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Latte vs. Macchiato

The coffee drinking has always been the fascinating thing, but it sometimes turns out to be the tiresome task when you visit the nearby restaurant and see different types of coffees in the menu. Namely, you might see the names like latte, macchiato, and cappuccino; but you don’t know that how one type of the coffee is different from other. The real difference between the coffees like Latte and Macchiato is the method of preparation. The ‘latte’ is the word used for the milk in Italy; here it tells that it is the type of coffee with the substantial amount of milk in it. Contrary to this, macchiato means the mark or the spot. The macchiato is the espresso with some milk added to it.

Key Differences

Latte is the type of coffee which has the substantial amount of milk in it. It consists of around 2/3 of the steamed milk. Contrary to this, the macchiato is the type of coffee in which little milk is added along with the double shot of espresso.
The name Latte is because of the ‘milk’ quantity in it, whereas the word macchiato for the drink came in as it differentiates this type of drink from the milk-less coffees.
The Latte is the Italian word that means milk, whereas macchiato is also an Italian word that means marked or spotted.

Comparison Chart


It is the Italian word that means ‘milk’.
It is the Italian word that means marked or spotted.

Main Ingredient

Around 2/3 of the entire latte is composed of steamed milk.
The little milk quantity is added along with the double shot of espresso.

Latte and Macchiato Definitions


A caffe latte.


Espresso coffee topped with a small amount of steamed milk.


A drink of coffee made from espresso and steamed milk, generally topped with foam.


A serving of this beverage.


A similar drink, where the espresso is replaced with some other flavoring ingredient such as chai, maté or matcha (green tea).


Espresso topped with steamed milk.


Same as cafe latte; a type of espresso coffee served with foamy steamed milk, and usually served in a tall glass or mug.


Strong espresso coffee with a topping of frothed steamed milk

What is Latte?

The Latte, often referred as the Caffe Latte is available in menus across the globe, but the thing which adds up to the confusion is that the main ingredients are kept same, but the technique of preparing it changes, after keeping in view the taste of the people of that area. Mainly, the Latte can be of two types; one is the American Latte, and the other is the Italian Latte. The later is simply the cup of coffee with the substantial milk quantity in it, and the former is the whole technique, which is pioneered by Americans themselves. It will be relevant to mention here that the word latte is the Italian word for the milk and the Italian version of the coffee is very much of the milk along with the coffee. According to many of the top Cafes across the globe, the Latte is the creamiest package among the espresso. Two third of the total quantity of the Latte is about the steamed milk, which along with the topping of the milk foam makes it pleasure drinking for the cream lovers. The American Latte was brought in the business by the Italian man Lino Meiorin. He while working at the bay area in California as a proficient barista, keeping in view the customer’s demand, came up with the American Latte. It will be relevant to mention here that, the coffee Meiorin made earlier was a bit stronger one for the people out there. So while keeping in view the customer’s demand, he introduced a new version, that too with more milk quantity in it. The most famous recipe of preparing the Latte goes on first and later the steamed milk is poured with the milk foaming on it.

What is Macchiato?

The Macchiato is one of the most famous types of coffee that is preferably for the guys who want the less milk quantity in their espresso. This type of coffee has also got its name from the Italian language, where the macchiato means the marked or spot. The name it got was more of the reason based rather than some flavor addition or the technique. The name macchiato for the specific type of espresso containing the small amount of milk was brought in as a mark or recognition so the waiters could differentiate it between the coffee with or without the small quantity of the milk. In the American version of this drink, the foam is the marking agent; means that the milk foaming quantity differentiates it from the milk-less coffees. If we talk about the ingredients, they are the same in both the latte and macchiato. The difference comes in the recipe or the technique of both these coffees. In macchiato, the espresso is poured after the steamed milk. The other things which make this drink more distinguishable are the not stirring of the foam on the top. In other words, we can say that it is enriched with cream.

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