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Spotify vs. Pandora

Spotify and Pandora are two different sort of online music streaming amenities that seems to be same but are quite different in their overall functionality. Spotify is one of the world’s most famous online music streaming service that is used by thousands of users all around the word. Due to the live music streaming facility, the users are often confused about their functionality and mix up both these apps or even consider them as same. The basic difference between both these services is that Spotify is highly customizable and let its users choose the kind of music and the songs they want to listen and play, whereas, on the other hand, Pandora is more likely works like a radio station where the users can not choose their favorite songs.

Key Differences

Spotify is present in various countries all around the world.
Pandora is also live music streaming service that is more likely to be an internet radio station.
Spotify is a live music streaming service that is used by millions all around the globe.
Pandora is present only in US, New Zealand and Australia.
The users can choose their favorites songs in Spotify.
The users have to create their radio station in Pandora.

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Spotify is a worldwide famously used live music streaming service that enables its users to choose their favorite songs for playing.
Pandora is another famous music streaming service; it is a kind of internet radio service which enable the user to create their radio station for listening music.



Available in

It is available in various countries and region all around the globe.
It is only available in United States, New Zealand and Australia.


The users can customize and choose the songs accordingly.
Only few customization options but not, in particular, any customization facility.
Harlon Moss
Jul 23, 2017


It starts from $4.99 per month.
It is freemium service. Basic features are available for free. Furthermore, there are different packages for premium upgrade.
Aimie Carlson
Jul 23, 2017

Spotify and Pandora Definitions


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What is Spotify?

Spotify is a worldwide famous online music streaming service. Spotify is 3 in 1 kind of service that provides everything a user wants regarding their thirst of music. It is a podcast, music and lives video streaming service. The users can not only listen up to their favorite music and songs but can also subscribe to watch live music videos and podcasts. Spotify service was developed and proposed by Startup Spotify AB in Sweden. It was then later on launched officially all around the globe on October 7, 2008. The best thing about the service that is loved by millions of its users all around the globe is that it is highly customizable and the user can use the service according to their specific mode. Spotify is a freemium service. All the basic functions are provided to the user free of cost without any charges and along with some advertisement as well. With more than 30 million songs and different sort of live streaming music to offer, Spotify is pure quality and brilliant service that surely fulfills the desire of its users. The users can now easily chose the songs they want to listen from the gigantic database and can manage to have their customized playlist. Unlike Pandora and other music streaming services, Spotify enables its users to select the songs of their choice and play whenever they want to play.

What is Pandora?

Pandora or more commonly known as Pandora Internet Radio is an outstanding and worldwide famous live music streaming facility that enable its users to listen and enjoy their favorite kind of music anywhere at any time. The only thing that is necessarily required is the internet facility as it only works with the internet. People often get confused between Pandora and various another similar sort of services as they think that all are same with similar kind of services and similar kind of use. This concept is totally wrong. Pandora although is a live music streaming service but it does not work as another regular sort of music streaming services like Spotify and others. Pandora is moreover a kind of internet radio service. It is a sort of radio station on which a person can choose his or her favorite music channel and can listen to the songs that are on aired on that particular channel. Unlike Spotify, the users using Pandora cannot choose specific kind of songs or cannot search the songs on the basis of the artists, etc. They just have to subscribe to a particular genre channel and the songs following that specific category will be played. This service is only available in United States, New Zealand and Australia up till now but soon will be provided to other big countries of the world. Pandora Media, Inc. control the service and furthermore, Music Genome Project motorizes it. The users can enjoy the live music streaming by just simply downloading the application software of Pandora on their PCs, Macs or Laptops and even can enjoy on their smartphones by downloading the Pandora app for both Android and iOS. The use of the service is quite simple, yet many thought it to be complicated. The users just have to create their radio station based on the kind of music they like and wants to listen, afterward via that radio station they would be able to listen to the songs and music of the genre mentioned in the station they created for their selves.

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