Difference Between Back Pain and Kidney Pain


Main Difference

Back Pain and Kidney Pain are the two most common sort of pains that numerous people suffer from in their daily lives all around the globe. Due to the location and intensity of the pain, one is not clearly able to distinguish between these pains that whether it is a back pain or kidney pain, due to which these are often confused and mixed and regarded as similar. Regarding these two pains is a totally wrong concept as these two pains are totally different in their nature and effect. Back Pain is often happened due to muscle injury or pulling of muscles or can be due to the issues with joints or even spinal cord; it is usually sworn in the lower back portion and tends to move upward as a painful sensation. On the other hand, kidney pain can occur due to any malfunctioning of the urinary system, due to the presence of stones in the kidney or urinary tract and various other reasons. Kidney pain is usually aching pain that occurs in the back beneath the ribs. It can be felt separately into the left and right halves of spine beneath the ribs.

Comparison Chart

Back PainKidney Pain
SymptomsBack Pain symptoms are common to identify but can resemble with kidney pain like fever, pain while movement, aching sensation while sitting or walking, The pain is usually dull in nature but can become swear due to bending or movement.Symptoms of kidney pain can be similar to the back pain but the most common are feeling cold, fever, vomiting, nausea, and flank pain, swear pain while urinating, blood or other mucous in urine.
CausesBack pain is usually caused by bending more than enough, or lifting more weight, due to any injury in the joints, muscles or spinal cord, due to disc slip, tumor or cancer, etc.Kidney pain is normally caused due to the infection in urinary tract, malfunctioning of kidneys, presence of stones in the kidneys or urinary tract, issue with the bladder, etc.
Particular area affectedMost of the times issues with joints, muscles and spinal cord cause swear pain in the lower back portion above the hips. It is usually central, and sensations move from bottom to top.The pain is sworn beneath the ribs in the lower back. It can be on both left and right side at the same time or can be at one side.
Nature of PainIf back pain remains more than 12 weeks, it is chronic in nature and can be due to some serious issues.Kidney pain is usually quite sworn and aching. The intensity is more if more amount of stone are present in the kidney and urinary tract.
RemediesTake proper medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Do proper exercise and keep stretching your back. Adjust the posture while standing, walking and sleeping.Take proper medication as prescribed by the doctor. In this case usually, antibiotics along with painkillers are given to the patient. Drink more and more water. In some swear cases laser or operation remove stones.

What is Back Pain?

Back Pain is the most common sort of pain that almost every person do suffer once in their lives. The intensity of the pain totally depends upon the cause of the pain. Normally less swear kind of back pain can occur due to over sitting in a posture for a long time, while lifting heavy weights, bending more than enough for a long time, stretching of back muscles, etc. A lot more swear and chronic back pain can occur due to disc slip in the backbone, issues with the nerves and spinal cord. The most intense pain can occur due to the tumors or cancer in the back portion. If back pain remains 2 to 3 weeks, it is still considered as acute. If it ranges more than 12 weeks than is regarded as chronic. Back pain is of various types, to the region more swear suffering it is classified into neck pain, upper shoulder back pain, lower back pain and tailbone pain. Lower back pain is the most common sort of pain among these.


What is Kidney Pain?

Kidney pain is a very intensive and aching sort of pain that usually happens due to malfunctioning of kidneys, bladders, infection in the urinary tract and the most common cause is due to the stones present in the urinary tract and kidneys. It is a chilling and aching sort of pain that occurs beneath the ribs in the back. It can be either on both right and left sides or can be at one side. For understanding the proper cause, a person needs to consult a doctor as soon as possible and drink more water him or herself.

Back Pain vs. Kidney Pain

  • Back Pain occurs due to pulling of muscles, joints and disc relocation or slipping,
  • Kidney pain occurs due to issues with the urinary tract, bladder, and presence of stones inside the kidneys.
  • Back pain is usually central and occurs in a lower portion of the back above hips.
  • Kidney pain is aching in nature and occur beneath ribs on both left and right sides.
  • Back pain is regarded chronic if the pain lasts more than 12 weeks.

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