Difference Between Annex and Appendix


Main Difference

The main difference between Annex and Appendix is that Annex is an addition of supplementary information, whereas the Appendix is an extension or attachment to a document.

Annex vs. Appendix

The annex is a standalone document that is an addendum to the main report. It contains other additional information. An appendix is an addendum to the main report that contains data regarding the original copy of the document or its references. An annex approved without the original file. An appendix can not submit without the primary or original file. The word annex means ‘extension or addition.’ The word appendix means ‘attachment or accompaniment.’


The annex includes news, articles, reports, affidavits, etc. The appendix includes figures, charts, graphics, tables, etc. The annex comprises of proof papers to make valid the document or report. An appendix comprises of essential background detailed knowledge. The annex is a legal document that is added to the report or book, whereas the appendix is any attached information which is related to the original copy. The annex is the addition of a document to an already existing document. The appendix is a vestigial section of a document.

Typically, the annex is at the beginning of the document, while the appendix is at the end of a document or a book. Annex helps the reader to understand the outside context. In contrast, the appendix helps the reader to understand the essential background information — term annex mostly used in models and ideas, and the term appendix mostly used in research articles. The annex can be valid without the main copy. However, an appendix cannot consider without the main copy. The annex is more closely relevant to the main body context. The appendix won’t be valuable or informative besides the context of the main document.


Comparison Chart

Addition of another documentAddition of information at the end of the document
Mainly used in business deals, ideas or reportMostly used in the research field
Written By
Another party or authorUsually written by the original author of the document
Additional informationReferences
Longer than appendixNot as long as an annex

What is Annex?

Word annex derived from the word “annexe” it is also known as annexure. The annex considered as a complete document means that annex is an independent document. Mainly annex is said to be a completely different file and also said to be a standalone document. Sometimes, annex couldn’t add to the original document. The annex itself holds importance and essential for publication. Due to its great importance, it still attached to the file.

The annex is usually the work of another author. It consists of a set of different proofs and other legal documents related to the main copy or main document. And it provides appropriate information relevant to subject and purpose. Although, sometimes annex also provides information yonder from the main body context. It also said that annex scrutinized the main body context. The annex has an essential importance in research reports as it consists of an introduction, abstract, methodology, table of context, bibliography, and summary, etc.

An annex makes the main body information and relevant format valid. Mainly annex is attached to the report, main document, appeal, proofs, application, etc. Nevertheless, the annex is not a part of the main body context. It is an extra, subordinate part and standalone document of the main document that is attached to it. The annex contains such data that can’t be put in the original document; it contains additional information apropos the main context. It is also known as affix or extension.

What is the Appendix?

The appendix consists of data that can not be put down in the main context. The appendix is not a standalone document. It is a citation of the different parts of the original document — generally, an appendix written by the author, who writes the original document. An appendix is related to additional material that usually attached at the end of the main document. For instance, in English grammar book appendix include the list of differences between American and British English, and sometimes it provides the list of regular or irregular verbs. An appendix covers all such information that is not precisely relevant to the subject.

Appendixes are normally technical, historical, and statistical. The aim of appendix data is to adding more significant essential details and other visual examples to understand the main text. Appendix data used to expose or diverse the knowledge of the original text via the help of information on the main text. Appendix data is not central data; thus, it added at the end of the main text. Its data is not fixed in the main body because it affects the level of complexity and readability of text.

The appendix supports the analysis and helps the researcher to understand the work by illustrating the full background detail and explain the findings. Although full-fledged data detail is present in the appendix because it includes a questionnaire, mathematical derivations, statistical tests data, maps, figures, etc., we can put any data related to our research topic, and subject directly and also provide the proper references that are used in the main text. Furthermore, it noticed that the appendix must be labeled with letters or numbers, and it should be listed on the content page.

Key Differences

  1. The annex is a supplementary material attached to a file, whereas the appendix is the additional information of the main file.
  2. An appendix is a file that often used; on the other hand, the annex commonly used in the technical or business field.
  3. The annex is a stipulated legal proof document conversely appendix is essential background information.
  4. The annex used without the main document on the flip side appendix is not used without the main document.
  5. An appendix is attached at the end of a book, while annex is a separate legal document.
  6. An annex is also said as a standalone or independent document comparatively to the appendix.
  7. The author of the main documents mostly prepares an appendix; contrarily annex cannot.


Annex and appendix are the two related yet different terms. The annex refers to addition, and the appendix applies to the extension to a document.

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