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Camaro 1SS vs. Camaro 2SS: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 2, 2024
The Camaro 1SS offers high-performance essentials, while the Camaro 2SS adds luxury features like leather seating and advanced technology for a more premium experience.

Key Differences

Both the Camaro 1SS and Camaro 2SS feature a potent V8 engine, but the 2SS adds more sophisticated interior amenities. While the 1SS focuses on performance essentials, the 2SS elevates the experience with enhanced comfort and technology features, catering to those seeking a blend of power and luxury.
The interior of the Camaro 1SS is sporty and functional, designed with performance in mind, whereas the Camaro 2SS boasts additional luxury features such as heated and ventilated leather seats, providing a more premium feel. The 2SS is tailored for drivers who value comfort without compromising on the Camaro's performance capabilities.
Technology-wise, the Camaro 1SS comes with a standard infotainment system, but the 2SS steps up with more advanced features, including an upgraded Bose audio system and wireless charging. The 2SS is ideal for tech-savvy drivers who appreciate the latest in-car technology alongside their vehicle's performance.
Safety features in the Camaro 1SS cover the essentials, but the 2SS offers more advanced driver assistance technologies, such as blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, enhancing the overall safety and driving experience. These features make the 2SS a better option for those prioritizing cutting-edge safety in their performance vehicle.
Externally, both models share the same aggressive Camaro styling, but the 2SS often includes additional exterior accents that distinguish it from the more straightforward 1SS. These subtle differences cater to those who appreciate a balance of style and substance in their vehicle choice.

Comparison Chart

Interior Design

Sporty and functional
Premium with leather seating

Technology Features

Standard infotainment system
Advanced system, Bose audio

Safety Features

Basic essentials
Advanced driver assistance


Enhanced comfort features

Exterior Accents

Aggressive Camaro styling
Additional distinctive accents

Camaro 1SS and Camaro 2SS Definitions

Camaro 1SS

This model includes a limited-slip differential for enhanced driving dynamics.
The limited-slip differential in the Camaro 1SS improved my track day performance.

Camaro 2SS

The Camaro 2SS includes advanced technology like a head-up display and Bose audio system.
The head-up display in my Camaro 2SS made tracking my speed effortless while driving.

Camaro 1SS

It features a rear-wheel-drive system for a traditional sports car feel.
The rear-wheel drive of my Camaro 1SS made handling the mountain curves exhilarating.

Camaro 2SS

This model offers enhanced safety with features like blind-spot monitoring.
The blind-spot monitoring in my Camaro 2SS added an extra layer of safety on highways.

Camaro 1SS

The Camaro 1SS is a performance-focused sports car with a powerful V8 engine.
I enjoyed the thrilling drive on the coastal road with my Camaro 1SS.

Camaro 2SS

The Camaro 2SS combines the thrill of a sports car with the sophistication of a luxury vehicle.
Driving my Camaro 2SS, I enjoyed both its exhilarating performance and luxurious feel.

Camaro 1SS

The Camaro 1SS provides a raw, unfiltered driving experience, focusing on performance.
I chose the Camaro 1SS for its pure, unadulterated driving pleasure.

Camaro 2SS

It features leather seating with heating and ventilation for maximum comfort.
The heated leather seats in my Camaro 2SS kept me comfortable on chilly mornings.

Camaro 1SS

The Camaro 1SS is equipped with Brembo brakes for superior stopping power.
The Brembo brakes on my Camaro 1SS offered confident stopping during high-speed drives.

Camaro 2SS

The Camaro 2SS is a high-performance sports car that combines power with luxury amenities.
My Camaro 2SS turned heads at the event with its sleek design and powerful roar.


What engine does the Camaro 1SS have?

The Camaro 1SS comes with a 6.2L V8 engine.

Is there a price difference between the Camaro 1SS and 2SS?

Yes, the 2SS is generally more expensive due to its added features.

Are there any performance differences between the Camaro 1SS and 2SS?

Performance-wise, they are similar, but the 2SS has additional luxury and technology features.

What are the key interior differences between the 1SS and 2SS?

The 2SS has upgraded features like leather seating and advanced technology compared to the 1SS.

Can I get a sunroof in both the Camaro 1SS and 2SS?

Yes, a sunroof is an available option for both models.

Do both the Camaro 1SS and 2SS come in manual and automatic transmissions?

Yes, both models are available with either transmission type.

Is there a difference in the infotainment system between the two models?

Yes, the 2SS has a more advanced system and may include features like a Bose audio system.

Does the Camaro 2SS have a different engine than the 1SS?

No, it also uses a 6.2L V8 engine.

What are the exterior differences between the 1SS and 2SS?

The 2SS may include additional exterior accents, but overall styling is similar.

What is the warranty for the Camaro 1SS?

It usually includes a standard Chevrolet warranty, similar to the 2SS.

Are the driver assistance features the same in both models?

The 2SS has more advanced driver assistance features compared to the 1SS.

Do both models have the same braking system?

Yes, both come with Brembo performance brakes.

What are the seating options in the Camaro 1SS?

The 1SS has sporty, performance-focused seats without the luxury options of the 2SS.

Can I get a convertible version of both the Camaro 1SS and 2SS?

Yes, both models are available in convertible configurations.

Are the headlights different in the Camaro 2SS?

The 2SS might feature slightly different or upgraded lighting compared to the 1SS.

Do both the Camaro 1SS and 2SS offer wireless charging?

Wireless charging is available in the 2SS but not standard in the 1SS.

Is there a difference in fuel efficiency between the two models?

The fuel efficiency is similar as both share the same engine and powertrain options.

Is the suspension different in the Camaro 2SS compared to the 1SS?

Both models have similar suspension setups focused on performance.

What are the wheel options for the Camaro 1SS?

The 1SS typically comes with performance-oriented wheels specific to its model.

Does the Camaro 2SS have any exclusive color options?

Color options may vary by model year, but typically both models share similar color choices.
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