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AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) both are the two divisions that collectively make up the NFL (National Football League). NFL is the highest professional football league in America. It was regarded as AFL (American Football League) before 1970. NFL was formed after the merging of AFL with the NFL. Both the AFC and NFC were formed as a result of the merger of the two rival leagues. Both AFC and NFC have 16 teams each as part of their conference. These 32 collective teams compete in the NFL for winning the league title. The basic difference between AFC and NFC is that AFC still represents the clubs and teams which were the part of AFL before 1970 whereas NFC contains clubs and teams that were the part of NFL from the beginning.

Key Differences

AFC was formed by 10 AFL and three NFL clubs after the merger of AFL and NFL in 1970.
Harlon Moss
Jul 11, 2017
13 NFL clubs formed NFC after the merger of NFL and AFL in 1970.
NFC is the division of NFL that was formerly NFL itself.
Both contains 16 teams each.
AFC is the division of NFL that was formerly AFL (American Football League).

Comparison Chart


NFL (National Football League)
NFL (National Football League)

Formerly Known As

AFL (American Football League).
NFL (National Football League).

No. of Teams


Most Valuable Team

New England Patriots ($1.8 billion).
Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 Billion).
Aimie Carlson
Jul 11, 2017

Super Bowl Wins

Harlon Moss
Jul 11, 2017

Recent Champions

New England Patriots
Atlanta Falcons.
Samantha Walker
Jul 11, 2017

Most Numbers of Titles Won

New England Patriots (9 titles).
Dallas Cowboys (8 titles).

What is the AFC?

AFC stands for American Football Conference is one division of the two divisions of NFL (National Football League). AFC possess 16 teams as its member or parts that play in the NFL along with the other 16 teams from their counterpart conference which is NFC. AFC was formerly known as AFL (American Football League). It was a football league in its own and was quite popular in the west and southern parts of Unites States. Due to their rivalry with the more popular league which was NFL (National Football League) they were not able to attain that much attention and audience. As later on both professional leagues were disturbing each other regarding popularity and revenue and even the viewers were confused that which league to follow and watch. In 1970, after the consolidation and pact signed by these two different leagues AFL and NFL, they decided to merge these two leagues into a single common league that would be the biggest professional football league of America. After merging both leagues, a new league named as NFL (National Football League) was formed which was having two subdivision conferences. One was AFC, and the other was NFC. AFC (American Football Conference) is the division that contains the clubs and teams which played in AFL earlier. They are a total of 16 in number the same as their counterpart. AFC was formed by the ten former AFL teams along with the collaboration of three NFL teams. Since the merger AFC is further classified into four divisional categories based on the geographical region. New England Patriots are the only AFC team to win the AFC title 9 times since the merger of AFL and NFL. They also kept the record of most titles in the both conference’s that is winning the title 9 times. The most recent American Football Conference champions are also New England Patriots. New England Patriots are also the most valuable team of all the 16 teams that are part of AFC. With over 1.8 billion assets and turnover, they are the most valuable team in AFC.

What is the NFC?

NFC stands for National Football Conference is the other division of the two divisions of the NFL (National Football League). NFC division before the merger of two different football leagues NFL (National Football League) and AFL (American Football League) was the part of original NFL league. Later on due to the issues for the viewers, public, players and all the states as two different leagues of the same standard in a country is very much difficult to conduct and hold. The public was quite confused that which league they should follow and which to skip as both were quite competitive having the extreme level action of professional American Football. Due to all this inconveniences and issue, both leagues decided to me merge into a single common league in which all the teams and clubs that are part of two leagues will collectively play in a single common league. In 1970, both leagues were merged and formed one biggest professional American football league that was named as NFL (National Football League). NFL had two subdivisions as AFC and NFC. NFC was the division which consists of the clubs and teams that were the part of the NFL before the merger. The total of thirteen NFL clubs collectively formed NFC which consist of 16 teams’ equivalent to its counterpart AFC. Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable team in the NFC and NFL as a whole with 2.8 Billion of assets. Dallas Cowboys have won the NFC title 8 times more than any other team. Atlanta Falcons are the current title holders of NFC.

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