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Bobcat vs. Mountain Lion

The main difference between Bobcat and Mountain Lion is that Bobcat is small, greyish-brown coated animals that live in forests, whereas Mountain Lion is a large-sized animal with a yellow, brownish skin that lives in rocky areas.

Key Differences

Concerning the size, Bobcat is tiny, while Mountain Lion is massive.
Active hours of Bobcat are during the night, whereas the Mountain Lion.
Bobcat doesn’t harm human beings, on the flip side, Mountain Lion harms human beings.
The Habitat of Bobcat is forest, while Mountain Lion lives in Dry areas.
The common name of Bobcat is Wild Cat, while the common name of Mountain Lion is Puma or cougar.
The Bobcats can live without food for many days, but the Mountain Lion needs food for its survival.
Harlon Moss
Feb 16, 2020

Comparison Chart


The Bobcat is a small size carnivorous animal living in forests.
The Mountain Lion is a large size carnivorous animal, living in rocky or dry areas.


Its is Greyish brown
It is Yellowish Orange in color


Usually like to live in loneliness
Can live both in solitude and territory


Can survive a lot of days without food
Cannot live without food
Aimie Carlson
Feb 16, 2020

Active Hours

Active during night
Active during day and night both

Common Name

Commonly known as the Wild Cat or Lynx
Commonly is known as Puma or Cougar
Samantha Walker
Feb 16, 2020

Bobcat and Mountain Lion Definitions


A wild cat (Lynx rufus) of North America, having spotted reddish-brown fur, tufted ears, and a short tail. Also called bay lynx.


A North American wildcat, Lynx rufus, having tufted ears and a short tail.


A multi-purpose construction vehicle, akin to a smaller version of a front-end loader or a backhoe (backhoe loader), with a one-man caged control cabin.


Small lynx (Lynx rufus) of North America.


Small lynx of North America

Bobcat vs. Mountain Lion

Bobcat is a small-sized animal, whereas the Moutain Lion is large. Bobcat lives in Forest. Conversely, Mountain Lion lives in Dry areas. The color of Bobcat is greyish brown while Mountain Lion is Yellowish Orange. A Bobcats like to live in solitude; on the other hand, Mountain Lion lives in the territory.

Bobcat usually doesn’t harm human beings on the flip side; the Mountain Lion can harm and eat human beings. A Bobcat can live without food for many days, but Mountain Lion cannot survive without food for even a few days. Bobcat is active during the night; on the other hand, Mountain Lion is active during day time. The common name of Bobcat is wildcat, whereas the Common name of the Mountain Lion is the Puma.

What is Bobcat?

Bobcat is nocturnal animals, a character of an animal that keeps it active during the nighttime. They like to live in loneliness. It is a medium-sized cat native to America. Wildcat or lynx is another name for Bobcat. Their skin color varies from greyish brown to dark strips on the body. The spotted body act as camouflage protects the animal from the invaders. Their ears are black and pointed. The chin, lips, and underparts of the body have a white tan. The coat color varies according to the region of their habitat.

Their body length is up to 4 feet. The weight varies according to species but ranges between 11 to 35 pounds. Bobcats are two times larger than the house cats. Bobcat can adapt to the environment. It prefers to live in forests, either deciduous or coniferous. It prefers its home near productive agricultural areas.

This animal can survive for many days without food but eats a lot of food when it is available. Bobcat is carnivorous; the type of prey differs from the region. The victim is of different sizes can be birds, fish, rabbits, rodents, and insects. The animal is aggressive and can prey a larger animal than its size hence named as wild. It loves to kill deer as prey. The case is particular in the winter season when deer is abundant. Some predators may attack Bobcat; hence an antagonistic relationship exists between a coyote, fox, and Bobcat.

What is a Mountain lion?

Mountain Lion is a big, terrestrial mammal. It has many other names like the Puma, red tiger, catamount, cougar, etc. the other name of the Mountain Lion is Puma. It ranged as a second-most massive cat. The body of a Mountain Lion is up to 6 feet. Their weight is higher ranges between 66 to 187 pounds. The head is round, and the ears are straight. Their skin color is usually orange or yellow-brown. The tail is long, and the slender have a tan tip.

Mountain Lion is nocturnal animals. They live in the territory but also like to live in loneliness. Their habitat is rocks, dry bushes, suburban areas, and semi-desert locations. This animal can prey small animals to ungulates. Mountain Lion is an obligate carnivore, which means it needs meat for its survival. They use strength and stealth to catch the prey; other animals include rabbits, squirrels, and coyotes.

Due to an increase in population size, the inhabitant areas are firmly attached to the habitat of a Mountain Lion. It attacks humans and harms them. Mountains Lion is a predator for livestock. It’s one attack that can result in the death of many animals like sheep. Their average time of life is 8-13 years.

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