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Pet Animals vs. Domestic Animals

The difference between pet animals and domestic animals is that the pet animals are the animals that are adapted to live with us for pleasure while domestic animals are the animals that have adopted to fit in homes for economic purposes.

Key Differences

Mostly pets spread diseases due to direct contact with a human while there are rare chances of disease spread due to domestic animals.
Aimie Carlson
Mar 21, 2019
Pet animals are the animals that are captured for pleasure and recreation of the owner while Domestic animals are captured for economic or useful purposes.
Pets may be dangerous to strangers in order to protect their owner while domestic animals are not dangerous unless provoked.
Pets have a strong relationship with their owners while domestic animals do not have any special bond with his owner.
A domestic animal can be a pet while every pet cannot be a domestic animal.
Samantha Walker
Mar 21, 2019
Pet is kept with households whereas domestic animal kept away in separate places

Comparison Chart


Pets are the animals that are captured for companionship and recreation.
Domestic animals are those that are captured for economic purposes.


A strong bond between owner and pet
A weak bond between owner and domestic animal

Relationship with households

Dwell in the household
Rarely dwell in the household


Spread diseases due to direct contact with the owner
Rarely spread diseases due to rare contact with the owner


Dangerous to strangers
Rarely dangerous unless provoked
Aimie Carlson
Mar 21, 2019

Belongs to

Widest boundary i.e. belongs to all the Phyla of kingdom Animalia
Narrow boundary, i.e. mostly belongs to chordates


Cats, dogs and even snakes etc.
Cow, sheep, horses etc.
Samantha Walker
Mar 21, 2019

Pet Animals vs. Domestic Animals

Pets are the animals which are adapted to live with us for pleasure, company or entertainment etc. while domestic animals are those which are kept for the economic purpose, i.e. to get a benefit like for milk or meat etc. There is no personal attachment of owner with them. All pets cannot be domesticated while all domestic animals can be pets.

What are Pet Animals?

The word pet has been used since the 1500s to refer to animal companions. So, pets are the animals which have adapted to live with us either as a companion or for pleasure. The purpose of keeping a pet or pets is mainly to provide company, fun, and entertainment etc. that owners find in their attractive animals. They only used for recreation not for economic purposes. Wild animals that are obedient to human can easily become a pet, but mostly they are scared of humans because they consider them their predators. The wild animal should demonstrate great obedience to become a domestic one, and in the case of pets, it requires even more than obedience, i.e. a strong social bond. They have a strong relationship with their owners. According to medical research, pets have relieving effects on stress. So, they used as a medical therapy. Pets have names, kept in our homes, sleeping on our furniture etc. and may cause multiple zoonotic diseases (diseases that spread from animals to humans) like dander, allergies and even life-threatening diseases like rabies etc. So, proper care and management like routine medical checkups of pets are required to control such problems. Pets protect their owners and may be dangerous to strangers. They may attack strangers to protect their owner. They have the widest boundary and belong to almost every phylum of kingdom Animalia. Most important pet animals are cats and dogs and sometimes even snakes and crocodiles etc.

What are Domestic Animals?

Word “Domestic” derived from a Latin word “Domus” which means home or house. It is related to that animal that has adapted to fit in homes or houses with humans. Humans have domesticated many wild animals for useful purposes or their economic benefits. They have conditioned to be comfortable around humans and provide us with food like meat, eggs etc. and even carry loads from one place to another. Their relationship with their owners is not as strong as of pets. Mainly, they are not involved in spreading zoonotic diseases because usually, they are not in direct contact with humans, i.e. they are kept slightly away from man’s living places or furniture etc. Even humans have genetically modified domestic animals through selective breeding to get more benefits economically, e.g. many breeds of cows have been developed that can give more milk and good quality meat. They rarely attack humans unless provoked especially when the mother is protecting her babies. Domestic animals have a slightly narrow boundary in kingdom Animalia as compared to pets. They mostly belong to Phylum Chordates, e.g. hens, horses, and cattle etc.

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