Difference Between Teaching and Training


Main Difference

The main difference between teaching and training is that teaching is a way to convey information that helps students to gain knowledge while training is the act of increasing the skills of a person for doing a particular job.

Teaching vs. Training

The goal of teaching is to promote learning and goal of training is to ensure self-development. Teaching will improve your command and training will teach you how to use your command. Training is the process of gripping information and contracting it with the ambition of increasing skills and abilities to attain objectives. Teaching produces new knowledge to the people Training helps the earlier educated people to learn the mechanism and skills to apply the same. Teaching makes mind Training shapes convention. Teaching place pressure on education, knowledge, and perception with a longer period. Training lays stress on expertise and abilities with a shorter period. Teaching gives a considerable place with slight knowledge in general. Training gives thorough information about a lean domain. Teacher gives information, knowledge, occurrence Trainer smooth the path of learning. The teacher usually generates the ‘need to know’ the understanding for students Training; the student himself comes towards for the knowledge as he recognizes the need to know. Nature of teaching is being another to know. The nature of training is another to do.” Teaching may associate in the subject area. Training may associate to functional area. Teaching normally mentions to classroom learning. Training mentions workshops, seminars including various games, behaves, reflection methods, etc.


Comparison Chart

Teaching is the object or concept taught by an authority.Training is the process of introducing skills in a person.
A teaching tent is a description of your worth and trust as they relate to teaching.Philosophy of training is practical that require people and bring command into operation.
Enable to know the development of life.To increase independent and managerial productivity and improvement.
To develop a sensation of thinking and judgment.To improve performance and productivity.
It is a procedure of ability development.It is a classic form of academic work.
Teaching makes handyman.Training makes a lord of a dealing.

What is Teaching?

Teaching is defined as conveying knowledge, guiding the study of a content area, or exhibiting how something works. Teaching is a process intended for learning by including a behavioral change in the taught. It is an art of communicating a message with impact on the audience. Teaching is causing people to learn. Teaching is the process of the magistrate to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and interposing so that they learn appropriate things, and go beyond the given. It’s all about serving people to absorb, develop and obtain knowledge, statistics and expertise. More beneficial when shared and teaching is appreciable as it communicates knowledge to others. Teaching is the activity in which knowledge is transmitted from someone who has acquired that knowledge to novice learners.

What is Training?

Training is a more practical feature of learning. Learning a new skill or improving one’s knowledge within a job environment is the essence of training. The training seeks to inform by step-by-step instruction, repetitive drills and supervised practice of skills. Developing a new skill or enhancing one’s knowledge and understanding within a specified atmosphere is the crucial factor of training. Training helps in unlocking the hidden talents among the people, which until then not realized apart from making the people highly creative and competent. Training is a skill customarily used in concern to build a person’s skill, knowledge and frame of mind to meet the endorsed standards by the specific corporation.

Key Differences

  1. Teaching is mostly apparently adapt whereas training is an applied
  2. Training gives concentrated information about a finite concern whereas teaching gives meaningful domains with slight knowledge in general.
  3. Teaching provides new expertise to the people while training helps the formerly appreciative people to learn the tools and techniques to apply the same.
  4. Normally, the teacher contributes a response to students. On the other hand, the trainer gets a response from trainees.
  5. Teachers give description and feedback to learners to observe progress. Trainers are given reaction from the trainees to rise on their performance.
  6. During training, a person enrolls how to do a certain task, unlike Education which teaches about the common concepts.
  7. Typically, training usually has a more discrete target than teaching, which seeks to impress a broad knowledge over a longer period.
  8. Teaching is usually generous in focus than training.
  9. Teaching is mostly within the context of the intellectual world while training is generally linked with the commercial extent.
  10. Teaching deals with a subject or theme, while training deals with a mission or function.


It is true that there is no training program which is organized without education. There is no single teaching method is suitable for all learners. All these teaching and training methods are to use correspondingly. It is advised that a teacher and a trainer should use a variety of teaching and training methods in a single period to provide a great changeability of activities in the teaching and training process.