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Corsair RM750 vs. Corsair RM750x: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 2, 2024
Corsair RM750 is a reliable power supply unit (PSU) with basic features, while RM750x offers improved components, quieter operation, and better cable quality.

Key Differences

The Corsair RM750, a power supply unit, offers standard efficiency and reliable power delivery for mainstream computer builds. In contrast, the Corsair RM750x, while similar in power output, emphasizes superior internal components, leading to enhanced durability and performance stability.
Regarding noise level, the Corsair RM750 operates quietly but may not match the almost silent performance of the RM750x. The Corsair RM750x integrates a Zero RPM fan mode, ensuring silent operation under low and medium loads.
Cable management is another aspect where these units differ. The Corsair RM750 provides essential cabling options suitable for most users. On the other hand, the Corsair RM750x includes more flexible, fully modular cables, allowing for a cleaner build and easier cable management.
In terms of aesthetic and build design, the Corsair RM750 offers a standard look, focusing on functionality. Conversely, the Corsair RM750x often includes more refined design elements, catering to users who value both performance and visual appeal in their PC builds.
Price is a crucial differentiator. The Corsair RM750 is generally more affordable, targeting budget-conscious consumers. The Corsair RM750x, with its enhanced features, comes at a higher price point, aiming at users seeking premium quality and features.

Comparison Chart

Cable Management

Basic, non-modular cables
Fully modular, flexible cables

Noise Level

Quiet, standard fan control
Near-silent, Zero RPM mode

Internal Components

Standard quality
Higher quality, better durability

Aesthetics and Design

Functional, standard look
Refined, visually appealing


More affordable
Higher, premium segment

Corsair RM750 and Corsair RM750x Definitions

Corsair RM750

It's designed for medium to high-end computer systems.
For my high-end gaming setup, the Corsair RM750 was the perfect fit.

Corsair RM750x

It belongs to the high-end range of Corsair's power supplies.
For my professional workstation, I chose the reliable Corsair RM750x.

Corsair RM750

The RM750 is part of Corsair's RM series, known for reliability.
The Corsair RM750's reliability makes it a popular choice among PC builders.

Corsair RM750x

It's ideal for enthusiasts and high-performance PCs.
My overclocking experiments are safe, thanks to the Corsair RM750x.

Corsair RM750

Corsair RM750 is a 750W power supply unit for desktop computers.
I installed a Corsair RM750 in my gaming rig for efficient power delivery.

Corsair RM750x

The RM750x emphasizes durability and efficiency.
I invested in the Corsair RM750x for its long-term efficiency and durability.

Corsair RM750

The Corsair RM750 balances cost and performance.
Opting for the Corsair RM750 was a budget-friendly decision for my build.

Corsair RM750x

Corsair RM750x is an advanced 750W PSU with premium features.
The Corsair RM750x's modular cables made my PC build look very neat.

Corsair RM750

This PSU offers 80 PLUS Gold efficiency.
The Corsair RM750 helps reduce my electricity bill with its energy efficiency.

Corsair RM750x

Features like Zero RPM fan mode for quiet operation.
The Corsair RM750x keeps my gaming PC cool and quiet under heavy loads.


What is the Corsair RM750?

The Corsair RM750 is a 750W power supply unit known for its efficiency and reliability.

How does the Corsair RM750x differ from the RM750?

The RM750x offers improved components, modular cables, and quieter operation compared to the RM750.

Is the Corsair RM750x more expensive than the RM750?

Yes, the RM750x is generally priced higher due to its advanced features.

What efficiency rating does the Corsair RM750 have?

The Corsair RM750 is rated 80 PLUS Gold for energy efficiency.

Does the Corsair RM750x have a Zero RPM fan mode?

Yes, the RM750x features a Zero RPM fan mode for silent operation under light loads.

Can the Corsair RM750 handle overclocked systems?

While capable, the RM750x is better suited for overclocked systems due to its higher quality components.

Are the cables modular in the Corsair RM750?

The Corsair RM750 has non-modular cables, whereas the RM750x offers fully modular cabling.

Is the Corsair RM750 suitable for gaming PCs?

Yes, the Corsair RM750 is suitable for medium to high-end gaming PCs.

Does the Corsair RM750x offer better aesthetics?

Yes, the RM750x often features a more refined design compared to the RM750.

Can I upgrade my Corsair RM750 to an RM750x?

Upgrading requires purchasing the RM750x, as they are separate models.

Can I use the Corsair RM750 for a small form factor PC?

While possible, its non-modular design may not be ideal for small form factor builds.

Are both Corsair RM750 and RM750x compatible with all motherboards?

Generally, yes, they are compatible with standard ATX motherboards.

Do both models have the same power output?

Yes, both the RM750 and RM750x offer a 750W power output.

Is the fan in the Corsair RM750x quieter than in the RM750?

Yes, the RM750x is designed for quieter operation, especially with its Zero RPM mode.

How long is the warranty for the Corsair RM750?

The Corsair RM750 typically comes with a 10-year warranty.

Does the Corsair RM750x support multi-GPU setups?

Yes, its power output and cable options support multi-GPU configurations.

Is the Corsair RM750x good for professional workstations?

Yes, its high-quality components and stable power output make it suitable for professional workstations.

What makes the Corsair RM750x a premium PSU?

Its advanced features, build quality, and modular design classify it as a premium PSU.

What type of users is the Corsair RM750 best for?

The RM750 is ideal for budget-conscious users who need reliable power delivery.

Is the Corsair RM750 energy efficient?

Yes, its 80 PLUS Gold rating ensures good energy efficiency.
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