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Android OS vs. Chrome OS

At the present time, Chrome OS is very suitable for you in the case when your working is mostly related to the cloud. As a consequence, if you are one of those users who spend most of their time using the Web and Web-centric services then the Chrome operating system is best for you in this regard. The users who wish to read news stories, surfing social media, or using some specific web services including the Gmail and Google Docs are come in this category. By using the Chrome OS services, these things will become easier for you. Chrome is mainly designed for the notebooks and some lightweight processors. Android is the operating system for touch screen mobiles devices consisting of the Smartphone and tablets. A large number of Android versions have been announced and more are coming. Chrome is the creation of Google while Android is now owned by it.

Key Differences

You can get much more functionalities from the Android operating System in contrast to Chrome OS.
The applications collection that you are able to enjoy in Android OS is much more as weigh against the Chrome OS.
The interface of the Chrome OS is much simpler while comparing it with Android OS.
The tablets and phones are the main target of Android OS while notebooks and lightweight processor machines are treated by Chrome OS.
From the point of view of security, Android is not favorable for you because of the malware issues. The Chrome OS on the contrary, didn’t show any credible security breach.

What is Android OS?

The main purpose of announcing the Android OS is to facilitate the users in such an exclusive manner that they must become capable of performing direct manipulation. The touch gestures facility is available here from which you can perform the action of swap, pinch and tap for the prime motive of manipulating the objects on the screen. It is available for touch screen devices like tablets and Smartphone. You need to wait for the newer version of Android for the sake of updating.

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is a marvelous creation of Google that has been produced for those types of users who are mostly remain on the web. The main purpose of Chrome OS is to utilize the power processors which include the tiny netbooks and the desktop processors. The Chrome operating system will save the applications and user in the cloud as a rule. Despite the Chrome OS is based on Linux kernel, it doesn’t support Linux desktop or Android Apps. The Chrome OS is constantly updated automatically all the time for which you don’t have to wait or search.

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