visible, these clasps are either made from Sterling silver or 14karat gold. The clasp also has ‘Pandora’ written on it.

Pandora company is a famous company for making charm beads and creating jewelry products from these beads. These high-quality beads are also used to create personalized jewelry. Pandora company has higher price ranges as compared to other beads brands. Its jewelry products i.e., bracelets, are larger and heavier. The Pandora brand of beads was formed in the year 1980.

The pandora bracelets follow a sophisticated and classy design. An interesting feature of Pandora beads is that the company stops the production of certain kinds of beads that were released once. This practice increases the value of the present Pandora beads. The current design range of Pandora beads is about 300. Pandora bracelets are a little expensive, ranging approximately $200 for a bracelet with 14K gold. However, the pandora company is notorious among bead enthusiasts for its aggressive marketing and monopoly.

Key Differences

  1. Chamilia bracelets were introduced in the year 2002, whereas Pandora bracelets came earlier than chamilia bracelets in the markets.
  2. The locks of Chamilia bracelets are placed anywhere on it; on the other hand, Pandora bracelet’s locks or clips are fixed on the little joints that are already present in the bracelet.
  3. Chamilia company has 500 types of beads designs; on the flip side, Pandora company has approximately 300 designs.
  4. Chamilia bracelets are more affordable; on the contrary, Pandora bracelets are more expensive.
  5. Chamilia is a newer brand, and contrarily Pandora is an older brand.
  6. The beads of chamilia bracelets are present in silver, gold, or other materials such as glass, enamel, etc. while the beads of Pandora bracelets are created from the metals like silver, gold, and other raw materials such as Enamel, and Murano glass, etc.
  7. Chamilia bracelets are more common among adults and youngsters; on the converse, Pandora bracelets have more sophisticated designs.
  8. Chamilia bracelets are small in size with lighter weight; on the other sid,e pandora bracelets are having heavy and larger in size.


Chamilia bracelets and Pandora bracelets are the two different kinds of bracelets under their brand name i.e., Chamilia and Pandora. Both the bracelets are slightly different owing to the difference of their respective companies. Chamilia is more preferred due to their best marketing and affordable rates. Pandora is an old company, but it is less-preferred among the bead enthusiast.

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